Full Results: Source Wrestling School ‘Showcase’ (20 Aug 2022)

The following results are from Source Wrestling School’s ‘Showcase’ event at the Source Wrestling School in Glasgow on August 20th, 2022:

David Devlin defeated Shaun Faegan by pinfall.

The Hybrid Alliance (Leo McLean & Mikey Spiers) defeated Manateur Wrestling (Manlon & Daihlan Hendry) by pinfall.

Team Source (AJ Diaz & Jack Ripley) defeated Team LKS Sharp Dojo of Excellence (The Big Strong Man & Xero) by pinfall.

Four Corners Elimination Match – Marcus King defeated Derren J Blair, Hal Rayner, and Tyler Mackenzie.

  • Hal Rayner eliminated Tyler McKenzie by pinfall.
  • Derren J Blair eliminated Hal Rayner by pinfall.
  • Marcus King eliminated Derren J Blair by pinfall.

Lewis Girvan defeated Brodie Adler by pinfall.

Adam King defeated James Blair by pinfall.

Source Wrestling Championship – Triple Threat – Stone Malone defeated Taylor Vite and Luke Matthews by pinfall to retain the Source Wrestling Championship.

Our thanks to Source Wrestling School for the results.

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