Preview: WrestleZone ‘Halloween Hijinks 2022′

Ready for a little bit of hijinks of the Halloween variety?

It’s been 12 months since WrestleZone made their return post-lockdowns and it’s been an incredible year for the North East promotion. Sold out shows, fantastic matches, mind blowing moments, it’s been a wild ride.

Having been lucky enough to only miss about three shows since the restart (Christmas Chaos, Academy double header, and Battle of the Nations), I’ve seen WrestleZone step it up a gear to prove why they should be considered one of the best wrestling promotions in the country, providing value for money, and having you begging for more once the final bell sounds.

Halloween Hijinks is set to be no different from the VIP bonus match to the main event. Emanating from Curl Aberdeen for the first time, it’s a new venue to rattle the hinges, and test the stability of the roof.

VIP Ticket Holder Match – Triple Threat – Chris Archer vs Umar Mohammed vs RHys Dawkins

‘Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them’’

Twelfth Night

Following the antics of Trinity Centre Takeover, Rhys Dawkins and Umar Mohammed had a spirited debate on the merits of theatre and film. Mikkey Vago interrupted to volunteer Chris Archer to represent music in a battle to determine the best entertainment medium.

As always I like to read way too much into things but I like that Vago, brimming with confidence following his Tri-Counties Championship win in Inverurie, is acting like the defacto leader of The Rejected and putting Chris Archer forward into the match, not in an arrogant way, it’s definitely well meaning with the best of intentions. Archer was beaten soundly by Ronan King, and the only one of the three that is coming in off a loss from Inverurie so may be coming with a chip on his shoulder. I’ll be keeping an eye on this and then be bitterly disappointed when I am inevitably wrong as per usual.

Umar Mohammed and Rhys Dawkins both defeated former Undisputed WrestleZone Champions, Bryan Tucker and Scotty Swift respectively, in Inverurie so have a lot of momentum coming in.

There’s no chance of picking a winner on paper, all three on an even stead, but a win for any of them surely has a case to get into a championship hunt.

The Outfit (Dino & Murphy) vs Damian & Connor Molloy

Damien and Connor Molloy left Inverurie on some uneasy terms. Molloy tried to reign in a rampaging Damien that only lead to their team suffering a loss against the full might of The Foundation of the Future. Standing across from them is two big lads that aren’t in the best of moods as they too were staring at the lights in Inverurie with Murphy ending the night slightly broken after multiple crashes on the wooden floor at ringside throughout the night.

The Outfit will tower over their opponents but that hasn’t stopped Damien and Connor from picking up wins and championships over their tenure. Damien, however, hasn’t picked up a win since Ellon in February where he defeated Dino but ended the night knocked out thanks to the formation of the new and improved Outfit, since then has seen him losing the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship to Zach Dynamite at Aberdeen Anarchy and failing in his one on one rematch at Battle of the Nations, it’s been a rough year for ‘The Revolutionary’.

Damien did strike at Trinity Centre Takeover this past Saturday, catching Dino with a Codebreaker after his triple threat match against Bruiser Brad Evans and Mikkey Vago. Dino will have a spinning elbow smash receipt in mind.

This could be a wild one.

Scotty Swift vs Bryan Tucker

Scotty Swift and Bryan Tucker have done just about everything in WrestleZone, from Regal Rumble wins, tag team title wins, Undisputed WrestleZone Championship wins, they’ve wrestled in front of the biggest crowds that WrestleZone have seen, the Beach Ballroom, the Northern Hotel, Summerhill, Beach Leisure Centre, they’ve wrestled together, but due to their respective journeys in the world of wrestling they haven’t actually wrestled one on one (according to Cagematch which is hit and miss with information).

At Battle of the Nations 2019, Bryan Tucker started becoming a bit of a wally, suckering in a reformed Shawn Johnson to reunite The Granite City Hotshots, only to batter him after the bell rang.

Following the return of shows in October 2021 though, he has gone off the deep end, taking fashion advice from Les McKeown, starting a V-LOG, spouting about conspiracy theories about referees being out to get him, trading in his tartan tie for a tactical tartan bow tie, just pure wally behaviour.

However, he also formed an alliance with Rhys Dawkins, assisting ‘The Bandit Bardolator’ to a win over Scotty Swift in Inverurie following Swift spoiling Tucker’s attempt to attack Umar Mohammed earlier in the night.

There’s a lot of moving parts here that will probably not be resolved on this night. Scotty Swift doesn’t seem to have the intention to fight, only coming to Halloween Hijinks to try and shake some sense into Bryan Tucker.

Something tells me that it’ll take a lot more than that though.

WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship – Triple Threat – Mikkey Vago (c) vs Caleb Valhalla vs Captain Alan Sterling

Last year at Halloween Hijinks both Mikkey Vago and Caleb Valhalla competed in a triple threat, along with current Undisputed WrestleZone Champion Zach Dynamite, that saw Vago pick up the win. On that same show Captain Alan Sterling was defeated in the main event by Vago’s Rejected brother Chris Archer to lose the Tri-Counties Championship.

Fast forward a year and both Caleb Valhalla and Mikkey Vago are in a triple threat match, but this time Vago walks in with the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship that was taken from Captain Alan Sterling in Inverurie thanks to a distraction from ‘The Mighty’ Caleb.

On the surface, although Mikkey Vago doesn’t have to be pinned to lose the title, due to the no disqualification nature of a triple threat he can cause some chaos with his trusty Singapore cane in tow. Sterling will have numbers on his side due to The Outfit fleet being nearby, and Caleb Valhalla easily dispatched horde of security and wrestlers back in May when he got pissed off, imagine what he will do when he gets another chance to get his hands on the Captain.

There will be shenanigans afoot.

WrestleZone Tag Team Championships – Halloween Switcheroo – Foundation of the Future (Bruiser Brad Evans & Ryan Riley) (c) vs Mr & Shawn Johnson

The Halloween Switcheroo returns to Halloween Hijinks, the concept is simple, they swap wrestling gear for the night. Simple right?

Well there looks like there’s been some short straw pulling with both teams in disagreement as to who they are going to be with the challengers opting to be Bruiser Brad Evans as neither wanted to don a swimsuit, with the champions not wanting to wear a bald cap to channel the chaotic power of Mr P.

Just keep an eye on hospitals around July next year because I don’t know if the audience at Curl Aberdeen will be able to handle the raw manliness of Bruiser Brad in a kilt, a bald cap might cool things off though…

The Foundation of the Future are near unstoppable and feel damn good about it, but the dancing Dads have experience behind them, though relatively fresh as a team they are still have multiple time tag team championship reigns between them, they are no strangers to tag team or singles gold.

Grado vs Ronan King

It’s the biggest match in Ronan King’s young career. 12 months ago he hadn’t even made his debut in front of a crowd but since December 2021 he has been strutting about in his Mum’s coat, shouting about how great he is. The annoying this is… he is very, very talented.

Ronan called out Grado in Inverurie due to the lack of respect he had been given by not being on the show poster but Grado stots in after 3 years away and is automatically featured. Last time Grado was at WrestleZone it was 2019 where his Aberdeen Anarchy streak was broken, seeing him leaving the granite city with an L on his scoresheet.

We know what the fun loving Grado is all about, the chubby wee chancer fae the tap end of Stevenson will no doubt be looking to have a laugh, crack some jokes, and get under the skin of Ronan King in the process. King won’t be there to bask in the glory and ask for a spot on Scot Squad or Two Doors Down, he’ll be there to make sure when the night ends that the name Ronan King is on everyone’s lips.

King has weathered through Singapore Cane matches, through Mosh Pits, and has all the confidence in the world. Prepare your TikTok for you page because if Ronan King pins television star Grado on Saturday you will never hear the end of it.

Undisputed Wrestlezone Championship – Halloween Brawl – Zach Dynamite (c) vs Aspen Faith

We have seen Halloween Brawls in WrestleZone before, they have been some jovial capers with pumpkins, sweets substituting drawing pins, tricks and treats aplenty.

But this won’t be that.

En route to winning his first Undisputed WrestleZone Championship, Zach Dynamite utilised a steel chair to wail on Aspen Faith to leave him lying motionless while Dynamite pinned Damien to lift the title. That won’t be forgotten.

Aspen Faith has seen his fair share of brawls, inventing new and terrifying ways to torture opponents, fighting in all manner of death match and death match adjacent spin offs, taped fists, glass, putting his body through unimaginable pain in order to win. I’m both interested and scared at what he will put together to fly under the “all Halloween items are legal” rule that the Halloween Brawl comes with.

These two have an almighty history in WrestleZone, they have fought over the Tri-Counties Championship, battled in tag team matches, they have waged war with ladders, they have kicked, chopped, punched each other over and over and over.

Zach Dynamite hasn’t been pinned in WrestleZone since Aberdeen Anarchy 2019, and that was against PAC. His journey to the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship was put on hold due to a pandemic but it was never in doubt that he would get his hands on that title. When October 2021 arrived he became even more vicious, punishing opponents with a constant face of distain, he had more than a chip on his shoulder, his destiny was put on hold and it was outwith his control, after all the setbacks and injuries, Zach Dynamite wasn’t going to be denied.

The evolution of The Foundation of the Future into one of the most polished trios in wrestling right now has been testament to the belief and drive that they have in their abilities, along with their chemistry to sense what the other has in mind makes for an incredible faction.

Aspen has had his fair share of ups and downs in WrestleZone, title wins, title loses, he has evolved from the ‘Hippie Horror’, to ‘Team S.M.A.S.H’, to ‘The King of Catch’, to a ‘Lost Boy’. He is the enigma of WrestleZone, he has done some deplorable things in the North East, he has battered Len Ironside, he has taken belts from fan favourites, but after all this time and his travels there is an overarching respect for Aspen Faith, whether he wants to embrace it is another matter entirely.

He walks into the main event once again without an entourage, he won’t have two big lads at his side like Zach will, Aspen might have all the experience when it comes to a match with the rules loosened, but as far as numbers go he is walking through the gates of hell to face the devil and his demons.

From a personal standpoint I will be an anxious mess throughout this match, just like the Regal Rumble, just like Aberdeen Anarchy, and as much as I respect and admire the talent of The Foundation of the Future any other day and time of the week, I will once again hate them unreservedly when the show begins and the bell rings.

Next June it will be 10 years since I started attending WrestleZone events, I have seen stories unpacked that have had me emotional and have had the heart strings being pulled in all directions. Crusher Craib versus Jack Jester, Damien versus Shawn Johnson, Scotty Swift versus Crusher Craib, Zach Dynamite versus Damien, Johnny Lions versus his career, and that’s only the ones that immediately come to mind, but this has elicited an involuntary case of major anxiety that I haven’t felt watching wrestling before, and that’s been about 25 years at this point.

My head knows that Zach Dynamite is an excellent wrestler and is fully deserving of being Undisputed WrestleZone Champion, but my heart wants to see him beaten by Aspen Faith and for Aspen to be holding the title by 9.30pm on October 29th.

I’m going to perspire and evaporate aren’t I?

That was a lot of words to unpack, seven big matches, titles being defended, and Grado returns for another perfect slice of the WrestleZone pie.

They show is sold out, so… if you haven’t bought a ticket yet… damn.

More Information

Doors: 6pm (VIP). 6.30pm (General). Bell time: 7pm (VIP). 7pm (General).

Tickets: SOLD OUT

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