Behind The Art #28: Top 5 with Judas Grey

By The Masked Embroiderer

5 pieces of wrestling art chosen by a member of our Scottish Wrestling community. 

This time with…

Judas Grey
Photo credit David J Wilson


It’s pretty obvious I’m a huge Jeff Hardy fan and that he has influenced me not just in wrestling but in life in general so I tried my best to not make it all Jeff Hardy related but I mean how can you not include TLC 2.

It’s the best match on a show that many call the greatest wrestling ppv ever and has one of the most iconic moments in modern day wrestling.

Jeff Hardy vs Edge promo package for Extreme Rules 2009

I can probably quote most, if not all, of this video package to you. I mean everything about it from the dramatic voice at the start to even the song choice in “You’re Going Down” by The Sick Puppies. Everything about it was perfect.

Wrestlemania 34’s stage.

This is my favourite stage I have ever seen. Now it’s no secret I’d love to go to New Orleans some day but that stage was beautiful and all the entrances looked amazing I mean I have a Mardi Gras mask tattooed on me I was bound to love this stage. Specifically Seth Rollins entrance I mean when that burn it down hits and the pyro goes off. Ooft *chef’s kiss*.

Judas by Fozzy

Okay okay away from the WWE stuff just now because this has to be one of the best theme songs in wrestling today. There is a lot of good options, one of my personal favourites being Edge’s “Metalingus”, but just seeing everyone singing Judas back to Chris Jericho gives me chills you know you’ve done something right when you can come out with no music and be met with thousands of people singing it for you instead.

The Royal Rumble

Arguably the most exciting time of the year with some of the best returns, spots and story telling in wrestling. AJ Styles debut at no3, the Kofi spot that we look forward to every year, and yeah some haven’t always worked but you know your hoping for it. Drew McIntyre not only eliminating Brock Lesnar but winning, and of course Edge’s big return I mean all those things alone could be seen as wrestling art but they all happened during and because of the Royal Rumble.

Excellent selections. Thank you Judas Grey!

If you want to find out more about Judas check out his social media pages below.

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