Build-A-Card: SWN Podcast Edition

So, last night I set out a poll on Twitter for an idea of what to put out on the website this week. There is a high likelihood I’ll end up doing a review, and/or a preview but in a bit of a surprise the winner was: Fantasy Booking.

See, half the votes as well.

That meant I had to come up with an idea and I think I’ve cracked it. We’re going to build a show card using only guests from the SWN Podcast. The full list of possibilities can be found here.

I’m going to go with a ten match card which will include four matches either side of an interval with two bonus matches in the pre-show, rinse all those pennies out, because I’ll need plenty to pay the amount of talent I will inevitably book.

With over 150 guests to choose from that gives me a lot of options plus there’s some international names which is even better. I have decided to take out those that have officially retired i.e. Crusher Craib, Bobby Roberts, Carl Conroy etc.

Much like WrestleMania 2000, I would’ve made every match a multi person affair, but let’s restrict each half to have at least ONE singles match, and at least ONE two on two tag team match.

This will also be the show order I have in mind.

Thanks to chatting to just about everyone, I even have a enough to have referees, a couple MC’s to alternate between matches, and even a commentary team.

  • Referees: Chris Quinn, and Dennis Law.
  • MC: Martyn Clunes, and Kwaku Adjei.
  • Commentary: Billy Kirkwood, and Kirk Cooper.
Pre-show – The Super Executioner vs Taylor Vite

I had to get The Super Executioner in there somewhere and going through the list of names at my disposal there’s probably no better opponent that would be the foil to Executioner’s shenanigans than ‘The Tactician’ Taylor Vite. The wily Super Executioner is a bit erratic, he’s crazy, he’s well practiced in Kali Ma, and Taylor Vite would have to put all of his brain power in this one to figure out how to predict the unpredictable.

Pre-show – 10 Man Battle Royal – Entrants: Solomon Grum, Craig Berry, Brent Carter, Tom Atlas, Evan Young, KUMA, Lucha DS, Grant McIvor, Taylor Bryden, and Rhys Dawkins

I love a battle royal, that’s no secret, so I put in ten names of varying style that would create some interesting combos. Grum versus Kuma? Evan Young trying to survive, maybe some crafty ingenuity from Grant McIvor and Rhys Dawkins in there. A few big lads, some high flying from Lucha DS. A good mix.

Elimination Six Way – Connor Molloy vs Ian Skinner vs Ronan King vs Judas Grey vs Daz Black vs Tallon Jr

This is your show opener, if I’m throwing money about I’d add a stipulation like Ultimate X, or something a bit extreme, but for now I will settle on an elimination bout so we get a showcase of these fellas in action. All young guys with a high energy and intense style. Bodies will be flipping, kicking, and cool tricking about. Much like TNA used to put the X Division guys out to open the show hot this is what I would have in mind.

The Rejected (Mikkey Vago & Chris Archer) vs Jack Morris & Gene Munny

I’m sure it’s written in a rule book somewhere that Mikkey Vago gets the import, with Jack Morris enjoying an extended trip in Japan for NOAH right now that counts right? Gene Munny is from England so that ticks that box for import status probably. A thrown together team of Morris and Munny may not look like the most natural of teams but I think they would bounce off each other well. Coming in against an established tag team, a good clash of styles in parts.

Ashley Vega, Angel Hayze, & Emily Hayden vs Brodie Adler, Regina Rosendahl, & Ayesha Raymond w/Mister Manoval

I like an underdog fight and seeing Mister Manoval, like a Bobby Heenan, strut out with three monsters to take on a plucky underdog team just does it for me. Hayze, Vega, and Hayden are very good at drumming up crowd support and having Adler, Rosendahl, and Raymond having to be the mountains to overcome. Give me it.

First Half Main Event – Joe Hendry w/Mister Manoval vs Jason Reed

After the fun and frolics of the previous matches I wanted to have a proper “wrestling” match close the first half. Joe Hendry, former Ring of Honor star, coming soon to motivate Impact Wrestling, against ‘The Staunch Superstar’, here to “Make Wrestling Great Again”, Jason Reed.

I’m not aware if they have faced off in the past but two big characters, confident in their abilities, a really intriguing match to put forward. Once again I’d have Mister Manoval appear, the animation he would provide depending on the outcome of the previous match would be the cherry on top.

Caleb Valhalla & Umar Mohammed vs Glasgow Grindhouse (Lou King Sharp & Krieger) vs Fair City Saints (Air Myles & Alex Webb)

This match started with the age old question, “who would I like to see team with Umar Mohammed and embrace the sensational style he beholds?” and the answer was pretty obvious from that point onwards.

There were a few teams I could’ve included in this one with Casino Brutale, The Working Men’s Club, Griffin & Athena, even The Struthers Sisters and Haus of Lovelust being previous SWN Podcast guests. Glasgow Grindhouse was an obvious pick because if you have a chance to put Lou King Sharp on a show, you put Lou King Sharp on a show plus him and Krieger are excellent whether they come in as the Proper Mental buffoons we have in the North East, or as the brutal fighters that are elsewhere. Fair City Saints were put in as a nice middle ground, providing some great stuff in the ring but they have a nice charisma that would be a great addition to the match.

Scotty Swift vs Johnny Lions

I’d just want to see this one more time to be honest. A change of pace from some of the other matches on the card, this would be a bit calmer in comparison, unless Johnny Lions gets raised, which is always a possibility. I’d see this as a bit of sport to start off with before they start to hit a bit harder, and break down into a fight.

Daisy Jenkins & Che Monet vs Molly Spartan & Rubi Roberts

A fun vibrant tag team against two no nonsense scrappers. A Spartan-Roberts dynamic would be curious, brawlers primarily with the abilities to torture opponents, matching them up against two very likable performers, with the throwback vibes of Daisy Jenkins and the sass of Che Monet there would be a lot to enjoy in this one.

Main Event – Rory McAllister, Big Damo, & Aspen Faith vs The Foundation of the Future (Zach Dynamite, Bruiser Brad Evans, & Ryan Riley)

This main event.

I mean, look at it.

Possibly the best trio team in the country right now in The Foundation of the Future against three big lads. Imagine Bruiser Brad Evans squaring up to Big Damo, Ryan Riley gloating about his youth to the grizzled veteran Rory McAllister, then we know what Zach Dynamite and Aspen Faith can and will do to each other. An epic clash, one that would be spread around the venue battering lumps out of bodies and gouging parts out of the fixtures and fittings probably.

What matches would you put together? Comment with your cards below or contact us on Twitter @ScotWrestNet

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