SWN100 – Number 1

The full SWN100 list will be revealed on Christmas Day, we continue our countdown of special articles to celebrate the Top10 and how they performed in the last 12 months that has earned them a place in the Top10 of the SWN100


Photo credit David J Wilson
1. Taylor Bryden

When this SWN100 was compiled I was surprised to see Taylor Bryden storm to the top of the list but after looking through his 2022 it shouldn’t have been.

Bryden started the judging period as Reckless Intent Wrestling UK Champion after relieving Deacon Matthews of the championship in October 2021. His defences included against Alastor Kharon, BT Gunn, and Leyton Buzzard, before losing the title at ‘Cruel Summer’ against Aspen Faith.

Elsewhere, Taylor won the Fair City Wrestling Junior Heavyweight Championship in February, besting Ken Kaiden in Perth before defending against a litany of challengers from Liston Ross, Sebastian Asher, and Tom Atlas, to Aspen Faith, Emersyn Jayne, Spike Tierney, and Zach Dynamite.

We have limited results from World Wide Wrestling League but from what we have available, Bryden had a showstealer of a match against Doug Williams in July for W3L’s ‘Summer Spectacular’ in Elgin after winning W3L’s annual Seven Deadly Sins tournament in the June. Bryden went on to beat Lou King Sharp at ‘Wrestlution XV’ to win the W3L Heavyweight Championship for the first time.

Winning two titles, with plenty of defences, and travelling to FCW, W3L, RI, plus a match at Scottish Wrestling Alliance over the period, Taylor Bryden has had a stellar year.

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