Preview: Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum ‘Live In Glenrothes’ (23 July 2022)



“This is an exciting moment for me as a coach because a lot of these students have come from having never set foot in a ring to being able to wrestle at a really good level thanks the training we provide at FPWA, and I’m excited to give them the chance to show what they can do to a paying crowd.”

Head Coach Andy Wild via Fife Today.

Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum are hosting their first ever professional wrestling show, LIVE in their hometown of Glenrothes, Fife!

This is going to be an amazing, family-friendly wrestling show that will be headlined by big names, not only in Scottish Wrestling, but more importantly, to showcase the debuts of a whole new generation of lively fresh, young, and energetic faces that are and have currently been breaking out onto the wrestling scene and believe me, this is a show that you do NOT want to miss!

Each and every one of these students from FPWA has all worked incredibly hard at FPWA since the doors opened in 2019. Unfortunately, the Academy had to close its doors during the COVID-19 pandemic, however, there were lots of online seminars featuring the likes of WWE’s Doudrop and NXT UK’s Mark Andrews to give lots of information. Once it was safe to do so, FPWA started running up again with private one-on-one coaching, personal training, and eventually the wrestling classes started back up and running again.

A lot of these students have come from never being inside a wrestling ring to making their debuts at various promotions across the UK but for others, the family wrestling show will be their first time in front of fans.

Headed by owner, head coach, and ICW star Andy Wild with ‘Coach Stu’ Johnny Lions as an assistant coach, these students have worked their way up from Coach Stu’s junior training system, through to Coach Andy’s adult system. These hungry young lions are chomping at the bit to get out there in front of a large audience and are all excited and eager to impress, and show the world what they can do! The audience will also be given a taste of the Wee Wrestlers and Juniors Programme via a performance from the younger students.

Due to popular demand, FPWA had to release extra seats and the event has SOLD OUT! So, without further ado, let’s meet these bright young stars that are going to make their name on the wrestling scene…

Daisy Jenkins vs. Jason Reed

The leader of ‘The Daisy Chain” Daisy Jenkins goes one on one with ‘The Staunch Superstar’ Jason Reed.

Daisy Jenkins’ first match was on 14 December 2021 at the Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum Showcase, in a Triple Threat match against fellow students Harmony Skye and Beth Shorty. On 16 December, Daisy faced Harmony Skye and Beth Shorty in a triple threat match, where Daisy picked up her first win. On 30 April, she appeared on the WWE Network for Insane Championship Wrestling against Taonga.

Daisy has also made her Pro2 Wrestling debut at Joker’s Wild against Ashley Vega on 1 May. Her next match on 25 May was at Community Pro Wrestling against Ellie Armstrong and Harmony Skye in a Triple Threat.

Jason Reed, meanwhile, has seven years of wrestling experience under his belt having travelled all over the world, up and down promotions all over the United Kingdom including World Wide Wrestling League, Discovery Wrestling, ICW, Wrestling Experience Scotland, WrestleZone, and has recently made his wrestling debut abroad as the first ever Scottish-born professional wrestler to compete in the Emirate of Dubai for Wrestlefest.

Reed is also a graduate of FPWA and joins in the advanced classes. He’s appeared on the WWE Network alongside Andy Wild where the two have tagged together recently. Now, Jason has made it clear that he’d fight anyone on this planet and he knows what Daisy is capable of as they train together every week. Jason knows that she’s very strong and a very hard-hitting wrestler.

Can ‘The leader of the Daisy Chain’ make a chain of a winning streak and take the win against ‘The Staunch Superstar’?


The Big Lads (Craig Berry & John Kerr) vs. The Woke Academy (Robbie Balfour & Ross Hunter)

Our first tag team event is The Big Lads (‘The Crimson Cobra’ Craig Berry and John Kerr) vs. The Woke Academy (Ross Hunter and Robbie Balfour).

Craig Berry’s first match was on 14 December 2021 at the Fife Pro Wrestling Academy Showcase, in a tag team match with ‘Heaven Sent’ Zach Swift against ‘The Devils Advocate’ Johnny Reaves and Devin Antrim. His next match was a tag team match with Redfield against Maverick ‘The Fair City Hooligan’ Brent Carter, where they successfully picked up the win. Craig has also debuted recently for CPW alongside Ross Hunter, picking up their first win against The Handsome Man’s Club (Luke Kyro and Levi).

John Kerr, however, has wrestled since 2017, having wrestled in Fair City Wrestling and World Wide Wrestling League. He was also voted a Breakout Star of the Year in 2018 and in 2019, a Wrestler of the Year.

Ross Hunter made his FPWA debut at their showcase on 16 December 2021 against his now-tag team partner Robbie Balfour, where Robbie picked up the win. Ross has also debuted at CPW alongside Craig Berry where they picked up their first win on their debut.

Robbie Balfour signed up for FPWA in September 2019, however,  with COVID-19 unfortunately happening, Robbie’s debut match didn’t take place until 14 December 2021. His second match at the Showcase on 16 December was against his now-tag team partner Ross Hunter, where Robbie picked up the win.

The Woke Academy also debuted on the WWE Network for ICW on 22 January, where they faced Thatcher’s Cabinet (Mr Ian Skinner and Charles Vyce) with Thatcher Wright. They then went on to face the likes of Sinergy (Troy Ryan and Anderson Daniels), The Nine9 (Dickie Divers and Jack Morris), and The Greedy Souls (Brendan White and Danny Jones).


Redfield vs. Johnny Reaves

It’s Redfield vs. ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ Johnny Reaves!

Redfield’s first match was tag team action with  Craig Berry against Maverick and Brent Carter at the FPWA Showcase in December 2021, where they unfortunately didn’t pick up the win. But how will Redfield do in his debut in front of fans when he takes on Johnny Reaves?

‘The Devil’s Advocate’ Johnny Reaves is no stranger to an audience and has years of
experience behind him, having trained at various wrestling promotions, and at the FPWA Showcase’ in December 2021, he teamed up with Devin Antrim to defeat Craig Berry Zach Swift by pinfall. Reaves has also debuted in Upbrawl Championship Wrestling alongside The Govan Team (Ravie Davie and Zander) against Soldato, Jimmy Pierce, and Alan Kay.

Now, Reaves is not happy about having to face Redfield, yearning to snub out the light. As both Redfield and Reaves are advanced students, can Redfield get the edge on his opponent or will there be a celebration at the Church of Reaves if and when Redfield becomes another victim of the NightTrain?


Team Lexi (Lexi Kimbo, Beth Shorty & Brent Carter) vs. Team Kelman (Marty Kelman, Zach Swift & Harmony Skye)

“We do our best to keep a safe and fair environment in our training school, but it’s not always possible when family members train together. Pro wrestling is full of passionate people, but we can’t allow inappropriate behaviour to continue in our training environment.”

The FPWA Facebook Page

It’s personal as FPWA’S Lexi Kimbo takes on her father in a six-man tag!

Tensions came to a head at an FPWA training session when Lexi Kimbo and her father faced off. Coach Andy has told them each to pick two people to face each other in a six-man tag!

Lexi has recruited ‘The Fair City Hooligan’ Brent Carter and Beth Shorty. Bren has been a part of FPWA since day one, with his first match at their Showcase in December 2021 coming against John Kerr, who he defeated by pinfall. On night two, Maverick and ‘The Fair City Hooligan’ teamed up to take on Redfield and Craig Berry, only to lose by pinfall. Brent has a hard-hitting style and won’t hesitate to get out his baseball bat of destruction when needed.

Beth Shorty has already made waves in the wrestling world as she was part of Team Wild alongside Tommy Kartel and Frank Gallows in Discovery Wrestling. Beth’s first match in FPWA was in a Triple Threat against Harmony Skye and Daisy Jenkins, losing by pinfall. On 16 December, Beth, Daisy, and Harmony collided again, where Daisy Jenkins picked up the win by pinfall.

But who has Team Kelman picked? Marty Kelman has recruited Zach Swift and Harmony Sky to his ranks.

Harmony Skye has been training at FPWA since day one, with her first match being at their Showcase on 22 December in a Triple Threat, facing Beth Shorty and Daisy Jenkins, where Skye picked up the win.

Skye has also made her ICW debut on the WWE Network last August against Emily Hayden. She’s appeared at various other promotions too, like Pro2 Wrestling and Respect Pro Wrestling, where she tagged up with Hayden to face Rubi Roberts and Ellie Armstrong.

‘Heaven Sent’ Zach Swift’s first FPWA match was a tag team outing against ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ Johnny Reaves and Devin Antrim, who defeated Swift and his tag team partner Craig Berry by pinfall.


BT Gunn vs. Rumble Winner

Oaft, what a belter of a main event this is shaping up to be as ‘The Oddity’ and former ICW King of Insanity BT Gunn takes on the winner of the first-ever FPWA Rumble!

Now, BT Gunn is one of the best technical and highly-decorated wrestling superstars in the UK with sixteen years of professional wrestling experience under his belt. He’s won titles all over the country and is even a Coach himself at the Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum, which is currently the home of ICW, training the next generation of wrestling stars. BT is currently featured on the WWE Network every Saturday night alongside Andy Wild, Jason Reed, and some of the FPWA students who have made their debuts.

But who will his opponent be, I hear you ask?

Well, there is going to be an over-the-top-rope Rumble match featuring 10+ students from FPWA with the winner of that Rumble securing their place to face BT Gunn in the main event. Whoever wins, whether it be a win, lose, or  draw against BT Gunn, will find themselves with an incredible opportunity to show their talents against one of the best in Scottish wrestling!

BT will be watching this match very closely. May the best man or woman win!

Already confirmed for the Rumble are Alex Crowley, Alfie Astro, Brent Carter, Jason Anarchy, Johnny Lions, Lewis Young, Nathan North, Robb Stow, and Tommy Kartel. Keep your eyes on the FPWA social media pages to find out more!

More Information

Doors Open: 2:30pm. Bell Time: 3:00pm.

Tickets are SOLD OUT!

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