Full Results: Insane Championship Wrestling (@InsaneChampWres) ‘The 11th Annual Square Go!’ (26 Feb 2023)

The following results are from Insane Championship Wrestling’s ‘The 11th Annual Square Go!’ event at The Garage in Glasgow on February 26th, 2023:

VIP Early Entry Match – Square Go! Entrant Tournament Final – Landon Riley defeated Ryan Richards by pinfall to earn entry to the Square Go! match.

VIP Early Entry Match – Winner Enters the Square Go! Match at #30 – Stevie James defeated Jason Reed by pinfall to enter the Square Go! match at #30.

Reed hit James with a chair after the match. Coach Trip used the chair to hit the arm of Stevie James while Jason Reed held it down.

ICW Tag Team Championships – KoE (Adam King & Marcus King) w/Denise defeated The Young Team (Logan Smith & Jimmy Pierce) w/The Wee Man by pinfall to retain the ICW Tag Team Championships.

ICW Women’s World Championship – Rhio defeated Molly Spartan by pinfall to WIN the ICW Women’s World Championship.

Moxie Malone, Grant McIvor, and Eddie Castle of The Manifesto appeared mid-match with a battered Kasey. McIvor and Castle set up a table at ringside but were knocked down by Rhio and Spartan.

Simon Cassidy announced that Saqib Ali had not arrived to the building and the ICW Zero G Championship would not be defended.

After Theo Doros appeared and gloated, Saqib Ali appeared.

ICW Zero G Championship – Saqib Ali defeated Theo Doros by pinfall to WIN the ICW Zero G Championship.

ICW World Heavyweight Championship – Leyton Buzzard defeated Kenny Williams by pinfall to retain the ICW World Heavyweight Championship.

Mark Dallas makes his way to the ring and announces that from March 1st ICW will air weekly on FITE+ with events such as Fear & Loathing streaming live.

Square Go! Match – Aaron Echo last eliminated Stevie James to win the Square Go! briefcase.

Entry Order:

  1. Daz Black
  2. Dylan Thorn
  3. Levi
  4. Andy Roberts
  5. Eddie Castle with Kendo Stick
  6. Landon Riley
  7. Grant McIvor
  8. Moxie Malone
  9. Kasey
  10. Ian Skinner
  11. Charlie Vyce
  12. Alexander Darwin MacAllan
  13. “Jackie Polo” with Polo Mallet and Stool
  14. Luke Kyro
  15. Coach Trip
  16. JAXN
  17. Denise
  18. Jason Reed
  19. Krieger
  20. Chris Bungard
  21. Thatcher Wright
  22. Paul Craig
  23. Aaron Echo
  24. Ashton Smith
  25. Lou King Sharp with a Life Sized Cut Out of Danny DeVito
  26. Sheikh El Sham
  27. Grado with Bumbag
  28. Angel Hayze with Belt
  29. Che Monet
  30. Stevie James

Elimination Order:

  1. Landon Riley by Andy Roberts
  2. Levi by Andy Roberts
  3. Kasey by Alexander Darwin MacAllan
  4. Dylan Thorn by Alexander Darwin MacAllan
  5. Grant McIvor by Alexander Darwin MacAllan
  6. Eddie Castle by Alexander Darwin MacAllan
  7. Moxie Malone by Alexander Darwin MacAllan
  8. Alexander Darwin MacAllan by himself.
  9. Denise by JAXN
  10. “Jackie Polo” by JAXN
  11. Ian Skinner by Jason Reed
  12. Charlie Vyce by Andy Roberts
  13. Coach Trip by Krieger
  14. Luke Kyro by Aaron Echo
  15. JAXN by Aaron Echo
  16. Thatcher Wright by Paul Craig
  17. Paul Craig by Chris Bungard
  18. Chris Bungard by Krieger
  19. Lou King Sharp by Krieger
  20. Krieger by Aaron Echo
  21. Andy Roberts by Che Monet
  22. Sheikh El Sham by Stevie James
  23. Ashton Smith by Stevie James
  24. Grado by Jason Reed
  25. Che Monet by Aaron Echo
  26. Angel Hayze by Aaron Echo
  27. Daz Black by Aaron Echo
  28. Jason Reed by Stevie James
  29. Stevie James by Aaron Echo

Sweeney came out after the match and attacked Aaron Echo.

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