Full Results: Community Pro Wrestling ‘One Year Anniversary’ (4 Nov 2022)

The following results are from Community Pro Wrestling’s ‘One Year Anniversary’ event at the Fairfield Club in Govan on November 4th, 2022:

Pre-show – Tommy Kartel, Ashley Vega, & Big Chez defeated Connor Molloy, Nicole Jasmin, & Tallon Jr by pinfall.

Casino Brutale (Rabu Romero & Mikey Devine) defeated Fair City Saints (Alex Webb & Air Myles) by pinfall.

Anastasia defeated Molly Spartan by pinfall.

CPW Championship Qualifier – Fatal Four Way – Eli Bulwark defeated HT Drake, LJ Cleary, and Martin MacAlistair by pinfall to advance.

Grado defeated Thatcher Wright by pinfall.

Jam’s brother Stanislas made his entrance but was attacked by Leon Graves. Spiderbam made the save.

BT Gunn defeated Spiderbam by pinfall.

Termination Z (Big Ross Hauser & Daro) defeated KoE (Adam King & Marcus King) by pinfall.

The Sam Barbour Experience defeated Luke Kyro by pinfall.

Disney Princess Match – The Govan Team (Ravie Davie & Cousin Zander) defeated The Purge (Stevie James & Krobar) by pinfall.

Our thanks to Community Pro Wrestling for the results.

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