Full Results: Pro2 Wrestling ‘Battle Lines’ (23 Oct 2022)

The following results are from Pro2 Wrestling’s ‘Battle Lines’ on Sunday 23rd October at the Concert Hall in Troon:

Scottish Interpromotional Championship – Triple Threat – Frank X. Cross defeated Stone Malone and Meyhem Brooks by pinfall to WIN the Scottish Interpromotional Championship.

Pro2 Ayshire Tag Team Championships – Lucha Scotland (Lucha DS & Soldato) defeated Big Ross Hauser & Ewan O’Raw by pinfall to WIN the Pro2 Tag Team Championships.

Pro2 Joker’s Championship – Logan Smith defeated Dean Ford by pinfall to WIN the Pro2 Joker’s Championship.

Pro2 Belle’s Championship – Special Referee: Che Monet – Emily Hayden defeated Nicole Jasmin by pinfall to WIN the Pro2 Belle’s Championship.

Adam Shame no showed the main event to mess with Logan Storm.

Pro2 Believe Championship – TJ Rage defeated Ryan Driver by pinfall to retain the Pro2 Believe Championship.

Our thanks to Pro2 Wrestling for the results.

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