*SPOILERS* Full Results: World Wide Wrestling League (@W3LWrestling) featuring Copenhagen Championship Wrestling (@CPHWrestling1) ‘Carnage in the Capital’ (13 Apr 2023)

The following results are from World Wide Wrestling League‘s ‘Carnage in the Capital’ event featuring Copenhagen Championship Wrestling at the Southside Community Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland on Thursday 13th April, 2023:

*SPOILERS ahead for a future W3L Wrestling Showdown episodes and W3L Network releases*

W3L Wrestling Showdown Exclusive – Sebastian Day defeated Copenhagen Hangman by pinfall.

Four Way Elimination Match – Colton Davis defeated Seb Silvers, Rhoderick Jones, and Rory Shaw.

Elimination Order

  • Rory Shaw
  • Rhoderick Jones
  • Seb Silvers

Stevie Wizard & Mike Musso defeated Lou King Sharp & Simon G Money by pinfall.

Asylum defeated Lucius Amaroq by pinfall.

W3L Women’s Championship – Brodie Adler defeated Nicole Jasmin by pinfall to retain the W3L Women’s Championship.

W3L Heavyweight Championship – Taylor Bryden defeated Craig Stephens by pinfall to retain the W3L Heavyweight Championship.

Our thanks to Craig Gordon for the results.

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