Behind The Art #29: Top 5 with Brodie Adler

By The Masked Embroiderer

5 pieces of wrestling art chosen by a member of our Scottish Wrestling community. 

This time with…

Brodie Adler
Photo credit David J Wilson

Right….. This has taken me an unprecedented amount of time, to the point where, I would be swearing at me for ghosting if I was SWN, but their patience knows no bounds, and I always stick to my word when I say I will do something, no matter how much time I have given up for family, the sleepless nights, the mental breakdowns and the near running away from home because I wanted this list to be a dullion.

So here it is, my Behind the Art, top 5 (lol, just wait) pieces of wrestling Art (in no particular order because gosh this was brutal). 

Bearhug Designs – More specifically, Fierce Females – Disgusting Animals

I wanted to pick a poster for this list because some of the wrestling posters kicking about Scotland now are absolute belters.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a hummin poster too for the wrong reasons, but that’s not why we are here! Bearhug Designs are responsible for so many amazing posters in Scottish wrestling that this was actually so difficult to choose just one, but I knew what I had to go with.

Last year, each show I admired the posters of Combat League Wrestling as everyone was awesome, my personal favourite being the Monster Mash Poster (No, it’s not because I was front and centre for that one!). Bearhug have done some really amazing designs in the way of posters, merchandise, logos and wrestling gear, but my choice for this one wasn’t just about how cool the poster was, but a big part being the story behind it.

The FF show previous to this ‘Winter Queens’ had posters put up throughout the city, and a picture surfaced online of one which had been vandalised as a super smart and sophisticated person decided to pen ‘Disgusting Animals’ across it. Even though the sentiment itself was quite obviously gross as hell, Fierce Females ran with it and decided to name the next show Disgusting Animals, having Bearhug use the exact font and scribble used on the vandalised poster.

I just remember how awesome a reaction this was, and rather than take this to heart and feel wronged, FF used their rebellious streak as a way of sweet revenge. There are so many awesome posters and pieces of work by Bearhug, but this is absolutely my favourite.

Charles Crowley- Trickster, Scamp, Twat.

I am a big fan of Charles Crowley. His in ring work is always so fun to watch, tagging with Clementine in BDSM and releasing some awesome videos (and cool as heck t shirts!) to his work in front of and behind the camera in his many works on YouTube. If I could choose Crowley as a piece of art in general for this article, I absolutely would, but alas, I feel I should be more specific.

(A side note, Charles Crowley has the best entrance in wrestling right now, and it was pretty tough to choose between the entrance and my actual entry, because that tune bops and that man can dance!)

I wanted to make this very much a Scottish Wrestling based list, but I couldn’t not include You Are Cordially Invited. Created by Crowley using numerous British wrestlers such as Session Moth, Kanji, Mad Kurt, Elijah, Visage, Big Guns Joe, Cara Noir and many more. This would release at the end of 2020, which as I’m sure you remember was a hell of a challenging year.  I don’t think I could begin to do this short movie justice. It’s mental, it’s funny, it. is. art.

Who doesn’t love wrestlers battering each other senseless? If I mention anything else I honestly think I will ruin the magic of it, so seriously, just go check it out yourself, it’s awesome.

Stand-out matches –  Wolfgang vs Liam Thomson – Good Housekeeping

There are obviously a million awesome matches in Scottish wrestling to choose from, but the Good Housekeeping matches ALWAYS stuck out in my head.

I was in attendance for the first GH match, and it was just mental. The sink, the washing machine, egg fights, flour and the finish… the finish was so good. I’m not going to give it away, it’s on YouTube, do your thing. 

I love a good wrestling match that brings in loads of fun and laughs with it, so this was right up my street. I don’t think I can say a whole load else on it, other than just go watch it for yourself! 

Joe Hendry – Jack Jester’s in My Room

I had to have a Joe Hendry song in here, how could I not?

It was choosing the song which was the issue, which is fine, because it meant I got to go listen to a bunch of them. It was tough, but my favourite has to be his Venga Boys entrance for Jack Jester at ICW Fight Club.

This song is one of those earworms that from time to time, out of absolutely nowhere, gets stuck in my head, so I felt this choice was a no brainer.

Special mentions go to Hendry Ball, Mr Anderson’s Pokémon Entrance (naturally) and of course, his rendition of Seven Nation Army for Lionheart and Liam Thomson.

Trial & Tribulations of Pro Wrestler Grado 

I remember this coming out when I was still just getting into wrestling and I thought it was so funny, it proper cracked me up.  However, this was at a time where I didn’t quite understand the references and gags in it, so when I went back and watched it years later, after watching certain other documentaries and knowing who other people were, I honestly cried with laughter. It’s awesome.

I’m a big fan of Grado. Always loved his matches, loved his videos and loved him in the numerous BritWres documentary’s. This is just such a good video on so many levels.

I imagine there aren’t many Scottish wrestling fans who haven’t seen this, but if you are one of the many few who have not, get it sorted, get in YouTube yesterday and watch it.

Hope you enjoyed! 


Always love the effort Brodie puts in. Thank you Brodie. Another fine set of top picks.

If you want to find out more about Brodie check out her social media pages below.

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