Billy’s Five Picks To Win The 11th Annual Insane Championship Wrestling (@InsaneChampWres) Square Go!

Coming up on February 26th, Insane Championship Wrestling present their first post-WWE Network pay per view which will air live on FITE, ‘The 11th Annual Square Go!’. The over the top spectacular has given rise to many ICW Champions if they have been able to be the last one standing and holding the Square Go briefcase which offers them a championship opportunity any time, any place, any where.

The briefcase has assisted current NXT Tag Team Champion Wolfgang to championship glory with past winners like Stevie Boy, Joe Coffey, Kez Evans, and current ICW World Heavyweight Champion Leyton Buzzard using the the platform of the Square Go to launch them into the upper echelon of the ICW hierarchy.

The rules are simple, 30 wrestlers, 4 weapons, elimination occurs when the wrestler goes over the top rope with both feet hitting the floor.

So who are the favourites? Here are my five picks to win it all and hold the Square Go! briefcase, and punch themselves a ticket to a future championship opportunity.

Photo Credit Richard Lundy
Jason Reed

At the most recent ICW Fight Club, Jason Reed and ICW World Heavyweight Champion Leyton Buzzard tore the house down, with the result marred by the antics of Kenny Williams.

‘The Staunch Superstar’ will have a pre-show bout against Stevie James to determine the #30 entry which could make his night a bit easier, or a whole hell of a lot harder if he falls short.

A polarising figure in Glasgow, Jason Reed, along with Coach Trip by his side, have weathered the initial storm and will be out to prove that they are simply the best.

Photo Credit Richard Lundy
Daz Black

Despite winning a match to earn the #30 spot, Daz Black is out to prove himself by choosing to enter #1. A short sighted plan perhaps when he has to outlast 29 entrants but if he does it would be the ultimate reward in front of him.

Black has had a stellar journey in Insane Championship Wrestling, a former Zero G Champion, performing highlight reel worthy moments in every match, and being one of the most exciting talents in the UK.

Photo Credit Insane Championship Wrestling
Craig Anthony

After a return from injury, and finally putting his war with Kez Evans to rest, the former ICW Zero G Champion main evented Fear & Loathing XIV but was unable to leave with the ICW World Heavyweight Championship in hand.

Anthony lost a lost of time through injury and will be looking to make up for it. An intense individual, willing to use his whole body as a weapon. Much like Daz Black, Anthony is a high flying risk taker.

Photo Credit Insane Championship Wrestling

The former ICW World Heavyweight Champion has been making sporadic appearances in Insane Championship Wrestling, with “Jackie Polo” and his “Polo Promotions” stotting about, JAXN could finally regain his name on the way to potentially becoming the first three time ICW World Heavyweight Champion.

His resume speaks for itself, whether it’s JAXN, Just Justice, or TV’s Jackie Polo, he is as cunning as they come, and knows what it takes to win.

Photo Credit Andy Roberts Facebook
Andy Roberts

Andy Wild no more, this new Andy Roberts isn’t out to make alliances, he is out to throw bodies and get what he demands. Probably the odds on favourite to win thanks to his size, strength, and tunnel vision to accomplish everything that Andy Wild could not, starting with winning the Square Go! match.

Often hailed by Billy Kirkwood as the Sherman tank with the Ferrari engine, Roberts has all the attributes to perform well in this kind of match, and with a renewed focus, it makes Andy Roberts the man to beat on February 26th.

Tickets are limited but still available here, who will add their name to the legacy of the Square Go?

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