Preview: Combat League Wrestling (@CombatLeagueW) ‘House Champion Tournament’ (25 Mar 2023)

CLW House Championship Semi-Final – House Raven’s Lucha DS vs House Wildcat’s Angel Hayze

As is now tradition, House Champion will open with the Lucha DS Wildcat Wildcard Invitational. For those of you who missed the WarGames Rumble, I shall explain, but you should also go and check out my articles on that event.

Rather than the norm of having three permanent members of their House this season their Captain Logan Smith has decided to bring in a different wrestler for each show. Lucha DS decided to throw the gauntlet down upon hearing this and challenged each of the Wildcat Wildcards to take him on and Smith accepted.

Logan Smith has plucked a big name from his list of contacts in the form of former NXT UK Superstar Angel Hayze as Lucha’s next test. Just to make the stakes in this match even higher than them simply battling for House points both Raven and Wildcat have selected these wrestlers as their participants in the House Championship tournament. The Championship has eluded Lucha DS since CLW started and Hayze will be looking to become the first female House Champion in company history so get yourselves to the Legion on March 25th to see who punches their ticket to the main event.

CLW House Championship Semi-Final – House Wolf’s Taylor Vite vs House Stag’s Derren J. Blair

The second Semi-Final will see ‘The Wildcard’ Derren J. Blair take on the returning ‘Tactician’ Taylor Vite who has finally decided to grace the people of Thurso with his presence this year after refusing to compete at the WarGames Rumble event. The former Champion was furious that his title was vacated at the end of 2022 (despite this being made very clear to all the wrestlers at the start of the season) and he even got his lawyers involved.

Thankfully the dispute between Taylor and CLW seems to have been resolved and he will be looking to become a two-time House Champion on March 25th. Blair will be hoping that all of the time, effort and resources that Taylor Vite has been using to fight CLW Management will have taken away from his preparation to face ‘The Wildcard’ and might end up costing him at the first hurdle. Unlike his opponent, Derren competed at WarGames Rumble and picked up a win over Struan to build some momentum going into this match.

While, naturally, ‘The Tactician’ will provide a more experienced a cunning opponent this time around for Derren it doesn’t change the fact that winning is a good habit and he will be looking to continue this all the way to the CLW House Championship.

House Raven’s Lad Chapman & Connor Rose vs House Stag’s Arkham & Albion de Quincey

This a contest that is all about House points and pits two tag teams who had contrasting fortunes at WarGames Rumble. When it was announced that Chapman and Rose would be tagging together it felt ominous for the rest of the roster but they were cheated out of a debut win thanks to the heinous actions of their opponents Brodie Adler and more shockingly, their former House Captain from last year, Glen Dunbar. While on the other hand a few eyebrows were raised at the pairing of Arkham and de Quincey due to their heated rivalry last season.

Many wondered if they would be able to function as a tag team but they blew expectations out of the water at WarGames Rumble. The Stag’s looked like they had been teaming for years and scored a decisive submission victory over Wildcat’s Logan Smith and RJ Cash.

Can Lad Chapman and Connor Rose get their season back on track for House Raven or will Arkham and Albion de Quincey continue their impressive work as a cohesive unit? This match alone could be worth the admission fee so make sure you don’t miss it.

House Wolf’s Brodie Adler & Glen Dunbar vs House Wildcat’s Logan Smith & RJ Cash

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if these four have a competition to see who can get booed the loudest during this match. All four of these wrestlers have done some despicable things during their time in CLW and as a result this match could descend into chaos. On one side you have Glen Dunbar in his familiar House Wolf but thanks to the influence of ‘The Dynamite’ Brodie Adler this is far from the man we grew to love last season. I remember as he walked out for the WarGames Rumble Match to a chorus of boos in January after brutalising his former teammates with a foreign object earlier in the night, I heard him saying to himself how much he had missed this.

If that was what he was willing to do to his former friends then what on earth does he have in store for Smith and Cash? This is even before we factor in the fact that Brodie Adler has had a lot more time to bring Dunbar round to her own way of thinking. We’re only in March and already she has a victory in CLW alongside Dunbar as well as title victories in FCW and W3L to her name this year. House Wolf look like they are going to be very difficult to stop once again in 2023.

The two men who will be trying to do so at House Champion are the odd couple of CLW. It was a mixed bag for Logan and RJ last time out as while they lost their match to Arkham and Albion de Quincey (they actually both tapped out) the pair also went on to work together well as a pairing in the Main Event and were the last two wrestlers standing in the WarGames Rumble match to claim the points for House Wildcat.

If they are hoping to get their first tag team win under their belts it is imperative that they use what they learned in January keep racking up points if they want to end the season as the victorious House.

More Information

Show Date: Saturday 25th March 2023
Location: The Royal British Legion, Thurso
Doors: 6.00pm
Bell time: 6:30pm
Tickets: Message CLW’s Facebook Page

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