12 Days of WrestleZone | Biggest Moments of 2022: Number 9

Photo credit Brian Battensby Photography
9. Heavy Metal Champion

17th September 2022

After finally dispatching of his rival Ronan King at ‘Battle of the Nations’ Mikkey Vago was out for some gold. When it was announced that he would be facing the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Champion Captain Alan Sterling in Inverurie, many assumed that the Captain would somehow retain his title and make his way to ‘Halloween Hijinks’ with the title in his possession.

Sterling entered with Murphy from The Outfit, whereas Mikkey Vago entered on his own. As the match progressed it was clear that Murphy would be a factor. Just as the numbers looked to be too much for ‘The Heavy Metal Hooligan’ to overcome, Caleb Valhalla walked out to distract Captain Alan, and spear Murphy at ringside which allowed Vago to hit Sterling with a Stunner and capture his first singles championship.

A shocking moment in the main event of the show, with Vago’s Rejected brother, and former Tri-Counties Champion, Chris Archer joining Vago in the ring to celebrate to close the event.

  1. New Year, New Outfit
  2. An Assassin In Ring
  3. The Rise of Ronan
  4. Heavy Metal Champion
  5. ???
  6. ???
  7. ???
  8. ???
  9. ???
  10. ???
  11. ???
  12. ???

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