Review: Renegade Wrestling Dojo ‘War Games: Power of 3’

Back to YouTube, Renegade Wrestling Dojo uploaded their April event recently and after their hit and miss ‘Rebel’ event I was interested to see not only how the in-ring is getting along but also the production of the online content.

Straight away I could hear Adam K Woods on commentary which was a tick in the box.

Battle Royal – Winner: Ayesha Raymond

A quick battle royal to start the show off, apparently not over the top rope as Jade Black and Kirsty Love both were eliminated by going through the ropes. The match started with everyone ganging up on Ayesha Raymond then broke down a bit before Raymond heroically eliminated all three Struthers to win in the end.

It’s hard to go wrong with a battle royal, but there were no noticeable moments during the match and some of the wrestlers looked a bit lost on what to do.

Ayesha Raymond defeated Katia by pinfall.

A Russian character in 2022 is a bold choice. Katia was making her debut but put in a showing that was very competent. In a competitive match, both went back and forth with Raymond relying on power based attacks whereas Katia tried to break down the big tree.

Katia used a Russian Leg Sweep, of course.

After kicking out of an Ayesha Fisherman’s Buster, Raymond hit a sit out chokebomb on Katia for the pin.

A really good match, I was surprised about how well Katia would do. She was in the ring with a veteran in Ayesha Raymond but that doesn’t always automatically make it a given it will be a solid match. She showed plenty character, looked like she was in the match and not playing wrestler. As far as debuts go, this was one to be proud of.

No Disqualification – Ronnie Knocks defeated Kirsty Love by pinfall.

At ‘Rebel’ these two were having a fantastic match that was marred by ending. This started with a brawl, Knocks bringing in Brass Knuckles for Love to avoid.

Knocks brought in a baking tray and hit Love several times which seemed to have no real effect. Even Knocks ramming the back of Love’s neck into the exposed turnbuckle didn’t do much. Knocks eventually hit Love with the Brass Knuckles to win.

A step back from their previous match, I expected more especially with the no disqualification stipulation in place it could’ve been more than one baking tray and a pair of brass knuckles. No brawls in the crowd, no chaos, just a bit mundane.

Craig Forsyth defeated Tom Fulton by pinfall.

Advertised as the piss break match, which for those unaware in wrestling lore is something internet dweebs would describe women’s matches back in t’day. Nowadays it’s reserved for matches that have been thrown on a show either with no story or a story so weak that there’s no consequences regardless of the result.

There was a lot of stalling in this match. After a million handshakes Fulton finally took a cheap shot and took control.

Fulton slapped on a rear naked choke, ring announcer Kwaku Adjei then announced that it was time to draw the raffle. This was funny initially but went on a bit too long considering Forsyth was in the hold for ages and the referee was too busy watching the raffle being drawn. The joke being that she won a prize in the raffle, that should’ve been done sooner because this was bizarre to watch.

But it kept going.

Much like the Vacants, this was a joke that was driven into the ground. Less is more.

So with Craig Forsyth somehow not dead after being in a choke for about 5 minutes, he powered out. Forsyth hit a ripcord lariat on Fulton for the victory.

Forsyth offered a handshake which was accepted before Fulton hit him with a stunner.

For the “piss break”, the match got one of the biggest reactions on the show. If a couple thousand of the handshakes and that raffle portion was cut dramatically (not all the way but not dragged out so much) then this was a fun match.

Elimination Tag Team Match – House of Lovelust (London Lovelust, Katzabella, & Jade Black) w/Catalina Lovelust defeated The Struthers Sisters (Maven Struthers, Raven Struthers, & Iona Sky)

After the two teams entered The Vacants appeared and both teams took one to batter. Something that should’ve been one or two big moves and that’s it, was dragged out, didn’t get a laugh or barely a reaction, a waste of time.

The match officially opened with Jade Black and Iona Sky which was pretty good, Black threw out some cartwheel evasions that were snazzy.

Maven Struthers threw Katzabella about like she was nothing. After a bit of a breakdown, there was a flurry of eliminations leaving London Lovelust against Maven and Raven Struthers.

The Struthers Sisters used a chain to clothesline Lovelust and were both disqualified. Iona Sky returned and they beat down Lovelust until the locker room emptied to chase them off.

Right, highlights first, having seen all of the Renegade Wrestling Dojo shows that have been uploaded so far I can see the improvements made especially with London Lovelust who looked really good in this match and is certainly piecing their character together with every appearance. However, some have stagnated a bit in development maybe even to the point of regression.

I think Jade Black could be something special if she gets a bit tighter with her offence. She showed plenty confidence in character, is certainly athletic, just needs some honing of the rest as she’s timid with her strikes and a bit loosey goosey with her arms. One match in though, and she’s still young so plenty time to improve.

The match was fine for the most part, some good moments, some absolutely messy parts. The Struthers Sisters being disqualified at the end made them both look like right numpties. Right in front of the referee, not even like they happened to be caught, just straight up both using a chain at the same time.

There was the obligatory closing ceremony with the roster in the ring, Ayesha announced she was going to Japan, then there was a team photo at the end, that once again did not need to be on the online release. Even Ayesha Raymond’s post show announcement of going to Japan could’ve been a separate ‘exclusive’ on Facebook/YouTube and the main show ending after the House of Lovelust’s hands being raised.

Overall, this wasn’t a great show, however, Katia’s debut was really solid and London Lovelust continues to rise, due to the multi-person nature of the main event we didn’t get much London-Catalina Lovelust antics but there’s always next time. As I’ve put above, Jade Black is someone I’ll be keeping an eye on as she’s got bags of potential.

I was disappointed by the Ronnie Knocks versus Kirsty Love match as it had the potential to be fantastic after their clash at ‘Rebel’ but it didn’t really get out of first gear which is a shame.

The full show is available on YouTube now:

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