SWN100 – Honourable Mentions

With the SWN100 now released it’s important we give mention to wrestlers that have represented Scotland all over the world.

Drew McIntyre, Nikki Cross, Alba Fyre, Doudrop, Isla Dawn, Noam Dar, Wolfgang, Mark Coffey, Joe Coffey, Kenny Williams, have all done Scotland a great service as part of WWE, NXT, or NXT UK. They reached, what many consider, the pinnacle of professional wrestling. Some have returned to the independents, but all are forging a legacy with every match.

Outside of WWE, Joe Hendry has once again proven that hard work will always pay off. Starting the year with his position in Ring of Honor uncertain with their planned hiatus, Hendry went back to basics, once again becoming a viral sensation with his entrance video work, and found his way to motivating Impact Wrestling. It wasn’t the end of Hendry’s rebirth with a victory over Brian Myers leading him to capture the Impact Wrestling Digital Media Championship, an apt title for Joe Hendry.

Photo credit Impact Wrestling

Along with his work at Impact and across the pond, Hendry continues to develop and influence the Scottish professional wrestling scene. His first batch of students are making their names known around the UK with Ryan Richards, Judas Grey, and Mister Manoval showing plenty of spark and with guidance from Hendry there is only an upward trajectory. Joe continues to reign as Discovery Wrestling Y Division Champion, building his own faction of combatants around him, most recently Robb Stow. A fantastic wrestler, who, in my opinion, is still to reach his prime which makes for a very exciting time following Joe Hendry’s career.

One wrestler that has continued to wrestle worldwide and collecting belts wherever they appear has been Emersyn Jayne, one of the busiest wrestlers who has been a regular for EVE and Over The Top Wrestling, in matches with Charli Evans, Kanji, Debbie Keitel, and current AEW Women’s Champion Jamie Hayter.

Jayne’s work in England saw her have an outstanding Pure Rules match with Chris Ridgeway at Wrestle Carnival.

Photo credit BODYSLAM!

In the last 12 months Jayne has been travelling the world, proving that she is one of the premier wrestlers coming out of Scotland. Charting in at #35 in the women’s PWI 150, is proof of the work she has put in. This year alone has seen Emersyn travel to Austria, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, and Israel, the latter of which saw her main event with Session Moth Martina to become the first ever Israeli Pro Wrestling Association International Women’s Champion.

Marking her tenth year in professional wrestling, Emersyn Jayne shows no signs of slowing down, with more championships and opportunities on the horizon.

Someone who has taken opportunity with both hands is Jack Morris, who has spent the latter half of the year in Japan wrestling for one of the biggest promotions in the country, NOAH, when he was announced to be part of their N-1 Victory tournament, wrestling at the infamous Korakuen Hall.

Photo credit Pro Wrestling NOAH

Although unsuccessful in his Block in the N-1 Victory, Morris continued to make appearances in the back end of the year, getting in the ring with legends like Masato Tanaka, Satoshi Kojima, Masakatsu Funaki, and Takashi Sugiura.

A wrestler that oozes charisma, within Scotland he reached the top of Reckless Intent with a Reckless Rumble win followed by dethroning Theo Doros to lift the RI Heavyweight Championship and he continues to be a fixture for Discovery Wrestling, whether as part of The Nine9 or on his own. Morris is a talent that every major promotion should be trying to get their hands on sooner than later.

2022 has also seen Scottish wrestling expand further into Europe, following Lou King Sharp’s invasion of Scandinavia, we have seen Rubi Roberts, Colton Davis, Bennie and Ewan O’Raw head to Denmark and Sweden. Roberts had a bloody and brutal war with Lexi Luxx earlier this year. This expansion has went both ways with Nitro Green and Regina Rosendahl spending time in the country this year. This looks set to continue with Sharp’s close relationship with Copenhagen Championship Wrestling seeing them debut in Scotland in 2022, and will be returning in 2023.

It has been an topsy turvy couple of years in Scottish wrestling with the initial modern boom settling, but it looks like 2022 has laid the foundations for an incredible 2023. Talent is emerging from all corners of the country and are venturing all over, providing entertainment, drama, and overall quality wrestling.

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