*SPOILERS* Full Results: Fair City Wrestling ‘Live In Perth’ (12 Nov 2022)

The following results are from Fair City Wrestling’s event at the Tulloch Institute in Perth on November 12th, 2022:

*Spoilers ahead for future FCW Empire episodes*
For full episodes of FCW Empire. Click here.

Euan G. Mackie presented an “art exhibition”, which turned out to be an unconscious Tom Atlas under a black sheet, gagged and bound to a chair, apparently attacked earlier on. Referees, wrestlers and Commissioner Kevin Williams intervened. Williams booked Mackie vs Atlas for the Game Changer briefcase next month.

Glory Hunting Agency (Umar Mohammed & Sebastian Asher) w/Marcus “The Glory” Hunter defeated Spike Tierney & Botchico by pinfall.

FCW Women’s Championship – Triple Threat – Debbie Dahmer defeated Moxie Malone and Daisy Jenkins by pinfall to retain the FCW Women’s Championship.

FCW Junior Heavyweight Championship – Taylor Bryden defeated Emersyn Jayne by pinfall to retain the FCW Junior Heavyweight Championship.

“Retro” Randy Valentine presented his new talk show segment Randy’s Retrospective, with his guest Marcus “The Glory” Hunter accompanied by Umar Mohammed. The segment ended with Hunter and Umar attacking Valentine.

Triple Threat – Ian Ambrose defeated Connor Malloy and Ronan King by pinfall.

FCW Heavyweight Championship – Caleb Valhalla defeated Ryan Riley by pinfall to retain the FCW Heavyweight Championship.

After the match, Euan G. Mackie attempted to use his Game Changer briefcase to challenge Valhalla for the title but was foiled and chased off by Tom Atlas.

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