Preview: Reckless Intent Wrestling (@OFFICIAL_RITV) ‘Ten Years’ (4 Feb 2023)

By Gary McPherson

Get ready for an unforgettable night of action as Reckless Intent Wrestling presents “Ten Years”! On Saturday, February 4th, the Reckless Intent Wrestling Heavyweight Championship will be on the line in a thrilling fatal four-way match.

Four of the top wrestlers in the company will battle it out for the coveted championship. Here’s a full rundown of the announced card and what to expect from this momentous event:

RI Heavyweight Championship – Fatal Four Way – Aspen Faith vs Deacon Matthews vs Dickie Divers vs Theo Doros

Reckless Intent Wrestling has been without a Heavyweight Champion since January 6, 2023, when Jack Morris, who had been putting on impressive performances in Pro Wrestling Noah in Japan, was forced to relinquish the title due to his commitments in Japan. Now, a fatal four-way match has been set to determine the new Reckless Intent Heavyweight Champion, featuring previous contenders who are hungrier than ever to win the title.

Back in November 2022, Deacon Matthews challenged Jack Morris to a championship match and with the help of outside interference from Dickie Divers, who then hit Deacon with a steel chair, Morris was able to retain his coveted championship. Later on in the same show, Divers and Theo Doros faced off in a ladder match for a future championship match, which saw Divers win with the help of the returning monster, GRUM. Divers now has the support of GRUM, and by sheer numbers, it would seem he has an advantage going into this fatal four-way match.

Aspen Faith is also a contender in this match, after winning the Reckless Intent UK Championship from Taylor Bryden in September 2022. He now has the opportunity to become a double champion by holding both the Heavyweight and UK titles at the same time.

Theo Doros, who had a 966-day reign as World Champion before Jack Morris ended it, now has the chance to win his title back and once again become the face of the company. With such a competitive field of contenders, it’s sure to be an exciting match with plenty of twists and turns. Fans are eagerly waiting to see who will come out on top and become the next Reckless Intent Heavyweight Champion.

Women of Reckless Championship – Emersyn Jayne (c) vs Daisy Jenkins

In May 2022, Emersyn Jayne made history by winning the Women’s of Reckless Championship against Debbie Dahmer. Now, she faces a new challenge in the form of bright newcomer, Daisy Jenkins.

Emersyn Jayne is no stranger to success in the wrestling world. She was named the SWN Women’s Wrestler of the Year in 2022 and was also ranked 35th in the PWI 150 for her impressive work at Pro Wrestling Eve and other independent promotions such as TNT and Wrestle Carnival. With such a strong resume, it’s no wonder that she is considered one of the top female wrestlers in the business.

Daisy Jenkins, on the other hand, is a rising star in the world of professional wrestling. Despite her lack of experience, she has already made a name for herself in the industry. She was ranked second place in the SWN “One to Watch” for 2023, and this upcoming match against Emersyn Jayne could be a great opportunity for her to prove why she’s one to keep an eye on.

This match promises to be an exciting one as Emersyn Jayne looks to defend her title against a talented and determined challenger. Will Emersyn Jayne be able to hold onto her title or will Daisy Jenkins make a name for herself by winning the Women’s of Reckless Championship?

RI Tag Team Championship Tournament – Quarter final – BT Gunn & Kez Evans vs Sea Bears (Rob Mills & Jarek Nowak)

In October, the tag team titles were vacated and eight teams were set to compete for the coveted belts. Six of these teams were already established in the wrestling world, while the other two are going to be decided by a “Lethal Lottery”. Randomly selected teams are decided by a number draw on the day of the match. 

The first quarter final tournament match featured the Fair City Saints taking on Nathan North and Alastor Kharon, a team created by the Lethal Lottery. The match was intense and full of high-flying manoeuvres, but in the end, Fair City Saints emerged victorious. Elsewhere on the November card, Rob Mills challenged BT Gunn. Rob Mills at the time was drinking some beverages and BT Gunn was perhaps distracted or not taking Mills seriously and paid the price as Rob hit a surprise rollup to get him the win. Later on the show Kez Evans bested Jarek Nowak in a similarly competitive battle but due to a sneaky hit with brass knuckles from Kez, he was able to secure a strong win. 

After the show was over, Rob and Jarek were confronted backstage by BT and Kez, who were unhappy about the attitude of their opponents. A scuffle ensued, but the situation was quickly diffused by the referees. Then the match was made official by Big Stevie, the general manager of Reckless Intent, who declared Sea Bears will be facing BT Gunn and Kez Evans in the next quarter final match.

Alastor Kharon vs Luke Matthews

Luke Matthews, a graduate of the Source Wrestling school, has recently undergone a rebranding and now goes by the title “Scottish Samurai”. The former Dog of War is set to make his mark in Reckless Intent Wrestling. Matthews hasn’t appeared in Reckless Intent since late 2019. Returning with his new attitude his first challenger will be the ruthless monster known as “Pure Evil” Alastor Kharon.

Alastor Kharon is known for his vicious fighting style and the moniker “Pure Evil” is fitting as he strikes hard and looks even harder. He’s a formidable opponent who should not be underestimated. This match may be overlooked by some, but it is sure to be one of the hardest hitting matches of the night. Both Luke Matthews and Alastor Kharon are known for their in-ring intensity and it will be a true test of strength and skill.

Will the Scottish Samurai be able to make a big impact in Reckless Intent Wrestling or will the “Pure Evil” Alastor Kharon be too much for him to handle?

Caleb Valhalla in Action.

Caleb Valhalla recently made his presence felt in Reckless Intent by defeating newcomer Judas Grey in a highly-anticipated match in November. The match was filled with excitement and intensity as both wrestlers put on a show for the fans, but in the end, it was the big Viking who emerged victorious.

Prior to this, Caleb Valhalla had only made sporadic appearances for Reckless Intent. Valhalla’s impressive win against Judas Grey has many fans wondering what he will do next. Will he continue to make appearances and provide entertaining matches or will he finally make a push for the Heavyweight Title? With this in mind, his appearance at this event could have significant implications for the winner of the main event.

With the main event of the show fast approaching, fans are eagerly awaiting to see who will come out on top. Whatever the outcome, one thing is for sure, with Caleb Valhalla in the mix, the stakes will be higher than ever.

Michael Chase returns to Reckless Intent Wrestling.

After his retirement four-years ago, Michael Chase is set to make his return to Reckless Intent, the wrestling promotion he founded a decade ago. Michael Chase’s retirement match was against Theo Doros, and since then he has not made any appearances in the company.

Chase has a storied history with Reckless Intent, having competed in several high-profile matches against some of the biggest names in the business, including Paul Tracey, Big Damo, and Joe Hendry. Throughout his career, he has been known for his impressive in-ring skills, his high flying offence, and his ability to entertain and connect with the crowd.

The return of Michael Chase has fans wondering what this means for the company and the upcoming show. Whatever the reason for his return, one thing is certain – the fans are excited to see Michael Chase back in a Reckless Intent ring and what he has to say. His presence is sure to add an extra layer of excitement to the upcoming event and many are looking forward to seeing him once again.

Don’t miss Reckless Intent Wrestling “Ten Years” featuring a fatal four-way main event for the vacant Heavyweight Championship, with former contenders Aspen Faith, Dickie Divers, Theo Doros, and Deacon Matthews! Plus, see the return of Michael Chase after four years and a hard-hitting match between Luke Matthews and Alastor Kharon. Also, see Caleb Valhalla in action and witness a Quarter-Final Tag Team Tournament match between four of the UKs best talents!

Get your tickets now for an unforgettable night of entertainment!

More Information

Doors Open: 6.30pm. Bell Time: 7pm.

Tickets: Available here.

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