*SPOILERS* Full Results: World Wide Wrestling League (@W3LWrestling) ‘Remedy’ (24 Feb 2023)

The following results are from World Wide Wrestling League’s ‘Remedy’ event at the Buckhaven Community Centre in Buckhaven, Scotland on February 24th, 2023:

*SPOILERS ahead for a future W3L Network release and W3L Wrestling Showdown episode*

Wrestling Showdown Bonus Match – Tom Fulton defeated Nico Narciso by pinfall.

W3L Wrestling Showdown Championship | W3L Tag Team Championships – Winner Takes All – Ladder Match – Craig Stephens defeated Saqib Ali to retain the W3L Wrestling Showdown Championship and gain sole possession of the W3L Tag Team Championships.

Leo Ironside assisted Craig Stephens to win the match.

TJ Rage & Krieger defeated The Tormentor & Xero by pinfall.

W3L Women’s Championship – Falls Count Anywhere – Brodie Adler defeated Emily Hayden by referee stoppage to WIN the W3L Women’s Championship.

Irn Dru Marshall defeated Leo Ironside by pinfall.

W3L Heavyweight Championship – Triple Threat – Taylor Bryden defeated Mr Tim Strange, and Hugo Harris by pinfall to retain the W3L Heavyweight Championship.

Our thanks to Joe Fordyce for the results.

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