12 Days of WrestleZone | Biggest Moments of 2022: Number 10

Photo credit Brian Battensby Photography
10. The Rise of Ronan

29th October 2022

Since the return of WrestleZone in late 2021, we have seen new faces arrive from Evan Young, Rhys Dawkins, and Tommy Raiden. But one has been making a name for himself very quickly.

Ronan King made his in-ring debut at Christmas Chaos in December 2021 and the brash 18 year old left an impressive due to his in-ring capabilities and overwhelming arrogance.

Come ‘Summerhill Showdown’ in January he drew the ire of Mikkey Vago after attacking him post-match and injuring Vago’s wrist.

King wasn’t done with Vago. In Ellon, fresh off a victory over Cysto, Ronan returned to push Vago off the top rope to cost his team a win over The Foundation of the Future.

‘Regal Rumble’ rolled round with an irate Mikkey Vago chasing King out of the Regal Rumble match with a Singapore Cane in hand.

At ‘Aberdeen Anarchy’ they had a showdown in a Singapore Cane match, but the wily Ronan King used a guitar, smashing it over the head of Vago, to grab the victory on that night.

After a live Mikkey’s Mosh Pit, the final match was set, a Mikkey’s Mosh Pit match at ‘Battle of the Nations’ where all musical instruments are legal which saw Mikkey Vago finally close the Ronan King chapter of his year.

That wouldn’t be the last we would see of Ronan King, after a dominating victory over Chris Archer in Inverurie he challenged Grado to a match at ‘Halloween Hijinks’. Though he wasn’t victorious he showed that he was every bit as talented as he claims to be.

Ronan King’s year ended with opportunity, entering a WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship fatal four way at ‘Christmas Chaos’. Although he came up short, arguably he provided the finishing blow to Connor Molloy, only to be taken out by Mikkey Vago, who then went to pin Molloy to retain.

12 months in and Ronan King’s debut year has been one of the best in WrestleZone history, even though the results haven’t always went his way, to make such an impact in short order is something to be admired.

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