Full Results: Copenhagen Championship Wrestling ‘Danespotting’

The following results are from Copenhagen Championship Wrestling’s ‘Danespotting’ event at the Lochwinnoch Community Annexe in Lochwinnoch on Saturday 29th October.

Robbie Cardwell defeated Gaia Hox by pinfall.

Frank Of The Cross defeated Mike Musso by pinfall.

LKS Dojo of Excellence Battle Royale of Excellence – Krobar last eliminated Jan The Slavic One to win.

Rubi Roberts defeated Daisy Jenkins by pinfall.

ICW Tag Team Championships – Choose Life Match – Glasgow Grindhouse (Lou King Sharp & Krieger) defeated Legends Never Die (Sami Sparx & Fulton King) to o retain the ICW Tag Team Championships.

Triple Threat – Colton Davis defeated Ewan O’Raw and Buffa by pinfall.

Sebastian Day defeated Jimmy Pierce by pinfall.

CCW Championship – Seb Silvers defeated Nitro Green by pinfall to WIN the CCW Championship.

Due to a foreign object used, a second referee restarted the match.

CCW Championship – Nitro Green defeated Seb Silvers by pinfall to retain the CCW Championship.

Our thanks to Copenhagen Championship Wrestling for the results.

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