Full Results: BOP Wrasslin ‘Live In Motherwell’ (17 Mar 2023)

The following results are from BOP Wrasslin‘s event at the Concert Hall in Motherwell on March 17th, 2023:

Scottish X Championship – Kieran Kelly defeated Deacon Matthews by pinfall to WIN the Scottish X Championship.

Stone Malone & Colton Davis defeated Risky Business (AJ Diaz & Jack Ripley) by pinfall.

Triple Threat – Rhio defeated Emersyn Jayne, and Debbie Dahmer by pinfall.

Aspen Faith w/Sirena Rose defeated Tallon Jr by pinfall.

Taylor Vite defeated Jack Grainger by pinfall.

Taylor Vite Open Challenge – Austin Brookes defeated Taylor Vite by pinfall.

Triple Threat – Derren J Blair defeated David Devlin, and Lewis Girvan by pinfall.

BT Gunn defeated Kez Evans by pinfall.

Jack Jester defeated Dickie Divers by pinfall.

Our thanks to Lou and Alexander for the results.

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