Preview: WrestleZone (@WrestleZone) ‘Live In Ellon’ (18 Feb)

Ellon is…well, it’s Ellon. From the brief drive through it last year, it doesn’t look like a particularly enchanting place but it’s got a nice little hall for the wrestling, so can you complain? I think not.

It’ll be thirteen years this March, according to Cagematch, that WrestleZone first stepped into Ellon. Previously the first stop post-Aberdeen Anarchy, the town has seen some corkers over the years, including Crusher Craib vs. Caleb Valhalla just last year, alongside some blockbuster Undisputed Championship collisions between Scotty Swift and Johnny Lions, and Crusher Craib vs. Damien, as well as some huge WrestleZone moments; Scotty Swift lifting the No Limits Championship, the formation of Team S.M.A.S.H, and Lord Mr Malice pinning Scotty Swift, to name but a few.

WrestleZone is already off to a hot start in 2022 with the sold-out Station Hotel Showdown proving a treat for both casual and regular WrestleZone event-goers, seeing huge matches, another breakout night for Ronan King, and Chris Archer finally decking Mikkey Vago. If you create enough wacky scenarios, one is bound to happen eventually.

Not to put pressure on Ellon, but this is the only stop between that show and the anticipated Regal Rumble on 25 March. So, y’know, don’t balls this up, Ellon…

VIP Ticket Holders Match – Tommy Raiden vs. Dino

After being stranded in Scandinavia at the time of Station Hotel Showdown, Dino returns back to land to murderwrestle Tommy Raiden. A pure striker, Dino is also returning to the scene of his rebirth, ditching the Del Monte surname in Ellon last year after knocking out both Damien and Scotty Swift, aligning with Murphy in the process. Since then, the aptly-nicknamed ‘Aberdeen’s Most Wanted’ have been a dominant force in the tag division, earning a WrestleZone Tag Team Championships match at Station Hotel Showdown that instead saw Murphy tag with Ronan King in a unique pairing.

Unique? Yeah, let’s go with that.

Tommy Raiden was at the event, unlike Dino, losing to Bruiser Brad Evans in what has seemingly begun WrestleZone management’s vengeful ploy to ruin his chances of headlining Aberdeen Anarchy before he’s even had the chance. It was a quick victory in Evans’ favour but Raiden, as has been common since October’s Trinity Centre Takeover, put in a fight. If he does the same against Dino, then he genuinely could be considered an underdog for the Regal Rumble match. Don’t bet your house on him mind; maybe a couple quid, but don’t be too hasty.

Umar Mohammed vs. Captain Alan Sterling

A man looking to rebuild following his loss at Station Hotel Showdown, Umar Mohammed will be looking to get back on track ahead of the Regal Rumble, a match that has changed many a WrestleZone career. Losing to Rhys Dawkins and one-time Rumble winner Bryan Tucker in January wasn’t a great start to the year for the ‘Asian Sensation’ and who knows, they’ll probably come out and shout something at Umar during this match, joining Alan’s Ark which absolutely should be the name of his wee faction he’s got going on.

Captain Alan Sterling, meanwhile, is making his return to action after almost three months of inactivity, last losing to Caleb Valhalla at Christmas Chaos but getting the last laugh by shaving the ‘Mighty Caleb’ bald. He, too, was stranded in Scandinavia on the day of Station Hotel Showdown, leaving Valhalla to instead face Connor Molloy in an SWN Monthly Poll-nominated Match of the Month.

There could be a lot of moving bodies in this one, with Bryan Tucker, Rhys Dawkins, and who knows, maybe even Scotty Swift getting involved on Umar’s side, and the Outfit, William Sterling, and Caleb Valhalla on Captain Alan’s. It’s like the Regal Rumble come early.

Caleb Valhalla vs. Bruiser Brad Evans

Ya like beef?

Caleb Valhalla and Bruiser Brad Evans are going to give Blue Thunder a heart attack on Saturday when they move the ring a couple inches each time they hit the ropes, hit a body slam, or just exist. Part of WrestleZone’s pre-Regal Rumble ring preparations, Valhalla and Evans are both looking to continue ahead following their respective Station Hotel Showdown victories over Connor Molloy and Tommy Raiden. Two favourites for the Regal Rumble match, they’re giving us a preview ahead of the big 25 March showdown.

Last time WrestleZone was in Ellon, Caleb Valhalla had one of the biggest matches of his career, taking Crusher Craib to town and, rather surprisingly, felling the ‘Creator of Carnage’ to the delight of the Ellon faithful. What he’s done in the twelve months since has spoken for itself. Wrestling all over the country – including three shows in one day somehow – and dominating in the process, it seems only a matter of time before Caleb does in WrestleZone what he’s already achieved in Fair City Wrestling.

Bruiser Brad Evans, meanwhile, tagged with Ryan Riley the last time wrestling was in Ellon, defeating the incredibly-named Heavy Metal Thunder pairing of Mikkey Vago and Blue Thunder. A lengthy WrestleZone Tag Team Championships reign followed that saw Evans, Riley, and then-Undisputed Champion Zach Dynamite stand atop WrestleZone for the better part of 2022. With Dynamite now as Tri-Counties Champion, it’s up to Evans and Riley to get back to winning ways in the doubles division.

Chris Archer vs. Blue Thunder

The button’s been smashed, Blue Thunder has left his shirt and tie at home in favour of his mask and singlet, and he’s coming for answers from Chris Archer. It was at Station Hotel Showdown where Archer whacked Mikkey Vago with that very steel chain he’s holding above, leaving his Rejected cut behind him as he slowly backed away from the ring, almost trance-like. It’s a new side of Chris Archer that’s never been seen, he’s finally on his own, no one by his side unless, I don’t know, Brian Starr or the Alpha Male returns in Ellon.


Blue Thunder, the less-hardcore Terry Funk of his time, has been brought out of retirement once more after witnessing Archer’s actions in the suitably-warm Station Hotel. I’m sure he want all in on Archer on commentary. Because everything has to be over-analysed here at SWN, I like that this is Archer’s first post-Rejected match and that it’s in Ellon. If you recall, last year in Ellon, Mikkey Vago and Blue Thunder formed a makeshift union in the absence of Chris Archer. It’s purely coincidental I’m sure, but I like to think that somewhere in the depths of the WrestleZone Training Academy, there’s someone keeping track of all these small things to see if the dots will be connected.

Fatal Four Way – Connor Molloy vs. Ryan Riley vs. Ronan King vs. Rhys Dawkins

What have you been repeatedly told since WrestleZone returned in 2021? Don’t sleep on these smaller shows. If you weren’t sold on the announcement of Caleb Valhalla vs. Bruiser Brad Evans, then perhaps this WrestleZone Training Academy showcase of a four-way will wet your appetite to purchase the few remaining tickets.

Connor Molloy and Ryan Riley are both looking to rebound from their Station Hotel Showdown losses, with Molloy being a last-minute replacement in a loss to Caleb Valhalla and Riley failing to dethrone Aspen Faith as the Undisputed Champion. Ronan King and Rhys Dawkins, meanwhile, had largely successful nights at the 28 January show, defeating Chris Archer and Umar Mohammed, respectively. I mean, Ronan also lost to the Fair City Saints, but he came after Damien to make up for it, three segments in one night for the lucky Aberdonians. Going after an Undisputed Championship-less Damien, though? That’s his own death sentence.

These multi-man scraps are always a highlight in WrestleZone, but there’s something different about this one. Each guy brings something different that their styles will match together so well, the high-flying of Molloy, the stiffness of Riley, the flashiness of King, and the knowledge of Dawkins. Very exciting indeed.

WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship – Zach Dynamite (c) vs. Mikkey Vago

The King has reclaimed his crown, Zach Dynamite is once again Tri-Counties Champion, and all is right with the world. The self-proclaimed greatest Tri-Counties Champion in history, the ‘Aberdonian Ace’ began his third title reign by besting Mikkey Vago at Station Hotel Showdown, though it wasn’t exactly through the cleanest of means. Still, Dynamite is back on top and will defend against Vago in Ellon, a rematch from what was a great match in January.

Mikkey Vago may’ve underestimated Zach Dynamite last time. This wasn’t Zach Dynamite the nearly man anymore, it was former Undisputed Champion Zach Dynamite, a Wrestler of the Year contender as far as Scottish wrestling is concerned. Each match of his was the match you most looked forward to last year. Fair play to Vago, though; he held his own against this boss-mode Dynamite, hit a nice Stunner on the ring apron, and sprayed one of the new refs with Great Muta mist. He’s chaotic in the best way possible.

His eyes aren’t solely on the Tri-Counties Championship, however, as he wants to patch things back up with Chris Archer. Promising to get answers from the ‘Outcast’ in Ellon, the ‘Heavy Metal Hooligan’ isn’t fully-focused on the task at hand. I like that – this wasn’t some poxy pairing that had been about for two months, this was I think one of the longest-tenured pairs in WrestleZone at eight years. I don’t think even the Granite City Hotshots or the Sterling Brothers were around for that long. It’s more important than the Tri-Counties Championship.

Aspen Faith vs. Murphy

The Undisputed Championship won’t be on the line, but Murphy still has the biggest match of his life ahead of him in Ellon when he tangles with Aspen Faith. One year to the event that he ditched the pleather in favour of a shirt, slacks, and leather jacket combination, Murphy could push himself forward as a Regal Rumble match contender with a win over the ‘Lost Boy’, fresh off a win over Ryan Riley in January.

According to Cagematch, the last time Aspen Faith was in Ellon, it was May 2018, challenging Shawn Johnson for the Undisputed Championship in a Triple Threat that also featured Scotty Swift. How times have changed, no longer is Aspen a ‘King of Catch’, but he’s the don of WrestleZone, the man to beat to make your mark. Since returning at 2022’s Summerhill Showdown, Aspen has remained a formidable force, going through wars with Zach Dynamite and Damien in his quest to become Undisputed Champion.

Facing Murphy is an entirely different beast to tackle. He can toss you about the ring like the best of them, Samoan drops, fallaway slams, frog splashes, the lot; he’ll knacker you. Aspen has proven himself as a hoss in recent years, though, battles with Caleb Valhalla, Bruiser Brad Evans, Rory Coyle, the Kings of the North, the list is endless. He might not get a Jay Driller in on Murphy, but victory could be just one Darkest Lariat away.

It doesn’t feel like a small show, does it? Not quite Aberdeen Anarchy level, but maybe a Battle of the Nations. Even in the absence of Alex Webb and Air Myles, the current Tag Team Champions, the show might just be able to top Ellon 2022.

More Information

Doors: 6pm (VIP). 6.30pm (General). Bell time: 7pm (VIP). 7pm (General).

Tickets: Available here.

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