Full Results: Community Pro Wrestling (@CommunityProWr1) ‘Live In Peterhead’ (7 Apr 2023)

The following results are from Community Pro Wrestling’s event at Peterhead Football Club in Peterhead on Friday, 7th April:

Pre-Show – The Wanderer defeated The Big Strong Man by pinfall.

Nicole Jasmin defeated Thatcher Wright by pinfall.

Zander defeated The Sam Barbour Experience by pinfall.

The Renegade Wrex defeated Spider-Bam by pinfall.

Ravie Davie vs Ryan Richards ended in a no contest.

The Sam Barbour Experience and The Renegade Wrex attacked Ravie Davie. Zander and Spider-Bam made the save. A six man tag team Street Fight was arranged for the main event.

Termination Z Open Challenge – Termination Z (Big Ross Hauser & Daro) defeated The Pack (Draven & JTT) by pinfall.

Lee MacRae & The Big Strong Man defeated Meyhem Brooks & The Wanderer by pinfall.

Street Fight – The Govan Team (Ravie Davie, Zander, & Spider-Bam) defeated Ryan Richards, The Sam Barbour Experience, & The Renegade Wrex by pinfall.

Our thanks to Community Pro Wrestling for the results.

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