Top 10 Matches In WrestleZone (@WrestleZone) ‘Aberdeen Anarchy’ History (2013-2022)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. This Saturday is WrestleZone’s biggest event on the calendar, Aberdeen Anarchy. An event that I’ve been lucky enough to attend since 2013 so I’ve seen my fair share of top class matches. Every year I reflect on some of the best matches to take place at the event, the list changes every year as tastes change, memories remain etc. so on this day, May 11th, 2023. Here are the best ever matches (in my opinion) to take place at Aberdeen Anarchy in the last 10 years!

10. Kenny Williams vs Bingo Ballance vs Shawn Johnson (2015)

Opening the top 10, and when it comes to that opening match on the main show, it sets the tone for the whole event. WrestleZone Legend Bingo Ballance, future NXT UK star Kenny Williams, and then-Granite City Hotshot and future Undisputed WrestleZone Champion Shawn Johnson were on fire from the offset.

The trio flip, flopped, and flied around the ring which made for a fantastic spectacle at the Beach Ballroom.

Whether it was one on one in the ring, or when all three were going back and forth, it was a hell of a match.

9. Swoggle vs Lou King Sharp (2017)

Sometimes it isn’t about the wrestling, sometimes it’s the moment. Once former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Hornswoggle was confirmed to be heading to the Granite City there was only one big man that could be his opponent.

The hilarity involved in this match has it in my top 10, advertised as The Battle of the Big Men, it had Lou King Sharp in a rare height advantage using tests of strengths and bullying his shorter opponent.

Swoggle threw Sharp around with German Suplexes which was a sight to behold.

A match that you may’ve had to be there to appreciate but it was amazing.

8. Lewis Girvan & Viper vs Aspen Faith & Sammii Jayne (2016)

Featuring the finest wrestlers in the country, Aspen Faith and Lewis Girvan were battling around the country, putting on show stealers wherever they went. The future Emersyn Jayne got involved with Debbie Dahmer at the other side of the equation more times than not.

For Aberdeen Anarchy Girvan brought in a big gun, known today as WWE RAW Superstar Piper Niven, and the feud escalated to another level.

All four wrestlers battled hard and it was a masterpiece with everyone putting in a shift to steal the show.

7. Bryan Tucker vs Aspen Faith vs Bingo Ballance vs Zach Dynamite (2017)

The beautiful WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship would be hung above the ring as four wrestlers did battle to become the inaugural champion.

Ladder matches are few and far between in WrestleZone history and they are usually special. This one featured two former Undisputed WrestleZone Champions, and two future Undisputed WrestleZone Champions.

It had the hard spills, oh my God moments, and everything you would hope in a ladder match. Seeing Aspen Faith finally tear down the title belt after a hard fought battle was the icing on the cake.

6. Jack Jester vs Crusher Craib (2014)

One of the best Aberdeen Anarchy main events and build ups, Jack Jester won the Regal Rumble that year and went out to mentally break ‘The Creator of Carnage’.

This was a chaotic brawl, with moments that were uncomfortable to watch as we witnessed the big scary Crusher Craib being humanised with Jester grabbing one of the ring crew and taking them hostage, seeing Craib beg off Jester’s threat.

It could have been hokey with anyone else but the story was crafted so perfectly that each beat hit the mark.

5. The Granite City Hotshots vs Thunder Buddies (2014)

Another entry from the 2014 edition of the event, taking place at The Beach Ballroom, we were treated to the first ever ladder match in WrestleZone history.

Coming into the match you would think that The Granite City Hotshots would be the biggest risk takers but it was William Sterling that proved he would do anything, and withstand any punishment, in an attempt to retain the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships.

The limits were pushed with all four men etching their names in WrestleZone history.

4. Grado vs Scotty 2 Hotty (2014)

2014 eh? Another pick that might not be the best match if you want to watch the wrasslin’ but for the moment of seeing Grado, one of the biggest names in Scottish pro wrestling, standing toe to toe with the criminally underrated Scotty 2 Hotty was absolutely phenomenal.

It had the fun and frolics you would expect from a Grado match with the too cool slice of nostalgia with Scotty 2 Hotty making the crowd go wild.

The smiles which fans shouted W O R M, to the post-match dancing, it was perfection.

3. Bingo Ballance vs Stevie Xavier (2013)

That comment about about opening matches. This was the ultimate example.

In 2013 WrestleZone would debut at The Beach Ballroom in Aberdeen, a big venue to fill, they would bring in ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan and Billy Gunn to help shift tickets, but everyone was talking about the opening match on the main show when it was all said and done.

Stevie Xavier and Bingo Ballance produced one of the best matches in WrestleZone history. Twists and turns, with amazing action that had the crowd biting for every near fall.

A match so famed in WrestleZone history that they had a rematch at the 2016 edition. It may not have hit the heights of their first foray but their chemistry was undoubtable.

2. Zach Dynamite vs PAC (2019)

Moving away from The Beach Ballroom, the 2019 edition took place next door at The Beach Leisure Centre which has seen the likes of Drew Galloway, and Nikki Storm compete for WrestleZone.

When PAC was announced there was a lot of buzz as to who would be stepping up to the man that gravity forgot. Zach Dynamite was put forward and delivered a brilliant match, which really propelled his stock afterwards.

The fluidity of the match was outstanding with PAC proving why he was considered one of the very best in the world (and still is), we got the best of Zach Dynamite who met PAC’s speed and combatted the flurry of offense thanks in part to Ryan Riley and the then-Bradley Evans (no bruiser yet) at ringside, PAC had his high flying moments including a crazy moonsault from the top turnbuckle to the outside.

The crowd rose to their feet when PAC hit the Black Arrow, and although it was a strike in the loss column for Zach Dynamite, his name was on everyone’s mind following the match. A star making performance.

1. Zach Dynamite vs Aspen Faith vs Damien (2022)

Recency bias perhaps, but after a pandemic hiatus WrestleZone returned at the tail end of 2021. Pre-COVID, Zach Dynamite looked to be heading to the main event with the Regal Rumble on the horizon but bat-eating forces halted all that momentum.

Aspen Faith returned to WrestleZone at the start of 2022 and as the Regal Rumble was coming round the corner there was two clear favourites to head to Aberdeen Anarchy to face the record-setting Undisputed WrestleZone Champion Damien.

In the first time in Regal Rumble history, two winners were declared after a litany of shenanigans.

The match was an emotional affair with fans split between Damien and Aspen, but they all agreed that Zach Dynamite was the absolute worst in humanity.

This was a titanic battle, with all three wrestlers putting it all on the line, this wasn’t a pretty wrestling match, it was a war, battling for an inch of momentum.

As the boos reigned following Zach Dynamite running roughshod with a steel chair and standing tall at the end, it was a match that I personally was on the edge of my seat for throughout and once the final bell rang I could finally breathe out.

The emotions ran high, the three wrestlers battered each other, it felt like a main event, and it was one of the best in WrestleZone history.

What have been your favourite matches in Aberdeen Anarchy history?

This Saturday’s event is SOLD OUT, but will one of the matches crack this list in the next year?

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