Preview: Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum ‘xTruth: A Night At The Wrestling’ (22 Sept 2022)


After the amazing success of FPWA’s student showcase in Glenrothes, FPWA are having their very first show called FPWAxTruth which is being held at Truth Nightclub in Leven on the 22nd of September with a 18:30 doors and a 19:00 start.

This is the first big main show that FPWA has ever put on in Fife and we have a stacked card that you do not want to miss.

Now, let’s take a look at the show:

Ashley Vega vs Daisy Jenkins vs Harmony Skye vs Ivy

Ladies first as FPWA’s Daisy Jenkin’s takes on Harmony Skye and the debuting Ashley Vega and the debuting Ivy in four-way action.

Daisy Jenkins made a brilliant first impression in Glenrothes against the ‘Staunch Superstar’ Jason Reed in singles action, unfortunately she didn’t pick up the win. Daisy has made her intent in triple threat action quite clear using the history of Robert the Bruce and the spider trying to spin a web and how the spider kept on trying as inspiration. Can this give Daisy the motivation she needs to pick up the big win?

Now Ashley is also one of Joe Hendry’s students and has wrestled for promotions such as Discovery, Pro2, and Community Pro Wrestling and is looking to stamp her seal on FPWA woman’s division. Ashley loves Daisy, but she has to remind her again not only has she beaten her before elsewhere, and that she is not only the best woman in Scotland, but she also runs this scene and that when Ivy debuts in Scotland, Ashley wants Ivy to know who runs this show.

Ivy is an explosive wrestling star south of the border having wrestled for the likes of Wrestle Carnival and Pro Wrestling Eve etc. and is making her Scottish debut and takes swings at both her opponents starting with Ashley Vega talking about her promo on how good she is, but wonders where’s the evidence as Ivy walks into her debut a multiple champion and has proven herself and will continue to do so at her opponents’ expense. As for Daisy, she sees Daisy as the underdog who talked about overcoming the odds and how life can throw curveballs, but who’ll come out swinging when Ivy is the one holding the bat?

In a last-minute shake up to the card, FPWA’s Harmony Skye sent in a heartfelt message to FPWA management calling for the (already announced) women’s three-way featuring Ivy, Daisy Jenkins and Ashley Vega to be turned into a four-way and FPWA management have granted her request so Harmony can showcase her chance to shine in her hometown. Harmony has also wrestled for Community Pro Wrestling and recently in Fair City Wrestling.

Caleb Valhalla vs John Kerr

Up next, we have the Mighty Caleb Valhalla vs John Kerr.

“Skol!” The battle cry of Caleb Valhalla is calling to FPWA Truth and Caleb has fought all over the realms and has had many great battles and his travels is bringing him to FPWA Truth, and since Caleb Valhalla has had many great battles, at FPWA, he has asked for the biggest, strongest and baddest challenge that FPWA can give him for his FPWA debut and John Kerr has stepped up to the challenge.

For John Kerr however, this will also be John’s first match at FPWA in singles action in front of fans and is ready to take on Caleb. John has wrestled for W3L and FCW along with being a former champion in Dundee.

The Woke Academy (Ross Hunter & Robbie Balfour) vs Big Boys On Campus (Riley Nova & Brady Phillips)

The Big Boys on Campus make their Scottish wrestling debut against hometown heroes The Woke Academy.

After their win at the recent Student Showcase in Glenrothes, the Woke Academy are ready to take on tag teams who are definitely bigger than them (which they have done at various promotions in the past) and claimed that when they get put down and IF they get put down, they get back up again which is what they plan to do when taking on the debuting Big Boys on Campus.

The Big Boys on Campus (Brady Phillips and Ryan Nova) are looking forward to their FPWA debut and have already made a name for themselves in singles action at other promotions all over England. But do they know what they are letting themselves in for when they take on the hometown boys the Woke Academy?

Jason Reed vs Martin Kirby

Four years ago, the Staunch Superstar Jason Reed made his wrestling debut in Fife. Fast forward to the present day and Dunfermline born Jason has evolved spectacularly into the Staunch Superstar he is today. Jason says he embodies the word “professional wrestler” and that Martin Kirby will just be name on Jason’s ’22 list, a list that keeps on getting shorter and shorter as time progresses. Jason feels that this comes around full circle as he takes on Martin Kirby at FPWAxTruth in Leven.

Martin Kirby however is a 16-year veteran in this game and has been wrestling all over the globe and is a multiple champion and is a current PEW Champion and currently a 2x High Octane Division Champion at Target. These two have never faced each other before at all in wrestling action, but how will these two do when they compete against each other for the first time?

Fatal 5ife Way – Johnny Lions vs Tallon Jr vs Craig Berry vs Tommy Kartel vs Judas Grey

This is a brand-new concept to FPWA and it is called the Fatal 5IFE way! Yes, you heard that right, the Fatal 5ife Way – a fatal five way match up with a Fife twist – where the hardiest five pro wrestlers in Scotland will compete to be known as the hardest in Fife.

Two competitors will start the match first, with an additional competitor entering the match every few minutes until all five wrestlers are in the ring. No DQs, no count outs, and no rope breaks. The only way to win is either by KO, pinfall or submission and a win can happen at any time from the first bell.

Let’s take a look at our competitors:
1) Entrant Number 1: Tallon Jr – The high flying Tallon Jr having already made his mark in promotions like ICW, Community Pro Wrestling and appearing at the Discovery Wrestling Disco Derby, and due to make his SWA debut in October, Tallon is intent in setting his talons into FPWA as the hardest Fifer. Having already crossed swords with Tommy Kartel recently, what will he have to do to put away the other competitors in this match who will stand in his way of a victory?
2) Entrant Number 2: Johnny Lions – FPWA coach Johnny Lions has made wrestling comeback
fighting, having returned to the active wrestling scene recently, Lions came back at the first FPWA show in Glenrothes and was the first entrant in the FPWA rumble and has grown up in Fife and is game and ready for a fight. Could it be Johnny Time?!
3) Entrant Number 3: Tommy Kartel – now if you handed me a list of wrestlers from FPWA who’d be up for breakout star of the year, Tommy would definitely be in my top 10. After a successful win against ‘The Oddity’ BT Gunn at the last show, Tommy is looking to prove he is the hardest man in Fife, and has already given himself the status as the “self-proclaimed hardest man in Fife” but can he live up to his status and take the title?
4) Entrant Number 4 Craig Berry – another FPWA student and one half of the tag team with John Kerr who has already having got his hands full with Caleb Valhalla that night, Berry wants to have some fun in smacking around four other men. But can he do it for the Big Lads and reign as the hardest Fifer?
5) Our final entrant is: Judas Grey – Now Judas is another name in the wrestling scene in the future to watch out for. Another student who has been trained under the watchful gaze of Joe Hendry, Judas is one of “Joe’s boys” and has formally invited himself to the fatal 5ife way and Judas plans to not only show up, he also plans to show off and prove to everyone at Truth that the hardest man wears a skirt.

All the way from Methil Dock, Frank Gallo makes his FPWA arrival. Not very much is known about the mysterious Mr Gallo’s but he has appeared at Discovery Wrestling as part of Team Wild featuring FPWA associates Beth Shorty and Tommy Kartel. But what will he have to say when he arrives at FPWAxTruth?

Joseph Conners vs Leyton Buzzard

Who doesn’t love a challenge as former WWE/NXT UK Superstar Joseph Conners takes on ‘El Capitan’ Leyton Buzzard in singles main event action.

Now Joseph Conners is coming back to Scotland, bigger, stronger and faster than he has ever been and has asked for the best that Scotland has to offer, but who is going to step up?

Ever since Joseph Conners issued an open challenge, FPWA’s inbox has been absolutely filled with talented wrestler’s male and female all over the UK willing to step up and answer the challenge and it is a Captain who has answered…

Leyton Buzzard is also one of the best talents in Scotland going at the moment and originally wasn’t booked on the show and then he saw Joseph’s challenge for the main event of FPWA Truth and his reaction to Joseph’s comments that he is the biggest, the fastest, the strongest that he has ever been, but also so is Leyton, who has this feeling that his bigger, better and faster as much as Joseph is and Leyton also considers himself the best. But which one will come out on top? There’s only one way to find out…

More Information

Doors Open: 6.30pm. Bell Time: 7pm.

Tickets: Available here.

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