12 Days of WrestleZone | Biggest Moments of 2022: Number 4

Photo credit Billy Strachan
5. Loser Leaves WrestleZone

3rd December 2022

Crusher Craib wasn’t the only one to leave the WrestleZone roster in 2022 but this was under different circumstances. Bryan Tucker had gone off the deep end, blaming anyone but himself for losses before finally focussing his ire on Umar Mohammed, and Scotty Swift, who drew a “Wally’ chant wherever Tucker went.

Swift stepped in at Inverurie to stop Tucker from attacking Umar Mohammed after a match, Tucker returned the favour by costing Swift a match later in the evening and forming an alliance with Rhys Dawkins.

Despite Scotty’s reservations they faced off at ‘Halloween Hijinks’ with Swift picking up the win with a backslide.

Following the match an irate Bryan Tucker called for one more match and the loser must leave WrestleZone. After some deliberation, Scotty Swift accepted it but was hesitant to be the one to end Tucker’s WrestleZone career considering Tucker’s win-loss record being a disaster in 2022.

During the match at ‘Christmas Chaos’, Swift would pause before pinfalls with a clear crisis of conscience, but Tucker didn’t have such a crisis. After a distraction, Rhys Dawkins bludgeoned Swift with a book of Shakespeare and Bryan Tucker picked up the pieces to pin Scotty Swift, causing the Swift’s WrestleZone career to be over.

The crowd was stunned in Danestone Community Centre which rippled throughout the rest of the event.

Scotty Swift had a few words after the bell, with a tear in his eye, thanking the fans, Umar Mohammed, and the WrestleZone team for his time in wrestling.

A shocking moment to end the year.

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