12 Days of WrestleZone | Biggest Moments of 2022: Number 5

Photo credit Brian Battensby Photography
5. The Creator of Carnage Steps Away

14th May 2022

‘Aberdeen Anarchy’ was a massive event for WrestleZone, the first since the pandemic. Held at the Northern Hotel, for what seems to be the final time, the main show opened with Crusher Craib and Connor Molloy defending their WrestleZone Tag Team Championships against Bruiser Brad Evans and Ryan Riley of The Foundation of the Future.

After a hard fought war, Crusher and Connor fell to The Foundation of the Future. Following the match Craib grabbed a microphone to inform Connor that they wouldn’t be having a rematch for the titles because he was stepping away from the wrestling ring.

Craib’s wrestling career spanned 13 years, winning the WrestleZone Regal Rumble a record three times, lifting the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship twice, along with the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships with Connor Molloy.

Main eventing the first Beach Ballroom event against Johnny Lions, and going on to wrestle in the main event of ‘Aberdeen Anarchy’ at the Ballroom a further two times (against Jack Jester and Scotty Swift), Crusher Craib’s WrestleZone career is fill with accomplishments and special moments.

Tributes poured in for Craib following the news with many calling Craib the most underrated big man in Scottish wrestling.

  1. New Year, New Outfit
  2. An Assassin In Ring
  3. The Rise of Ronan
  4. Heavy Metal Champion
  5. A Tenacious Surprise
  6. Regal Rumble Controversy
  7. Valhalla Drops The Captain
  8. The Creator of Carnage Steps Away
  9. ???
  10. ???
  11. ???
  12. ???

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