*Updated* Is 2022 the year of the first modern WrestleZone Triple Crown winner?

*Updated 28/11/22*

Back in 2018, I drafted a list of seven wrestlers that were on the cusp of becoming the first WrestleZone Triple Crown winner.

The modern triple crown has yet to be achieved in WrestleZone, winning all active titles in a company puts any wrestler in the upper echelon in that promotions history.

Many wrestlers have held two out of three active championships in WrestleZone.

What is the Modern Triple Crown?

Modern Triple Crown Qualifications:

  • Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
  • WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship
  • WrestleZone Tag Team Championship

Original Triple Crown

Two wrestlers have completed a triple crown in WrestleZone, from 2008-2011 there were three active championships in the promotion. The Heavyweight and No Limits Championships were merged on 26th February 2011 when then-Heavyweight Champion Damien defeated then-No Limits Champion Scotty Swift.

WrestleZone Heavyweight ChampionshipWrestleZone No Limits ChampionshipWrestleZone Tag Team Championships
Damien20th November 201026th February 20118th May 2009
with Mikey Morris
Scotty Swift25th February 200927th March 201010th August 2013
with Jay Lethal

From 2011-2017 there were only two active championships in WrestleZone until the Tri-Counties Championship was introduced with Aspen Faith becoming the inaugural champion at Aberdeen Anarchy 2017. This reactivated the Triple Crown being a possible achievement in the North East.

Since I made that list in 2018, the potential first modern Triple Crown winners has increased from seven to thirteen which means 2022 has an even higher chance of this accolade occurring.

Along with the potential of thirteen triple crown winners in the near future, six wrestlers could achieve a Grand Slam when we include a Regal Rumble win.

When you look down the list, you can make arguments for any of these men to capture the last title required which makes this even more interesting, at least in my mind.

Undisputed WrestleZone ChampionshipWrestleZone Tri-Counties ChampionshipWrestleZone Tag Team ChampionshipsBonus: Regal Rumble
(Grand Slam)
Alan Sterling7th December 201924th May 2008
with William Sterling
Andy Wild29th October 201624th March 2018
Aspen Faith17th June 201713th July 2013
with James Midas
2022 (co-winner)
Bryan Tucker28th January 201230th June 2012
with Shawn Johnson
Chris Archer9th October 202114th November 2015
with Mikkey Vago
Crusher Craib
1st June 201315th February 2020
with Connor Molloy
Damien26th February 20118th May 2009
with Mikey Morris
Johnny Lions26th Janaury 201330th August 2014
with Damien
Mikkey Vago17th September 202214th November 2015
with Chris Archer
Mr P8th December 201822nd August 2015
with Kaden Garrick
Scotty Swift23rd May 201510th August 2013
with Jay Lethal
Shawn Johnson17th June 201730th June 2012
with Bryan Tucker
Zach Dynamite14th May 202211th November 20172022 (co-winner)

On Saturday, December 3rd, Aspen Faith has the opportunity to not only achieve the Triple Crown but also the Grand Slam when he steps into the steel cage at Christmas Chaos against Undisputed WrestleZone Champion Zach Dynamite and former champion Damien.

Who do you think will be the first modern WrestleZone Triple Crown winner?

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