Preview: Insane Championship Wrestling (@InsaneChampWres) ‘The 11th Annual Square Go!’

By Louise Westie

The Insane Championship Wrestling 11th Annual Square Go is almost upon us and it is the first Square Go of the brand new ICW era, I’m hyped, the ICW Mafia are hyped, and all the boys and girls in the back are ready for a scrap!

Now for those that aren’t aware of how the Square Go works – 30 men or women from either the ICW roster or from any promotion will draw a random number and five of these wrestlers will walk out of the ring with ANY weapon of their choice. Now that weapon can literally be ANYTHING from a pool cue, a block of cheese, a steel chair, haggis.

Anything and I mean ANYTHING can be used as a weapon.

The only way to win is to be thrown over the top rope and BOTH feet must touch the floor, where the winner gets a briefcase with a contract for a title shot to any ICW Championship title and that winner of the briefcase can cash in on any champion, at any time, at any event of the selected winners choosing. Now BEFORE I get to the pre-show and the main card, I want to discuss the possible entrants.

Seeing as there are way too many people to mention who I could see turn up and win, and potentially walk away with the Square Go briefcase. Put it this way, I could write a chapter about the list of beyond 30 men or woman, I can actually see coming down the ramp, I’ve had to whittle it down to the final 13 (my lucky number) including my wildcard entrant.

Now the people I have chosen are people who I have selected that I think will have/had a big breakout year in 2022 and 2023 so far, and this is the pre-COVID generation and the newest generation of talent.

So, let’s take a look at the potential 13 participants.

Possible 2023 Square Go Participants
13. Noam Dar

A name that’s been rumoured to be thrown into the ring is Noam Dar.

Noam defeated the champion, at that time, Stevie Boy at the 9th Annual Square Go in 2020. With both NXT UK and the Covid-19 pandemic taking place, Noam held the title for 583 days and unfortunately couldn’t get a chance to defend his title properly within the allotted time period and had to unfortunately vacate his championship.

Since then, Noam hasn’t been seen or heard from, I can assume Noam is still currently, and the last, NXT UK Heritage Cup winner since he won the trophy from the current NXT Tag Team Champion Mark Coffey before NXT UK closed its doors for good.

Could Noam return and hold the keys to ICW’s future and get back the title that he never lost to begin

12. Dylan Thorn

Another name not to underestimate is Dylan Thorn.

Dylan Thorn was another one who had a break out year in 2022 from being the only champion in the Manifesto and having broken away from the Manifesto’s control, was the last man standing in his match with ADM earning the respect of the ICW Mafia.

Last year at the Square Go, Dylan won the Zero-G Championship, this year, Dylan wants to kick off this new era of ICW on his journey towards the World Heavyweight Championship. Last time Dylan was in The Garage, Dylan was the last man standing. This year, Dylan has sworn that he will be the last man standing when he wins the Square Go!

Dylan is also a former Zero-G Champion having faced Daz Black at Shug’s Hoose Party 7 and he currently has a pinfall victory against the #1 contender at the Square Go, Kenny Williams, thanks to the distraction by Leyton Buzzard.

Is there a World Heavyweight Championship match in his future? Dylan said that he doesn’t know. But one way to guarantee it, is by winning the Square Go.

11. JAXN

JAXN made his surprise, and long-awaited, comeback to ICW at Fear and Loathing at The Garage last year after a year long absence since losing the ICW World Heavyweight Championship to Kez Evans.

Since his return, JAXN has had two matches: the first being against Thatcher Wright in an open challenge and the second being against Aaron Echo, where, thanks to the interference of DCT “Jackie Polo“, Denise and KoE, cost JAXN his match and proceeded to take him out after and putting their hands on the boss, which resulted in “DCT “Jackie Polo” and Denise being suspended for a month.

JAXN also has unfinished business with “Jackie Polo” who, after being hit by Thatcher Wright’s book at Fear and Loathing XIII night one, before taking JAXN out with a polo mallet and costing him his title in the first place.

Could JAXN make another surprise comeback and pick-up where he left off and cost “Jackie Polo” his title opportunity? Personally, I would LOVE JAXN to come back as the “International Sex Hero” version of DCT (moustache and all), which would not only be hysterical, but karma for the real DCT if JAXN played him at his own game.

10. Charles Crowley

Another name that is on everyone’s lips and is my wildcard entrant, is the “Spectacular Twat” Charles Crowley.

ICW loves to throw surprises in the Square Go, what could be an even bigger surprise than a Spectacular Twat rolling into town…

This is another name in the wrestling business that keeps popping up constantly right now. I’ve always wanted to see Crowley make a name for himself in an ICW ring, popping up at wrestling promotions such as Progress, ROH and Wrestle Carnival, and would be an ideal fit for the insanity of ICW. I reckon he fits into the ICW family very easily.

Crowley recently shocked the wrestling world when he turned up at TNT Extreme Wrestling and, having won the Ignition Rumble, cashed in to become the new TNT Champion. He is also no stranger to appearing in Rumble matches and wherever Crowley goes, the internet literally blows up.

Could ICW go from Insane to Spectacular if Charles Crowley magically turned up with Alexxis Falcon by his side?

9. Levi

Towards the end of 2022 was a big breakout year for Levi, having gone from the prodigy of Sweeney, to having faced Aaron Echo at one of ICW’s biggest shows, to facing Thatcher Wright and winning the first ever IGPW Championship.

Levi recently faced both Daz Black and Luke Kyro to enter the Square Go at the #30 spot and Levi is fresh off his first title defence at the first IGPW of 2023 main event against Kenny Williams.

Can he keep up the momentum heading into the Square Go?

8. Liam Thomson

An old face from ICW’s past, and one I would love to see pop up again is “L.T. Degree” Liam Thompson.

Liam was a former tag team champion and a former Zero-G Champion and was part of a best of three series of Good Housekeeping matches against current NXT Tag Team Champion Wolfgang.

Thompson hasn’t been seen or heard from since the Lionheart League tournament where he unfortunately lost his spot in a match with Jack Jester due to injury during the 2020 closed door tapings.

This unfortunately had caused Liam to vacate his Zero-G championship which has been in hands such as Daz Black, Craig Anthony, Kez Evans and currently with the reigning champion Theo Doros.

Could Liam make a surprise comeback at the Square Go with sink in hand and win the title shot and claim back what he never really lost or could he go even higher and aim right for Leyton’s title?

7. Joe Hendry

Say his name and he appears … I believe in Joe Hendry!

Now, I know it is most unlikely, but anything can happen in a Square Go match and this is another name from ICW’s past who could appear and does have a LOT of history at ICW.

Joe Hendry has been making a name for himself outside of the UK and he’s been killing in the states as the current reigning and defending TNA Wrestling Digital Media Champion with a current reign 117+ days, having defeated Brian Myers for the title. Joe has also faced, Shera, Trent Seven, Amir Jordan, Moose, and recently Matt Cardona and is also the current Discovery Wrestling Y-Division Champion with a current reign of 1229+ days since defeating Joe Coffey in 2019, having faced the likes of Gene Munny, Andy Wild, BT Gunn and Theo Doros. Joe is also the last Fight Forever Men’s World Champion with a reign of 1531+ day since 2018.

In ICW’s history, the now current reigning and defending ICW World Heavyweight Champion Leyton Buzzard was once the former protegee of Joe Hendry that he appointed personally and Leyton was the one who ultimately sent Joe packing when Joe turned on his former protegee.

How interesting would it be if Joe Hendry made his ICW return with his manager Mister Manoval by his side to see his client get another title and make Joe Hendry #Hendry4belts?

6. Daz Black

Another potential winner is Daz Black.

Daz is a former two time Zero-G Champion having defeated Dylan Thorn in a ladder match at Shug’s Hoose Party 7.

Since losing the title at Fear and Loathing XIV to Theo Doros, Daz has faced the likes of “The East End Butcher” Sha Samuels. Daz recently won the number 30 spot at the January Fight Club tapings, having faced off against Levi and Luke Kyro.

However, Daz insisted that he won’t take any shortcuts to be a future champion and insisted that he will NOT be entering the Square Go at #30 but he WILL be entering the Square Go as #1!

Daz recently faced Sheik El Sham at the recent Fight Club Tapings, where Daz has said that he wants to win the hard way.

Will it be the Daz Black era if he manages to survive the 29 other competitors?

5. Che Monet

The Weapon of Sass-Destruction has arrived and it’s all about the glamorous Che Monet!

Che Monet steals the show before he even enters the ring and is a beloved fan favourite among the ICW Mafia – whether he is a heel or a face at any promotion you see him on – you love him either way, and he is a future champion.

Che also faced Andy Roberts where, due to an unfortunate loss to Andy, Andy went wild on Che and after their match, Che said that he’s been in this situation before – the veteran doesn’t get what he wants and wants to take it out on the newer generation – first with BT Gunn and now Andy Roberts and Che has had enough. Che says that he’s been underestimated the day he walked into ICW and vowed that things are going to change and he’s not messing around anymore. But not before Andy Roberts made the jump on Che Monet.

Having answered and defeated Thatcher Wright in an open challenge, Che Monet is one hell of a fierce fighter and will stand up to anyone who tries to put him down – male or female and won’t hesitate to add people to the kiss list when needed.

Wouldn’t it be even more Che-mazing if Che Monet won the Square Go 2023 and make 2023 the year of Monet and less sass and more destruction?

4. Jason Reed

“The Staunch Superstar” Jason Reed has been on a tear on ICW lately and defeated Andy Wild (now Roberts) in a best of three series and has faced Chris Bungard at ICW Barred inside the confines of a steel cage.

At the recent Fight Club tapings, Jason Reed faced the reigning and defending ICW World Heavyweight Championship Leyton Buzzard in NON-TITLE action, without Coach Trip by his side in a brilliant main event match that resulted in Jason scoring a pinfall against the current champion, thanks to the interference from replacement ref and Square Go number one contender Kenny Williams, after Leyton Buzzard accidentally took out the referee Thomas Kearins and Kenny replaced referee Sean McLaughlin thus resulting in Jason going through a table and Leyton being out through thumbtacks after being sprayed by Kenny’s black mist.

Jason is also scheduled to appear in the VIP early entry match against “The Bearded Outlaw” Stevie James where the winner will get the vacant #30 spot in the Square Go match. There is championship gold in his future, but will he be chanting “WATP” IF and when he wins the Square Go?

3. Molly Spartan

One of the most dominant and toughest females in the ICW women’s division and the current reigning and defending ICW Woman’s champion had an amazing 2022 from having won the ACME Comic Con Championship title last year, Molly was even an entrant in the 2022 Square Go herself.

It doesn’t matter who she steps into the ring with her: male, female, Tory, Molly will spear right through you.

A woman has never won the Square Go before in ICW, can Molly Spartan make Square Go history and become the first ever woman to win the ICW Square Go and remind everyone of their place in the ICW roster.

Whichever way you look at it, IF and that’s a massive IF, Molly loses her match to Rhio – could Molly re-enter the Square Go match and win her claim back to her throne or could the She-Wolves change course and go for the ICW Tag Team Championships instead with tag partner Kasey?

2. Sha Samuels

“The LuSha Butcher” Sha Samuels having recently returned to ICW in late 2022, Sha Samuels has faced BT Gunn, Jason Reed, “Jackie Polo” (the DCT Version) and Daz Black.

Way back during the closed-door tapings in 2021 before the even fans came back, Sha Samuels competed against other members of the ICW roster in a Lionheart League tournament – which Sha won and he won not only the Lionheart League trophy, but also a title match against ICW World Heavyweight Champion at that point in time – Noam Dar. But unfortunately, Sha didn’t get his title match.

Having defeated Stevie Boy for that trophy, Sha said that he hasn’t forgotten and neither have the ICW Mafia.

Sha Samuels said when he came back that he had some “loose ends” to tie up, now imagine if Sha Samuels wins the Square Go and calls in his claim for his title shot, doubling his chances of facing the man who Sha defeated in the Lionheart League – the current ICW World Heavyweight Champion Leyton Buzzard or could he go for Zero-G or even go for another shot at the ICW Tag Team titles with the current King of Insanity Jack Jester?

1. Andy Roberts

Since turning against Martin Kirby during the December Fight Club tapings, Andy Wild has been reborn as Andy Roberts and from what I’ve seen – I love this new version of him and it’s been long overdue. Just in time for this new era of ICW, Andy has made it clear that he’s not doing it for the fans anymore, he’s doing it for himself. This is not the Andy we know, looks like Andy, sounds like Andy, but this is a totally different reincarnation of the person that he was and this change has been long overdue and probably the best thing he’s ever done going forward.

In ICW’s early years, Andy Wild was a former Zero-G Champion, but he has never won the Square Go briefcase. The Square Go hasn’t been in Andy’s favour the past few years, having fallen at the last hurdle. With a new look, new entrance music, a new attitude, and a brand-new bad ass personality, Andy Wild may be gone, but Andy Roberts is here to stay and he is putting the whole ICW roster on notice and he’s already made a start with Martin Kirby and has started taking it out on the next generation – starting with Che Monet.

With Andy Wild taking on James Mason at his own promotion at FPWA in a traditional British Rounds match for the UEWA title, having gone against the current reigning ICW World Heavyweight Champion Leyton Buzzard in a 60-minute Iron Man match, where Leyton got the win, could Andy get revenge on the champion by ripping the ICW World title away from him in a traditional British rounds match or even another 60-minute Iron Man match or even a title for title match with both belts on the line?

the match card

Before the show, we have two early entry matches. Over the course of the January shows, ICW held a set of tournament matches, welcoming four new debuts to the ICW family – the first one being Leon Graves vs Landon Riley and Ryan Richards vs Drew Mercury – with Ryan and Landon winning their matches where they will face off in the Square Go early entry match and the winner of that match will be entered into the Square Go that same evening.

pre-show matches
VIP Early Entry Match – Square Go! Entrant Tournament Final – Ryan Richards vs Landon Riley

One of the new names to arrive at ICW is “The Supreme” Ryan Richards. Ryan has been making a name for himself at various promotions such as Discovery Wrestling, Source, Reckless Intent, Wrestling Experience Scotland, and recently made his ICW debut against Drew Mercury. Richards, who is also one of the standout students of Joe Hendry but will it be all about the money if Ryan manages to win against Landon?

Landon Riley is one of the newest faces to make his ICW debut and he was against Stevie James, who praised his opponent after the match by saying the passion and fire that he saw in himself, he saw in Landon and Landon didn’t let the opportunity slip through his fingers and that he deserved it – thus earning Stevie James’s and the ICW Mafia’s respect.

Prediction – This is a really difficult one for me to choose from as I’ve only seen them at least once and they’ve only just debuted for the main ICW roster, BUT I have watched various matches from multiple promotions and online promos. If I had to pick ONE, my guess is it would probably be Landon Riley.

VIP Early Entry Match – Winner Enters the Square Go! Match at #30 – Jason Reed vs Stevie James

Jason Reed has quite a lucky streak going on right now in ICW and with Coach Trip by his side to watch Jason succeed, this could be a very easy night’s work for Jason if he wins not only the pre-show, but the Square Go as well.

Stevie James on the other hand is a GPWA original and he is not only a former tag team champion and winner of the Tag Team of Insanity, he is one of the first King of Hawners Champions and last year main evented one of ICW’s biggest shows ICW Fear and Loathing XIV against Kez Evans, Leyton Buzzard, and Craig Anthony.

Prediction – Now this early entry match has a special stipulation – the winner of this match gets the newly vacant #30 spot in the Square Go match – so the chances of whoever wins this could potentially be an easy night or a tough one. So, this could go either way for me on who wins as I genuinely can’t call the winner of this match either.

Main Show
ICW Tag Team Championships – KoE (Adam King & Marcus King) (c) vs The Young Team (Logan Smith & Jimmy Pierce)

KOE are one of the most popular wrestling tag teams in the UK wrestling scene at the present time with a reign of
88+ days so far.

They are currently under the remade version of Polo Promotions and they are putting their ICW Tag Team Titles on the line against a team that they simply can’t get rid of – The Young Team, Logan Smith and Jimmy Pierce.

Having won the tag team titles at ICW: Fear and Loathing XIV against The Glasgow Grindhouse (Lou King Sharp & Krieger), KOE have even placed their titles on the line at FPWA against The Woke Academy (Robbie Balfour & Ross Hunter). Further title defences include the team of Casino Brutale (Mikey Devine & Rabu Romero), recently debuted Arcade Violence (AC Anderson & Jake Lawless), among many more from the tag division.

Now The Young Team on the other hand have under the guidance of The Wee Man, who is their manager and manager of former tag team champions including The Bucky Boys, and POD – Ashton Smith and Rampage Brown. have been doing so well and have faced KOE throughout various promotions.

Prediction – I think it’s going to be KOE. Both teams have been killing it up and down in the UK and they also have an ongoing rivalry at Iron Girders. With Polo Promotions and Denise on one side in KOE’s corner and the manager of champions The Wee Man in the Young Team’s corner, all I can say is “expect chaos – ICW style!”

ICW Women’s World Championship – Molly Spartan (c) vs Rhio

Molly has been the reigning and defending ICW Woman’s World Champion for a grand total of 298+ days and counting since defeating Angel Hayze at ICW Barred II. She has faced the likes of Daisy Jenkins, Lana Austin, and Session Moth Martina at Shug’s House Party 7.

She has also put her title on the line against Regina Rosendahl at FCF Northern Queens and even faced her own She-Wolves tag team partner Kasey Owens at ICW Fear and Loathing XIV.

At the start of the year, after a successful defeat against Daisy Jenkins, Molly issued an open challenge to literally anyone in the world and it was Rhio who answered. After defeating Molly’s tag team partner Kasey in a two out of three falls match, Rhio took to the mic and reminds everyone that she has beaten pretty much everyone since debuting in 2021 and has her sights on the shiny new ICW Woman’s World Championship.

Although every time Rhio goes for it, it’s the She-Wolves that get in her way, whether it be Molly OR Kasey. Now Rhio doesn’t want to keep running around in circles with the She-Wolves and is adamant that she will be the one winning at the Square Go!

After Ellie Armstrong and Rhio’s defeat at the hands of The She-Wolves, Molly took to the microphone and talked about the first time herself and Rhio crossed paths – in some dingy warehouse where they had to operate their own smoke machine and to step over gym mats to get into the ring etc.

On that day, Molly saw someone across the ring that was her equal and had to fight for everything that they ever succeeded for – just like her. Molly had to put the message out to the world because Rhio had been killing it in Japan and she had to put her message out to the world and Molly wanted to make sure that message reached Rhio and at the Square Go, Rhio was going to know her place.

Prediction – I’m going to say Molly. Nothing against Rhio at all as Rhio could take Molly to the absolute limit, but personally I can’t see anyone taking the title off Molly anytime soon. Both these women have faced each other at multiple promotions and this could be another banger of a match.

ICW Zero G Championship – Theo Doros (c) vs Saqib Ali

Theo Doros has been the Zero- G Champion for 88 days, having faced Daz Black at Fear and Loathing XIV for the title and claims he is “ICW’s Saviour” and wants to make ICW more “traditional”. Including terms of a 20 count and time limits for matches (which works perfectly) and applying traditional wrestling rules.

Despite the “rules” Theo has enforced, over the course of his reign, Theo himself has not kept to the rules, having resorted to desperate measures to keep his Zero-G title with cheating in his matches.

Saqib has yet to pick up a title at ICW and under the guidance of Manager Chris Toal, he has the ability to do that and earned the right to be the #1 contender to the Zero- G title having won it fairly at ICW Fear and Loathing XIV in a six-man-ladder match.

Unfortunately, due to injury that occurred at the last Fight Club taping at the hands of Theo, it looks like Toal will be out of action and unable to assist Saqib.

Prediction – I would love Saqib to win this, but I think it will be Theo. Only because I think “Theo’s Law” as everyone calls it, is going to get lifted one day. Theo won the right to enforce the rules in a match against Ravie Davie at ICW Fear and Loathing XVIII at the Barrowlands in 2021. I think the “rules” will be lifted at ICW Get The F#### Out on May 14th where every match WILL get a stipulation. IF and that’s a big IF Theo is still champion by then and as we’re in a new era, I can feel the words “fuck the rules!” coming into play.

ICW World Heavyweight Championship – Leyton Buzzard (c) vs Kenny Williams

The feud began when Kenny made his long awaited ICW comeback, after two years away, not as “The Lucky Yin” but as “The Scum of the Earth.” with his old NXT UK gimmick. Kenny has chosen his target in the ICW World Heavyweight Champion Leyton Buzzard and sprayed black mist onto Buzzard during Leyton’s celebration.

Leyton has said that if Kenny wanted a shot – he had to earn it and can get to the back of the line, as far as Leyton was concerned Kenny hasn’t earned anything. Kenny paid a visit to ICW management and he told the ICW Mafia that per his new contract agreement which has perks and clauses that he can activate at any given time and if Leyton Buzzard lays a finger on Kenny, Kenny himself will receive a shot at Leyton’s title.

Now during Leyton’s first title defence against LJ Cleary, Kenny came out dressed as Leyton Buzzard and joined commentary. After the match, tried to get Leyton to give him a smack, with LJ Cleary applying the punch. Kenny retaliated and made their feud a whole lot more personal when he issued an open challenge and called out Anastasia (who is Leyton’s partner) knowing that she was backstage and that Leyton was getting ready for a title match that evening.

Anastasia was challenged to a one arm tied behind your back match (Anastasia only) which ended with Leyton coming to the rescue. Kenny threatened to hurt Anastasia with a kendo stick – unless Leyton gave Kenny a title match – and Leyton agreed. This caused Leyton’s title match to be cancelled.

During a main event of Aaron Echo and Stevie James, the two were brawling at ringside which resulted in a tag team match main event where Kenny cost Leyton and Stevie by spraying black mist at Stevie with Echo taking the pin.

This didn’t sit well with Leyton and during Kenny’s match with Daz Black at the following tapings, Leyton got revenge on Kenny by coming out as the 2015 version of Kenny Williams causing Daz to get the first pinfall against Kenny.

Kenny one upped Buzzard by taking the place of the senior referee Thomas Kearins after Leyton accidentally took out the referee mid match and then took out Sean McLaughlin. Kenny then aided Jason Reed in getting his first pinfall against the current champion in non-title action by spraying Leyton with the black mist and helping Jason powerbomb Leyton into thumbtacks.

Their feud goes a lot further than people think. Way back in late 2019-2020 before lockdown occurred, Leyton was the Zero-G Champion when he defeated Liam Thompson for the title. Leyton faced TK Cooper and then faced Kenny Williams at ICW Gonzo 3, and Leyton then lost the Zero-G title at The 9th Annual Square Go. It looked like their feud wasn’t over.

Prediction – I’m going to say Leyton. Leyton is having a great run as a champion right now with a grand total of 88 days now, by following Drew Galloway’s footsteps by defending his ICW World Championship all over the globe (Milan, Barcelona, Ontario, Stockholm, Dublin) the list goes on and one week into his title reign, Leyton had loads of title defences.

Leyton is also now a double champion having become the new Irish Junior Heavyweight Champion having recently defeated Flamboyant Fabio at Fight Factory Pro Wrestling. Leyton also took part in the King of Insanity against BT Gunn, so imagine what Leyton could do to put Kenny away.

More Information

Doors Open: 6.30pm. Bell Time: 7pm.

Tickets: Available here.

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