Preview: Fair City Wrestling (@FairCityWrestle) ‘Live In Perth’ (26 May 2023)

Umar Mohammed’s Sensational Birthday Bash

Where to start with this? It appears as if Marcus ‘The Glory’ Hunter’s Father’s money has come up trumps again and we are all going to be forced to sit and watch Umar Mohammed wallow in his own self-importance. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against a wrestler celebrating their birthday on a show per se but you just know there is going to be some ulterior motive to this.

Hunter’s embarrassing defeat to ‘Retro’ Randy Valentine might have something to do with it I would say and this might be a way to distract the FCW fans from reminding him. Please don’t let him forget!

Sebastian Asher w/Marcus ‘The Glory’ Hunter vs ‘The Infamous’ Ian Ambrose w/Skully

Speaking of Hunter’s clients, Sebastian Asher is actually scheduled for a match on this card and he is taking on another man who is looking to bounce back from a recent series of defeats. Asher has recently chalked up defeats to Randy Valentine, he was one of the unsuccessful challengers to Spike Tierney’s FCW Junior Heavyweight Championship at Nae Mercy Night One before Glory Hunting Agencies lost to Retro Filth the following day.

On the other side of the ring, we have Ambrose who has actually lost his last two matches by referee stoppage to Dickie Divers and Liston Ross respectively. Both men will see this contest as a great opportunity to bounce back on to the path towards title matches as both men are too good for their recent form to continue.

Ambrose came out on top in their previous encounter but God’s Gift to Professional Wrestling has grown as a competitor since then and will be looking to tie their series. Sebastian Asher has stooped predictably low in order to try and gain an advantage over his opponent.  He kidnapped what I initially thought was Skully and battered him with a cricket bat in the middle of the woods before T-Posing to establish dominance.

However, I researched into this and discovered that it was in fact Skully’s brother Bryan that Asher took hostage. This plan could potentially backfire on God’s Gift as it might have given Ambrose and Skully some extra motivation going into Friday.

FCW Women’s Championship – Sirena Rose (c) vs Molly Spartan

Fresh off capturing the FCW Women’s Championship for the second time and simultaneously becoming the first wrestler in FCW to win a Championship multiple times, Sirena Rose perhaps would have been forgiven for an easier first defence.

FCW Management have done anything but and have instead added another elite talent to the hypercompetitive FCW women’s division. Rose’s first defence is against The Sin of Professional Wrestling Molly Spartan. The Beautiful Bruiser recently had one of the longest ICW Women’s World Championship reigns in history and is looking to add her name to the list of FCW Women’s Champions.

One important thing to remember though is that while this is Sirena Rose’s second reign, she remains the only woman to never lose the championship in the ring.

‘The Mighty’ Caleb Valhalla vs TBA

‘The Mighty’ Caleb Valhalla has one final challenge in his way in order for him to get a shot at the FCW Championship in June. He has already vanquished the obstacles that were Lost Boy Aspen and then Deacon Matthews in his last FCW match but Euan G. Mackie has taken offence at Caleb calling him out at FCW’s last show.

The inaugural FCW Champion is still yet to be pinned or submitted in his FCW career and it is a daunting task to whoever the leader of the Neo-Paradigm manages to convince to take on Valhalla and deny him a shot at reclaiming the top prize in Tayside.

FCW Championship – Tulloch Street Fight – Euan G Mackie (c) vs Zach Dynamite

Zach Dynamite has said he is not afraid to stoop to Euan G. Mackie’s level and has thrown the rules out the window for the Champion’s latest defence. Increasingly we have seen Jay Robin, Valek and their accomplice in the Neo Paradigm get involved in Mackie’s matches to assist him in retaining the title.

The Aberdonian Ace knows they are going to do it anyway so why not allow himself to fight back against it. He might need the help of Ryan Riley in order for the FCW Championship to head up the A90 with the Foundation of the Future after this is all said and done.

Euan G. Mackie will be looking to use his experience in these kind of matches to his advantage and commit some of his infamous ‘Nursey Crimes’ in this Tulloch Street Fight in order to retain what he is now calling his burden in the form of the FCW Championship.

Dickie Divers vs Luke Matthews

With Dickie Divers and Ian Ambrose once again being under the same roof, FCW management have made the wise decision to keep them both busy so they don’t tear each other to pieces. Dickie Divers has been tasked with a man we have not seen since last October in the Fair City Rumble, The Devil of Light, Luke Matthews.

Divers is looking to bounce back from a defeat to ‘Titanium’ Tom Atlas on night one of Nae Mercy in a match he had well in hand and he will not want to make the same mistake again against Matthews.

Luke’s martial arts style is something new to FCW and it will be fascinating to see how this fares against Dickie Divers on Friday.

FCW Junior Heavyweight Championship – Spike Tierney (c) vs Grant McIvor

Grant McIvor is right; Spike Tierney is on fire. He has defended his title at every opportunity and sometimes even twice on one day! His latest challenger has claimed to have found the chink in his armour though in the form of his mask. Once nearly a luchador himself, Grant has vowed to make Spike regret choosing that path and win the first ever Junior Heavyweight Championship of his career.

For Spike, having only one defence against only one opponent might be seen as an easy day at the office for him. But if there’s one guarantee you get from the FCW Junior Heavyweight Champion it’s that he will put his absolute all into every match he wrestles in order to remain champion.

More Information

Date: Friday 26/5/2023
Location: The Tulloch Institute Club, Perth
Doors: 6.30pm
Bell time: 7pm

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