SWN Year End Awards 2022: Monthly Poll

Welcome to the second award announcement as part of the SWN Year End Awards 2022!

After the hiatus of the SWN Monthly Poll for the majority of 2020 and the whole of 2021, it returned in January 2022 and each month you have voted for the best match, show, and wrestler of the month.

We have tallied those winners to produce the Wrestler and Promotion of the Year.

SWN Monthly Poll – Wrestler of the Year
Aspen Faith
Wrestler of the MonthMatch of the Month
Second place

Zach Dynamite

Third Place

Caleb Valhalla | Emersyn Jayne | Jack Morris

SWN Monthly Poll – Promotion of the Year
Show of the MonthMatch of the Month
Second place

Discovery Wrestling

Third Place

Fair City Wrestling

Thank you for voting in the Monthly Poll each month. January’s poll will begin on February 1st!

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