Review: Community Pro Wrestling (@CommunityProWr1) ‘Live In Govan’ (24 Feb 2023)

After a pretty good One Year Anniversary event, Community Pro Wrestling have uploaded their February return to Govan on to the YouTube. I’ve got the internet and the time, so have loaded it up for a gander.

Fatal Four Way – Luke Kyro defeated Soldato, Stan The Slav, and Leon Graves by pinfall.

Wild, chaotic, high impact, and keeping the fans on the edge of their seats throughout. If ever there was a match that represented Community Pro Wrestling, and maybe served as an introduction to those that might’ve been making their first trip to the wrestling this was excellent.

It kicked off straight away with Leon Graves assaulting Stan The Slav as soon as the bell rang. Graves is definitely one to keep an eye on. He’s very rough around the edges but has this dark aura, a bad dude that looks to take great pleasure in causing pain.

A lot happened with all four men having the upper hand at some point with bodies and moves all over the place. It didn’t feel rushed and each moment had a breath to take it in. Great chemistry.

Stan and Graves brawled into the crowd while Luke Kyro hit a Cross Rhodes onto a handspringing Soldato to pick up the win. A fantastic opener.

The crowd were hot for this and were non-stop in shouting, full of sugar and E numbers already.

Ashley Vega defeated Nicole Jasmin by pinfall.

Vega and Jasmin had a nice back and forth exchange that lead to the outside where they brought in the most dreaded weapon known to any wrestler… the inflatable hammer.

As the match wore on Nicole’s confidence seemed to grow in combatting Ashley Vega’s relentless attack with lots of kicks, along with a nice front dropkick to a seated Vega for a near fall.

The attempted Spider’s Web by Vega wasn’t the best executed but did the job for the pinfall win.

It wasn’t pretty at times, a few awkward moments, but there was certainly some glimmers of great stuff. A match that will be ran back in the future with the mean girl Ashley possibly getting her comeuppance. I’m enjoying watching Nicole improve, she isn’t the finishing product by a stretch but she is gathering the pieces with every match. There’s no doubting her work ethic.

The charisma oozing from Ashley Vega makes her eye catching, she fully embodies being the modern day diva and that in turn makes you believe that when she bullies her opponents.

This match wasn’t the best that these two can, and will have, but hopefully it’s a stepping stone to an epic rematch.

Termination Z (Big Ross Hauser & Daro) defeated Sinergy (Troy Ryan & Anderson Daniels) by pinfall.

Big lads battering each other, is there anything else more wrestling than that? Sinergy were all about taking out Big Ross in the early going by targeting the knees of the big man.

It wasn’t long before Sinergy were also victim of an inflatable hammer bashing.

Sinergy were bad guys with no redeemable qualities in the eyes of the Govan crowd, they weren’t doing anything fancy other than cheat, quick tags, and punish whomever they had in the ring with them, which was usually Daro.

Big Ross got the big tag and ran roughshod, as the match broke down again, Troy Ryan hit the pounce on Daro for another near fall. More shenanigans occurred until Big Ross hit a big lariat to Ryan which allowed Daro to land a big frog splash for the win.

Termination Z were on fire, busting out the tandem offense in one of their best showings as a team that I have seen. Daniels and Ryan were incredible foils, two broad guys who were nasty in the ring. There were so many close two counts that kept the crowd invested all the way through. Fantastic match.

Before the interval Thatcher Wright marched out, got the referee escorted out, and yammered on, all to the tones of a couple hundred children shouting that Margaret Thatcher was deid. Govan.

The Sam Barbour Experience defeated Lou King Sharp by pinfall.

Two quality wrestlers makes for a quality match. SBX was full of aggression as he tried to manhandle his smaller foe. Sharp was pure energy, throwing reckless abandon into headbutts with multiple attempts at, before finally hitting, a 619.

They matched what the crowd gave as they were rapturous in response, fully on board with Sharp that had them cursing SBX at times, who almost took the win with a very nice Michinoku Driver.

SBX dodged a frog splash, nailed Sharp with a running bicycle knee before finishing the job with a Pedigree.

One of the best matches on the show. To be expected with the talent involved but they really made the most of their time to put on something special.

Winner Advances to the CPW Heavyweight Championship Tournament – Stevie James vs Krobar ended in a time limit draw.

The crowd didn’t know what to make of this match. Two tag team partners fighting it out, previous shows has seen The Purge stealing raffle buckets and battling The Govan Team. They were split between the two.

The in-ring content was really good, there was a little bit of stumbling but for tag team partners I almost welcomed that little miscommunications because they fight with each other, not against each other.

There were a few stereo clotheslines and superkicks because they work as a tandem.

Krobar hit a nice pop-up powerbomb to Stevie James for a near fall. They continued to brawl until the bell rang to signal the time limit draw. Dustin Alexander entered to separate the two.

I liked this one, I’ve often been critical of Krobar, and Stevie James, but this had a very simple story of a team holding back on each other and just as they had enough and started wailing on the other the match was over so we don’t actually see which member of The Purge is better.

Ownership of Community Pro Wrestling – Govan Gang Fight – The Govan Team (Ravie Davie, Zander, Steg, Archie Williams, & Leyton Buzzard) defeated Thatcher’s Cabinet (Thatcher Wright, Mr. Ian Skinner, Charles Vyce, Eli Bulwark, Rabu Romero, & Mikey Devine) to gain 100% ownership of Community Pro Wrestling.

Chaos. Pure chaos. It wasn’t pretty by any conventional standard. Entrants were staggered with Thatcher’s Cabinet having the advantage, not like it mattered though as the match spilled out into the crowd very quickly.

Archie Williams entered third for The Govan Team and was eliminated quickly, before first entrant Steg was taken out with The Spirit Squad’s High Spirits move, which I am a big fan of, to leave it four on one before Ravie Davie ran out to batter some dafties that lit up the Fairfield Club… metaphorically.

Davie and Zander dispatched Charles Vyce and Ian Skinner in succession to even the odds.

Leyton Buzzard being the final entrant garnered another big reaction. Considering this was a long match the energy was kept up with plenty peaks staggered out to keep the entertainment at a high quality.

It finally came down to the respective team leaders Thatcher Wright and Ravie Davie. Davie guzzled some Prime to power up. Wright tried to weather the onslaught but a Lionsault sealed the win for Ravie Davie and The Govan Team.

A big crowd pleasing finale, Ravie Davie dispatching Thatcher, firing Skinner and Vyce after the match, as the audience went wild.

Community Pro Wrestling have built up their audience, the story of Thatcher Wright having majority control has been a focused story throughout their events so to see a conclusion be received with the reaction it got must be satisfying to be part of. The audience were electric as the final count was made.

Overall a really entertaining show from Community Pro Wrestling, from the opener to the main event there were plenty of great moments and matches. Some may not have hit the mark for me personally but it can’t be denied that the Govan crowd were there to be entertained and their needs were met resoundingly.

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