FPWA (@FPWAsylum) x IGPW (@IronGirdersGym) | Some Possible Match Ups

In June Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum and Iron Girders Pro Wrestling host events pitting their best against each other. So what could we see at these events? I have some ideas…

The Woke Academy (Robbie Balfour & Ross Hunter) & Frank Gallo vs Arcade Violence (Jake Lawless & Brody Turnbull) & Leon Graves

This one has some backstory following the fallout of Iron Girder’s December event that had The Woke Academy and Arcade Violence brawl post-match, along with Graves and Gallo jumping in. A brawl that was separated by Wolfgang. There’s some unfinished business there to settle.

IGPW King of the Fling Championship – Moxie Malone (c) vs Tallon Jr vs Rabu Romero vs Mikey Devine vs Daisy Jenkins

Moxie Malone has been unstoppable since winning the IGPW King of the Fling Championship. I’ve thrown in some interesting opponents. Yes, that includes Casino Brutale in singles action. These guys are an entertaining team themselves but I would be interested to see how they navigate the King of the Fling match, do they continue as a team until the final two? Does one try to sneakily throw the other out?

Malone’s other two opponents I went with high flying and quick individuals. Tallon Jr has been soaring recently so would be a more than worthy challenger, and Daisy Jenkins knows her way around the ropes with her lucha-tech hybrid. It would be a tough test for Moxie.

Fatal Fife Way – Tommy Kartel (c) vs Che Monet vs Nicole Jasmin vs Martin MacAlistair vs Molly Spartan

Tommy Kartel still proves to be the hardest wrestler in Fife, with the variety of opponents I’ve put together for this one then surviving this would put further claim on it.

Between the quick and nimble Che Monet and Nicole Jasmin, the brute force powerhouse Molly Spartan, and the unwavering heart of Martin MacAlistair, it offers a great mix of styles for a competitive match.

Harmony Skye vs Angel Hayze

Harmony Skye has been on the radar for a while, she just needs that one match that just catapults her and going in against someone with the experience of Angel Hayze one on one would certainly put her training to the test. Hayze brings out the best in opponents and Sky would have to tap into everything she has been taught to keep up with her. A dark horse match of the night potentially.

Johnny Lions vs Kez Evans

An old school versus new school match that I would be interested to witness. Lions is the showman, with Kez Evans being your no nonsense smash and grabber. A dynamic that would be entertaining, and a first time contest.

The Big Lads (Craig Berry & John Kerr) vs The Young Team (Logan Smith & Jimmy Pierce)

Big lads versus quick lads? Sign me up.

IGPW Championship – Levi (c) vs Ashley Vega

If there’s someone out there right now that has put in the work to earn a championship opportunity more than Ashley Vega I would be shocked. Levi has been defending the IGPW Championship valiantly against some very tough opponents like Kenny Williams, Jason Reed, and Che Monet. ‘The Modern Day Diva’ has all the skills in her possession to lift some gold, while Levi is an intense as they come and wouldn’t go down without a fight.

UEWA European Heavyweight Championship – Andy Roberts (c) vs BT Gunn

Leading their respective promotions, this is your meaty main event for the FPWA half of the double header. Two bruisers, hard chops, heavy hits, worth the price of admission alone while also adding further prestige to the UEWA European Heavyweight Championship.

𝐍𝐒𝐠𝐑𝐭 𝟏 – π…π’πŸπž – Truth Nightclub, 1st June


𝐍𝐒𝐠𝐑𝐭 𝟐 – 𝐆π₯𝐚𝐬𝐠𝐨𝐰 – Wood Street Hall, 2nd June


What matches would you like to see?

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