SWN100 – Number 5

The full SWN100 list will be revealed on Christmas Day, we continue our countdown of special articles to celebrate the Top10 and how they performed in the last 12 months that has earned them a place in the Top10 of the SWN100.

Photo credit Billy Strachan
5. Zach Dynamite

Making it to number five in our SWN100 is ‘The Aberdonian Ace’ Zach Dynamite. Starting his year at WrestleZone vying for the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship, though unsuccessful in lifting the gold due to beating Damien by disqualification, the return of Aspen Faith to chase off another Foundation of the Future attack sparked Dynamite’s fuse.

Dynamite and Faith co-won the Regal Rumble in March after both men’s feet hit the floor at the same time following a restart thanks to Len Ironside’s intervention, initially Dynamite was declared the winner being the last one in the ring following a brawl at ringside, but he hadn’t actually thrown Faith over the top rope.

At ‘Aberdeen Anarchy’ he finally won the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship in a wild triple threat. Successfully defending the title against Damien, Umar Mohammed, Connor Molloy, Ronan King, and Aspen Faith over the year.

Dynamite made his presence felt at Fair City Wrestling, diving into the tag team division with Ryan Riley, along with narrowly missing out on the FCW Junior Heavyweight Championship against the champion Taylor Bryden, and Tom Atlas in May.

Zach’s year lead him back to the capital, making regular appearances for Discovery Wrestling teaming with his Foundation of the Future brothers Ryan Riley and Bruiser Brad Evans, along with going out on his own, putting on an incredible performance against Griffin and, eventual winner, Theo Doros at ‘Tagged’.

As well as his championship accolades, Dynamite also picked up three Match of the Month awards (April, May, and October) as well as Wrestler of the Month in March.

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