Review: Target Wrestling ‘Live In Carlisle’ (June 2022)

Back to Target Wrestling for another review as I slowly work through their Carlisle events that have been uploaded. We’re up to June now with another solid looking line up of action.

In a change up from the previous shows this one has a UV lighting thing going on which I’m not sure about.

Target Wrestling High Octane Division Championship – Martin Kirby defeated Tommy Oliver by pinfall to retain the Target Wrestling High Octane Division Championship.

Since watching these Target shows I’ve been seeing the rift and build to this match. I was very critical of Tommy Oliver being blander than hospital toast and was hoping for something more after he struck Kirby with the High Octane Division title at the May show.

My prayers were answered. Out came Tommy Oliver with a pencil moustache, the evilest of all the moustache’s, coupled with a wee goatee beard to complete the very evil look. Not quite the leather jacket bastardry that I had in mind but it definitely shook up his look.

He waited by the entrance and attacked Kirby as he entered to further cement that he is a bad guy.

Oliver controlled the majority of the match, being vocal with the crowd, and was able to be more expressive in the ring. The most interested I’ve been in Tommy since watching Target for these reviews.

The match was a solid affair, there was no doubting Tommy’s wrestling and Martin Kirby is a clean and smooth wrestler so there was always going to be a technical standard held, I’m just glad we got more character to go with it.

Oliver tried to use the belt again but Kirby stopped him in his tracks and hit a famouser onto the title to retain.

Good match, leaves it open for a rematch with Oliver moaning that Kirby used the belt… even thought Tommy brought it into the match.

The Lawless (Asylum & Tim Strange) defeated DCT & Theo Doros by pinfall.

At the last show I really enjoyed The Lawless coming in as two big lads smashing folk about. Coming in against two more established wrestlers in DCT and Theo Doros I was interested to see if there was a change in tactics and if they perhaps would have more work to do.

Along with the smashing, we got some of the cerebral side of The Lawless, cutting the ring off and doing everything in their power to make sure DCT couldn’t tag back in.

Doros eventually got the D and tagged in DCT who ran in with a flurry for the obligatory tag team match break down.

During the fracas, Doros got knocked out of the ring which allowed The Lawless to hit a tandem chokeslam on DCT for the win.

Less of a demolition so we got to see another side of The Lawless. Another really enjoyable match from them, it helped that DCT was wildly popular with the crowd as they were chanting “D-C-T” and “OH!” a lot during the match to spur on Doros to get the tag.

Target Wrestling Heavyweight Championship – Shreddybrek defeated Josh Terry by submission to retain the Target Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.

After winning the title a month prior, Shreddy had to contend with a former Target Wrestling Heavyweight Champion that technically never lost the belt, having to relinquish due to injury.

It started off with Shreddy avoiding any physical action but once they got down to it he out muscles Josh Terry at every turn. Aiming his attacks onto the back of the high flying Terry.

When Josh Terry got the chance though he showed some incredible athleticism, hitting a perfect standing corkscrew Moonsault, the physics of which I will never understand.

With a head of steam Terry scaled the top rope but Shreddy knocked the referee into the ropes to unbalance Terry, take him off the top rope and slap on the Steiner Recliner. Terry passed out for the submission.

Certainly a different match from Shreddy’s win against Medallion when it was two big lads going at it. This dynamic between Shreddy and Josh Terry worked really well, and it made Shreddy look great with his targeted attacks leading to the finish. It’s hard to miss when you match up power versus speed. Great stuff.

Triple Threat – Damon Havok defeated Paddy Griffin and Jimmy T by pinfall.

In an unannounced match (or the very least I couldn’t find the match graphic for it) we got a triple threat next. I automatically felt bad for Paddy Griffin who entered to no reaction, the crowd went mild.

It wasn’t the most exciting of matches, with Damon Havok once again providing the highlights. He hit Jimmy T with a Sky High to get the win.

Fair play to Paddy Griffin though, when he got no reaction coming in he made sure he got one during the match by hurling insults at the crowd.

Not the strongest match on the show but it wasn’t terrible.

Sami Sparx defeated Rory Coyle by pinfall.

Coyle bullied one half of the Target Wrestling Tag Team Champions Sami Sparx in the ring, outside of the ring, if there was a place to be bullied then Sami was there in the early going.

The match went on with both getting some offense in for a fairly back and forth contest, Rory Coyle tried to cheat a win with a low blow and a Full Nelson Slam but Sparx got a shoulder up at two.

They went up to the top turnbuckle but Coyle got knocked down to the mat leaving it open for Sami Sparx to hit a 450 splash for the win.

The Lawless arrived after the match. Coyle jumped Sparx from behind to leave him prone for an assault by Asylum and Strange who hoisted him up for a tandem crucifix bomb to stake their intentions on the Target Wrestling Tag Team Championships.

The match was fine, it played second to the post-match attack. Much like the triple threat, there was nothing bad about it, I just wasn’t invested in it.

Eight Person Elimination Tag Team Match – Team Medallion (Medallion, Ivy Mist, Raging Ref Graham Harding) defeated The Spawn of Target (Owen Ozzy Michaels, Buddy Roller, Fulton King, & Kris Kendal).

The Spawn of Target entered without Mad Man Mathews, instead they re-introduced Kris Kendal. Team Medallion brought in Graham Harding and Kris Kendal’s former tag team partner Luke Ross along with them to start the match with a big brawl that ended with Medallion throwing Owen Ozzy Michaels over the top rope onto the rest of the Spawn by his man bun and Luke Ross diving from the top turnbuckle into the Spawn pit on the floor.

Graham Harding was in with a flurry but was eliminated quickly with a big boot from Kendal. Kendal then turned around into a superkick from Luke Ross to dispatch him. Ross and Michaels had a nice little exchange before brawling at ringside and through the entrance way to be counted out leaving it down to two on two.

Fulton King hit a nasty uranage onto Medallion to send him crashing onto the apron. King brought in a wooden board that Buddy Roller set up into the corner, Roller dodged a spear attempt by Ivy Mist who crashed through the board for another elimination.

Medallion channelled the ghost of Paul Smackage when he tied up Fulton King into a pinfall to leave down to him and Buddy Roller as the final two. King hit Medallion with a short armed lariat then attempted to hit Medallion with his own medallion but ended up smashing Roller in the face instead. King was bundled out and Medallion hit a running senton for the win.

Phew. This match was on fast forward. It was sub-15 minutes so the eliminations came thick and fast. There wasn’t much by way of “wrestling” just move after move, pin, move, move, move, pin. It was a hot crowd that were shouting along which made all the difference, if this was in silence or indifference then this would’ve been a bit rubbish but the audience reactions to each moment made it very evident that this was played perfectly.

This being my third Target show watched I was disappointed that there wasn’t enough Fulton King in the main event but having 15 minutes to get eight folk involved and have a moment I’ll forgive it this time.

A chaotic main event, The Spawn of Target were sent packing.

Another solid show from Target Wrestling, the main event was a wild sprint, the Heavyweight Championship match was great, The Lawless continued to look like absolute beasts, and it was morphin’ time for Tommy Oliver into a bad guy. Some misses but there was plenty of variety as Target always seems to provide.

The full show is available on YouTube now:

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