Behind The Art #27: Top 5 with ‘Titanium’ Tom Atlas

By The Masked Embroiderer

5 pieces of wrestling art chosen by a member of our Scottish Wrestling community. 

This time with…

‘Titanium’ Tom Atlas
Photo credit Neil Malone

Starting with a prized possession.

PAC Painting

A painting my dad @pdm_portraits did of PAC. I was a huge Neville fan and have kept up with Big Ben’s career since, and have always been absolutely bewildered by his athletics, size, strength, and overall ability and aura.

I look up to him in so many ways, as an aspiring *cough cough* body guy as well as constantly trying to improve my in ring work, he’s a benchmark for what my work should eventually evolve to be like.

Johnny Gargano Winning the NXT Championship

If you’ve seen any of my matches, you know I adore this man! Gargano is one of the best workrate wrestlers in my opinion, and his story throughout NXT is sublime!

From small tag team guy, to a built up singles competitor, a breakout performance set him off. A fantastic melodramatic storyteller who grabs the fans sympathy and is able to make the nearest of kickouts believable, this photo of him finally achieving the top prize is amazing. The crowd reaction in the background, the shine of the belt, the reaction on his face, the definition across his body showing he’s earned it, scratched and clawed his way through not only NXT, but the indies.

Makes me believe a small kid from the middle of nowhere (Comrie, Scotland) can achieve something similar if I work hard enough.

Euan G Mackie

His recent transformation into, just, himself, has been sublime. After a career of gimmicks, he’s finally able to express himself at the base level. He’s helped my career two fold and is a reason I am who I am when I step in the ring.

It’s the uniqueness to his presentation and the way he approaches storytelling differently from so many in Scottish wrestling, it sets him apart. Someone who most would’ve put into a certain small guy mould, he’s not only broken it, he’s smashed it with a massive hammer.

He’s excellent, and doesn’t get the credit he deserves for being an artist in and out if the ring.

Cesaro’s european uppercuts

Cesaro’s Euro’s are a MASTERPIECE.

Don’t think I need to say much more.

Cara Noir vs PAC (Riptide ‘Point Break’)

For how I like my wrestling, this match is a masterpiece. Two opposite ends of the wrestling spectrum. Fantastic, yet basic storytelling. If you’ve not seen this, stop what you’re doing, take the 35 mins to just sit and appreciate it! From everything in ring to the way this match is shot.

Absolutely fantastic.

So there you have it. Our second edition and another five top choices. 

Thank you Tom!

If you want to find out more about ‘Titanium’ Tom Atlas, you can check out his social media pages below including Tom’s dedicated fitness page on Instagram @tommyatlasfitness.

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