Full Results: Pro2 Wrestling ‘Beach Brawl’ (27 Aug 2022)

The following results are from Pro2 Wrestling’s ‘Beach Brawl’ on Saturday August 27th at Venue 38 in Ayr:

Source Championship/Scottish Interpromotional Championship – Stone Malone defeated Saqib Ali by pinfall to retain the Source Championship and WIN the Scottish Interpromotional Championship.

Ellie Armstrong defeated Nicole Jasmin by pinfall.

Frank X. Cross defeated Adam Shame by pinfall.

Sweeney and Shame attacked across after the match. Logan Storm announced that Sweeney would have a match for a Pro2 contract against The Big Strong Man.

Pro2 Contract – Sweeney defeated The Big Strong Man by pinfall to win a Pro2 Contract.

Pro2 Believe Championship – TJ Rage vs BT Gunn ended in a no contest. TJ Rage retained the Pro2 Believe Championship.

Sweeney and Adam Shame attacked Rage to throw the match out. Sweeney and Rage brawled to the back. Logan Storm and Shame brawled until Shame hit a low blow, Rage returned to make the save. Storm announced that Adam Shame would face TJ Rage in October.

Krieger defeated Meyhem Brooks by pinfall.

Death Match – Iceman vs Jack ended in a time limit draw.

Iceman and Jack sang with the crowd to close the show.

Our thanks to Pro2 Wrestling for the results.

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