12 Days of WrestleZone | Biggest Moments of 2022: Number 1

Photo credit Billy Strachan
1. Grand Slam Aspen

3rd December 2022

After the return of ‘The Lost Boy’ Aspen Faith at ‘Summerhill Showdown’, his intention was clear and that was the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship.

Following the events at ‘Regal Rumble’, Faith was one win away to completing his mission, along with become the first to achieve the WrestleZone Triple Crown and Grand Slam. At ‘Aberdeen Anarchy’ Dynamite assaulted Faith with a chair to take him out of the match which saw Zach Dynamite become Undisputed WrestleZone Champion by pinning the then-champion Damien.

It was announced the Aspen Faith would challenge whomever the Undisputed WrestleZone Champion was at ‘Halloween Hijinks’, at ‘Battle of the Nations’ Dynamite retained against Damien to book the one on one showdown.

At ‘Hijinks’ the match became a Halloween Brawl that pushed the limits of both Dynamite and Faith before Bruiser Brad Evans and Ryan Riley played spoiler once again by hitting a triple aided piledriver onto chairs for the pinfall. After a brawl following Dynamite’s retention, Faith put out one final challenge to Dynamite. A steel cage match at ‘Christmas Chaos’ in an ‘Aberdeen Anarchy’ rematch with Damien involved.

The final showdown was set, the blue bar steel cage was erected, and it was a war. The Foundation of the Future used their numbers once again, powerbombing Damien through a table outside the ring, but new tag team champions Alex Webb and Air Myles, the Fair City Saints, arrived to fight back Evans and Riley.

One final defiant spit in the face of Faith sealed Dynamite’s fate as he felt the full force of The Darkest Lariat which saw Aspen Faith finally win the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship.

After 12 years Aspen Faith was the Undisputed WrestleZone Champion and had won everything possible in WrestleZone, completing the Triple Crown accolade and become a Grand Slam Champion.

  1. New Year, New Outfit
  2. An Assassin In Ring
  3. The Rise of Ronan
  4. Heavy Metal Champion
  5. A Tenacious Surprise
  6. Regal Rumble Controversy
  7. Valhalla Drops The Captain
  8. The Creator of Carnage Steps Away
  9. Loser Leaves WrestleZone
  10. Lost No More
  11. The Foundation of the Future Cause Anarchy
  12. Grand Slam Aspen

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