Preview: Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum (@FPWAsylum) ‘vs New Wave Wrestling Academy’ (2 Mar 2023)

By Louise Westie

FPWA is back with the first show of 2023 and are taking on New Wave Wrestling Academy – students who are under the training and tutelage of NXT UK’s Wild Boar.

Two of the UK’s top Pro Wrestling training schools and promotions are set to go head-to-head in FPWA’s first instalment of 2023 shows which will see them face some of the top talent in the world!

New Wave Wrestling Academy (NWW) formally known as Dragon Pro, Wales’ top company, will be represented by former WWE NXT UK Stars Wild Boar and Dani Luna, British cruiserweight sensation Nico Angelo and highly decorated tag-team The Greedy Souls. These are names I’ve heard (but not seen live yet) who have been popping up recently at various promotions across the UK and are names you’ll be hearing a lot more often.

Andy Roberts has been training the next generation and has produced talent such as Tommy Kartel, Lexi Kimbo, Daisy Jenkins, Johnny Reeves, Brent Carter, Tallon JR, the Woke Academy and Frank Gallo who are ready to show the wrestling scene what they can do in 2023.

Jason Reed vs Frank Gallo

The Staunch Superstar Jason Reed takes on Frank Gallo in singles action!

Jason turned up at FPWA fishing for a fight for the upcoming show and proclaimed that there was nobody in the building that was ‘Crazy Enough’ to take him on and issued out an open challenge to anyone in the wrestling scene. Jason may have bitten off more than he can chew here as Frank Gallo was the one who answered!

Not much is known about mysterious Frank Gallo, who recently appeared at an Iron Girders show last year coming to the aid of Woke Academy and Frank even made Thatcher Wright tap out on the first ever FPWA show ‘A Night at the Wrestling’ when Frank answered Thatcher’s open challenge!

This will be an interesting match up and I’m curious to see how this one will play out. This will be Frank Gallo’s official FPWA debut in one on one in singles action and Jason is a top tier main event talent who could main event anywhere right now, but what will Jason do to prove he’s simply the best?

Fatal 5ife Way – Tommy Kartel (c) vs Ashley Vega vs Zach Swift vs Shaheen vs Levi Justice

A match that was created by FPWA to find Fife’s Hardest Person and it’s a great way of showcasing the next generation of talent from various promotions all over the country.

For those who aren’t aware on how the Fatal 5ife Way works: five competitors (men or women), two will start the match, with an additional competitor entering the match every few minutes until all five wrestlers are in the ring. No DQs, no count outs, and no rope breaks. The only way to win is either by KO, pinfall or submission and a win can happen at any time from the first bell.

So far FPWA’s own, Tommy Kartel, has taken the crown every single time and has even faced off against the likes of Iron Girders’ Moxie Malone, Leyton Buzzard, FPWA’s Tallon JR, Hunter Samson, Johnny Lions, Craig Berry, and wildcard’s Judas Grey and LJ Cleary.

Tommy won the first ever FPWA Rumble during the FPWA Family Wrestling Show, where Tommy defeated “The Oddity” BT Gunn that same day. Can he keep his crown in the Kingdom after battling the next round of contenders to the title?

Entrant #2 is Ashley Vega is the first to throw her wrestling boots into the ring after beating four different woman that FPWA have thrown at her and in Ashley’s own words “hard men don’t last long around her.” as Ashley can hang with the best of them and has her sight on being the Hardest Woman in Fife!

Entrant #3 is the debuting Zach Swift and has made it clear to everyone that that he’s not entering to become the Hardest Person in Fife… he is entering the Fatal 5ife Way to END the Hardest Man in Fife!

Entrant #4 is the UAE star Shaheen. Now the United Arab Emirates’ hottest rising star is coming all the way from “the City of Gold” to the “Kingdom of Fife” and the most well-travelled wrestler in the world is travelling not only to make an impression, but to shut one person up and that person is Tommy Kartel. Shaheen warns Tommy that he may have stepped into the ring with other people to earn the title of the hardest man in Scotland, but when he steps into the ring with him, Shaheen wants to see how long Tommy lasts.

Entrant #5 the fifth and final entry is Levi. Representing Iron Girders, Levi is the first ever IGPW Champion, having won the title at the end of 2022 and fresh off a title defence against “The Lucky Yin” Kenny Williams, Levi is coming to FPWA to and has said that Tommy Kartel has been running away from a fight unlike him. Levi doesn’t walk away from a fight – he faces it head on and that’s why he is the current IGPW Champion and every time you step in the ring with Levi, you realise he’s the man that you can’t keep down. Levi is the man you can’t kill and on March 2nd, Levi is coming to make sure that Tommy knows that he can’t kill Levi. Can Levi take back “The Hardest Person In Fife” title with him to Glasgow?

Daisy Jenkins vs Dani Luna

Ahead of their match, Daisy sent a message to her opponent, since the inception of FPWA, Daisy has battled through a fatal four way and already proven that she can beat the odds, by picking up the first win of her career against Ashley Vega, even with an injured arm.

But somehow after all of that, Daisy’s biggest challenge is still on the horizon when she steps toe to toe with the best in the country in Dani Luna. Daisy knows what Dani has probably heard about her – potential, one to watch. That’s what people say when they see her step into a ring. But they weren’t just stepping into any ring – but an FPWA ring – and what Daisy sees when she steps into an FPWA ring is her blood, sweat and tears, and her heart, and her soul. Dani wanted a challenge of someone worthy enough to step to and Daisy promised and she needs to prove that she is the real deal and not just potential.

Dani replied back about how Daisy had a lot to say about who she’s beat in FPWA and good for her, pat on the back and at the end of the day, it wasn’t quite the same as beating her. Dani acknowledged how far in Daisy’s career was, but at the end of the day, when Daisy steps into the ring with her, Daisy is going to find out why they call Dani Luna “the inevitable.”

Both known for their unorthodox style, will it be the more experienced Luna that picks up the win or Jenkins who is having an incredible run on her rookie year?

Tallon Jr vs Nico Angelo

This could be match of the night as high flyers Nico Angelo and Tallon Jr face off in singles action.

Tallon Jr is one of the many names to have walked through FPWA’s doors and has also appeared at various promotions such as ICW, Discovery, and SWA alongside his FPWA colleagues and recently took part in the last Fatal 5ife Way. Can Talon pick up the big win against Nico and steal the show in the process?

Nico Angelo however is a former SSW Openweight Champion, a former Attack! 24:7 Champion, 29 years old, 5′ 8″ with 6 years in the business and making a name for himself at TNT, PCW, and Progress Wrestling and various other promotions. Will he fly high over Tallon Jr?

The Woke Academy (Robbie Balfour & Ross Hunter) vs The Greedy Souls (Brendan White & Danny Jones)

Now, this is a big one for The Woke Academy as this is the chance for them as this is no longer about proving themselves and wrestling in their home town, this is about proving themselves to the best tag teams in British wrestling.

The first time they wrestled the Greedy Souls, it didn’t go their way and it’s a whole lot different now – they’ve grown as a team and have come a lot further. The Woke Academy have proved that they can hang with the best of them since FPWA started running in Truth – they proved that since beating the Big Boys On Campus, they wrestled KoE for the ICW Tag Team Championships and they came up just short. The Woke Academy called The Greedy Souls the best tag team in Britain, and all they have to do is prove they can hang with him and guess what? They can!

The Greedy Souls response to this was that they claim to have the better mindset leading up to their match against The Woke Academy. That they were more than ready and The Woke Academy are simply happy to be there. They told them the tag teams they have wrestled and reminds them that The Woke Academy are wrestling the best tag team in the country today and that’s the difference between them and if they come in with that attitude, they’ll be called “Sleeping on the Canvas Academy” and to change their mindset – otherwise they’ll go straight to sleep!

Can the hometown boys show them that they can be “happy to be there” AND take the win? Or will the more experienced duo prove their point?

UEWA European Heavyweight Championship – Andy Roberts vs Wild Boar

It’s Coach vs Coach as FPWA’s Head Coach Andy Roberts takes own New Wave’s Coach Wild Boar for the UEWA Heavyweight Championship!

Originally the UEWA Heavyweight Championship was NOT supposed to be put on the line, however, a promo from Wild Boar calling Andy “a coward” and saying he didn’t even see the point in coming up there to be honest and that they both know where the talent in the UK comes from and that it was not from a second-rate professional wrestling school in Fife!

Boar went on further to say that his performance centre at NWW was a performance centre and is not like the one Andy has and Boar said that he knows Andy is scared and that he doesn’t want to let the fans down, his students down and that his family will also be in attendance and doesn’t want them to find out the truth – that he is a second-rate professional wrestler and challenged Andy to put the UEWA Heavyweight Championship on the line and to prove him wrong!

This hit a raw nerve with Andy, who heard what he said and retaliated by admitting that Boar was right – Andy was scared because he devoted his life to professional wrestling having missed numerous events after 17 years of wrestling at 34 years old and may have to wake up one morning to the realisation that he may never get the notoriety that Boar has and may never get the big contract that Boar had and that disgusted Andy. But there was one thing that Andy has been doing the last 17 years and that’s dominating the European wrestling scene and he has the UEWA Heavyweight Championship title to prove it!

Andy accepted Wild Boar’s challenge for a title shot and he’s got it. But not before Andy issued a warning – if he thinks he’s going to come to Fife, Andy’s place, to his territory where Andy is the man and try to embarrass him in front of Andy’s family and friends, then he’s going to quickly find out the difference between Andy Wild and Andy Roberts!

Andy Roberts is currently the longest reigning UEWA Heavyweight Championship in history with a grand total of 1311 days and counting, having won the vacant title against Alexander Dean and BT Gunn in July 2019 at Pro Wrestling Elite’s 8th Anniversary Show, having defended it at 7 promotions since then, having recently defeated James Mason at FPWA to retain his title.

Wild Boar, who has been wrestling since 2009, is not to be underestimated at all, as he is a multiple tag team champion at various promotions including ICW, Evolution, Dragon Pro and was a 5x Attack! 24:7 champion and a former SWA, PW4U, KPW, Attack! And All Wales champion. Could he add the UEWA title to his list of accomplishments?

But who will win? There is only one way to find out ….

More Information

Doors Open: 6pm. Bell Time: 6.30pm.

Tickets: Available here.

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