Review: Target Wrestling ‘Live In Carlisle’ (July 2022)

I’m back again, visiting Carlisle virtually to check out another full event uploaded from Target Wrestling. I’ve found some new favourites along the way along with some cracking wrestling to go along with it. Will their run continue…

Tribal & Jimmy T defeated The Spawn of Target (Kris Kendal & Fulton King) by pinfall.

On one team it had one of my favourites in Target Wrestling in Fulton King, coming up against a team that I was absolutely stone cold on, I hadn’t enjoyed my experiences watching Tribal and Jimmy T so far but this match had a little bit of a turnaround. Not a 180 by any stretch but I may’ve glanced a couple degrees.

King and Kendal worked well as a team, Fulton constantly being “on” which I appreciate, a big character, always moving and adding something to the match. Kendal was good in the ring but lacked a little expression in character but the duo of The Spawn had great chemistry with each other which made up for it.

It was a fairly standard tag team match, it started with the yay-boo exchange between the teams to get the crowd involved before Jimmy T was isolated for a bit, Jimmy eventually tagged in Tribal who cleaned house, big schmozz, big move, done. It’s not breaking any typical tropes but entertaining nonetheless.

Jimmy T hit a nice second rope diving tornado DDT, but Tribal trumped it when he landed an epic double jump moonsault. Where has he been hiding that???

Tribal used Fulton King as a platform to strike with a step up spear on Kris Kendal to pick up the win.

A solid match to kick off the show, nothing spectacular but there was plenty of positives to talk about. Tribal got merch and ditched that over washed blue pullover sleeveless hoodie when he wrestled for a sleeveless t-shirt, thank God or any deity you believe in. The rest of his gear leaves a lot to be desired but get him a pair of shorts, matching with Jimmy T, maybe have a singlet underneath to stop any malfunctions, and we’ll have a proper looking tag team. Yes, that double jump moonsault made me draw minor comparisons to Kevin Owens but that’s not the worst guy to look at for inspiration.

The crowd were hot for the good guys throughout which is always a great thing, the desired reactions are being made, even if I’m not a fan of theirs.

Medallion defeated Roy Storey by pinfall.

An unadvertised match on the show saw Roy Storey face a mystery opponent following an online petition signed by the likes of Vincent Kennedy McMahon, and Ken Barlow, to get him booked. Out came Medallion who dominated Storey to the delight of the audience.

Storey countered a top rope suplex with a powerbomb, brought in a chair, hit a low blow when the referee was dispatching of the chair, all for nought as an Unprettier attempted was pushed out of and Roy Storey was sent down a level or two with a big lariat from Medallion.

This wasn’t great. I didn’t believe in Roy Storey as “The Personification of Greatness”, he was a bit lackadaisical, not even in a methodical way, he was too closed off. Unless I’ve totally missed the point of his moniker and it’s supposed to be ironic.

Pretty much a squash for Medallion.

Josh Terry defeated Owen Ozzy Michaels w/Kris Kendal by pinfall.

The match opened with some holds exchanged, I liked that Terry was assured and crispy smooth while when Michaels tried to counter it was a bit more rushed and panicky. Michaels used short cuts and distractions, employing Kris Kendal to full advantage to take control.

Josh Terry hit a beauty of a Chaos Theory German suplex, Michaels responded later with an Angel’s Wings after a brief scuffle. There were plenty of highlights with Michaels’ swing and missing a Buckshot Lariat to run into a pop up sit out powerbomb, with Terry followed with a diving shooting star press to the outside onto Michaels and Kendal.

After some miscommunication and shenanigans, Michaels ran into Kris Kendal on the apron and Terry hoisted Michaels up for a twisting neckbreaker for the pinfall.

A really good match, there were some ill-timed and stuttering moments but overall it was an entertaining watch. Owen Ozzy Michaels is another guy from Target that has caught my attention and I’d give him another year to grow and he could be a game changer, absolutely brimming with potential. Josh Terry is phenomenal in the ring, everything looks effortless for him and he brings opponents up to his level. Great stuff.

Harley Hudson & Tyler Adams defeated Damon Havok & Emily Hayden by pinfall.

The match opened up with a lot of arse based offence that Emily Hayden was victim to, having not only Harley Hudson’s butt in her face but (heh) Tyler Adams used a stink face to great effect before smacking Hayden’s bottom for good measure.

Damon Havok was the deplorable worm that I’ve enjoyed watching, interrupting Hudson’s run to the ropes with a well placed knee to the back and taking any chance to get a dig in on Hudson with suplexes or an elbow drop after breaking up a pinfall. Which ran nicely into the finish.

Hudson got the tag in for Adams to run wild, Havok and Hayden are both very good at being buffoons when required so they bumbled about in the chaos with Emily find herself falling head first into Havok’s crotch. Hudson hit a standing pumphandle drop on Havok as way of revenge and Tyler finished the job with a Twisted Bliss.

A short but enjoyable match, I enjoyed Emily Hayden and Damon Havok’s brief tandem. I found Harley Hudson to be a bit flappy in the ring, her running was really hesitant, but her character and look is excellent. Tyler Adams, for his first outing that I have seen, was pretty decent, with his initial flurry being primarily using his posterior I was concerned that would be all his moves but when he got tagged back in we got to see a lot more of what he can do with a nice dropkick along with the finishing twisted moonsault in the conclusion, I would be interested to see him again in a singles match to see what else he is capable of.

Target Wrestling High Octane Division Championship – Martin Kirby defeated Buddy Roller w/Kris Kendal & Fulton King by pinfall to retain the Target Wrestling High Octane Division Championship.

The majority of the match was your typical Martin Kirby affair, good wrestling, nothing too over the top, just good clean fun.

Kris Kendal distracted the referee with Fulton King aiming to smash Kirby in the face with the High Octane belt but Kirby ducked and Buddy Roller was bludgeoned. Kirby dispatched King and hit a Famouser to retain.

Owen Ozzy Michaels joined the rest of The Spawn in the ring with Buddy Roller getting a microphone to say that things needed to change before Michaels and Roller attacked King and Kendal. The beatdown continued on my boy Fulton before Kendal returned to run them off.

The match itself was solid, both wrestlers worked well together, it didn’t light any fires but all of that was a lead in for the post-match portion of The Spawn of Target split. Now I can cheer Fulton King, yay.

Target Wrestling Tag Team Championships – The Lawless (Tim Strange & Asylum) defeated Soldato & Sami Sparx by pinfall to win the Target Wrestling Tag Team Championships.

Sparx and Soldato started like a house on fire, flying around, like really annoying midges. Until The Lawless eventually grabbed Soldato and took control.

Sparx was able to tag in but knocked down the referee with an errant kick leaving the match to descend into absolute chaos. The Lawless hit a double chokeslam on Sami and got a table from the back as the brawl went throughout the hall. Chairs were thrown, bodies being launched from merch tables, Soldato was thrown down a short flight of stairs at one point.

Strange tied a chain around the neck of Soldato and the ring post to choke him out, which was pretty brutal, before Asylum returned to help slam Sami through a table at ringside. The lifeless body of Sparx was rolled into the ring for the pin.

Total carnage in the main event, I was surprised it took so long for it just to break down and thought this would just be a massacre. I don’t know what Sami Sparx was eating and/or drinking that morning but he was like a man possessed, launching his body all over the place with reckless abandon in a fantastic performance.

The Lawless are a big brute force of a team, and I’m here to see them smash through other teams.

A notable show from Target Wrestling, with title changes and a split of their big bad faction. The crowd were going nuts for everything that was given to them, wholly invested in the action. Once again my usual favourites continue to impress but if there was an MVP for this show it has to be Sami Sparx, even in defeat he was pumped up and was a blast in the main event.

The full show is available on YouTube now:

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