Ellie Armstrong’s 10 Vegan Meat Substitutes

Just Stop Oil have been in the headlines for months protesting climate change but did you know you didn’t have to go to extreme measures like tie-wrapping yourself to a goalpost or souping a Van Gogh to do your bit? Don’t fear! The Plant Based Powerhouse is here to give you a run down of the top 10 vegan meat substitutes so you can make your diet a little more planet friendly 🌱

10. This Isn’t – Chicken

A good chicken substitute found in most supermarkets. Great in curries, burritos, and fajitas.

9. Linda McCartney – Vegetarian Sausages

The OG, the trailblazer, the best thing to come out of The Beatles. These were there for us when vegan meat substitutes just weren’t a thing. Doesn’t taste like a sausage or have the right texture so I doubt it’s gonna win over any carnivores but these are full of protein for all your plant based power needs.

8. Bird’s Eye – Green Cuisine Dippers

Taste exactly like their meat counterparts (and that’s coming from my recently-converted-to-a-veggie partner). Need I say more?

7. Quorn – Dinosaurs

I feel like I shouldn’t even need to explain this one? What screams nostalgia more than “turkey” dinosaurs?

6. Linda McCartney – Tomato and Basil Meatballs

Great in a spicy tomato sauce with pasta. Good protein, good taste, cracking dinner.

5. Squeaky Bean – Chicken Pieces

Great for sandwiches, great with rice, great eaten straight from the packet as a wee snack. Oh how I longed for stuff like this when I first went vegan.

4. Tesco – Plant Chef Southern Fried Grills

Tesco’s Plant Chef range really is the best of the big supermarkets in the UK. In terms of protein and taste these are the best for a chicken and rice style dinner.

3. Richmond – Meat-Free Sausages

Vegan sausages have come a long way since Linda’s ruled the market. These guys are exactly what I remember pork sausages being like; both in taste and texture.

2. Simon Howie – Vegetarian Square Sausage

A roll and sausage and tattie scone was the first thing I missed when I left meat behind. What a day it was when these first graced supermarket shelves and I got my favourite back.

1.Vivera – Vegan Shawarma Kebab

My current favourite dinner. Bung this bad boy in a wrap with spicy (vegan) mayo and *chefs kiss*. Full of protein and full of flavour.

Ellie Armstrong

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