The State Of Play In Scottish Wrestling

Editor’s note: It’s coming up to 3 years since #SpeakingOut and we received this article this morning which gives an overarching summary of where Scottish wrestling is now.

So this is where we are.

Old promoters who should know better burying a whole city of talented and hard working people for fuck all. Probably because they don’t book themselves to win titles or maybe it’s because they don’t look like a space hopper that’s had arms, legs and a stupid blazin’ squad looking sticky up hair do attached to it. Who knows.

Promotions booking people who should be on a register, because they’re old pals.

The scars left on the speaking out victims don’t matter do they? He was at my wedding after all. He used to live with me. He gave me my first booking. He taught me how to do a suplex! My First Suplex! He can’t be that bad!

Well so what. What about the people who have been suicidal because of your “pals” actions? They don’t matter. Why would they. They are not one of “the boys”.

The damage is unseen. The victims still suffer while you put sex pests and criminals on your poster. Laughing in their faces. Shame on each and every one of you who have enabled this.

There’s good out there though. This website is part of that good. Consistently promoting the people who want Scottish wrestling to be a safe and inclusive place.

The talent is absolutely there as well. Even the ones who come from training schools that shouldn’t still be training schools. There’s a wealth of it there. Tremendous in ring work is commonplace and there’s some character work out there which needs more eyes on it. Get to local shows and support the people who give this their time and hard effort for the right reasons. Because they love it.

To summarise. Al Snow’s a wanker. Get to Govan for the next CPW show and if you’re up north, support the good folks up there doing their thing.

Beremy Jeadle

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