Review: Rock N Wrestle ‘The Highland Slam Tour’


Before I start the review of the weekend I have to talk about Thursday. I was lucky enough to help out with some driving for Rock N Wrestle so on the Thursday I went to Aberdeen to pick up one of the guests, Joe E Legend. About a week before the event my car decided to pack in with the engine light coming on and not having any power when going uphill. So I called my Dad, who is my first port of call when it comes to my car, and he gave it a quick look and filled my oil (which was empty) and also got some stuff to clean my petrol tank. The engine light was off and my car was running fine again. Happy days.

Then Thursday happened.

I picked up the promoter, Steve (who we’ve interviewed on OSWtv Meets…), from Elgin train station and we headed to Aberdeen. At Keith (Google map Elgin to Keith), the engine light came on again. Disaster. My car had no power and was just dragging along. We crawled to Aberdeen to pick up Joe Legend. We arrived just in time for him arriving. He was happy enough to take the slow journey to Inverness but the journey didn’t feel as long when Joe was telling great stories about his career and his opinions on today’s product.


After I dropped off Steve and Joe in Inverness I texted my girlfriend who kindly added me to her car insurance first thing on Friday morning. She saved the day, otherwise it was an early morning run to Arnold Clark to find out if I could even rent a car (being 24). Handley enough, her car is the same as mine (except newer, cleaner, a 3 door and, of course, works.). We were rolling again!

On Friday I was up early anyway to pick up the keys. I filled her up and headed to Inverness to pick up Steve on the way to Strathpeffer. The Pavilion is a beautiful venue, very old looking but classy at the same time. We headed back to Inverness to pick up Bobby Roberts (who we’ve interviewed on OSWtv Meets…) and got Joe Legend also.

I was working security on the Friday show, okay security may be a loose term, I stood there hoping no one would jump over the barrier. Otherwise I got so close to the action I could touch the wrestlers…I didn’t…that would be weird. Enough preamble, let’s review the first night of the Highland Slam Tour!

Rock N Wrestle Presents the Highland Slam Tour
Night One 17/10/14
Strathpeffer Pavilion

It was a loud crowd in Strathpeffer, ready for some wrestling. I’m not sure if Strathpeffer has ever had a wrestling event so this was a real treat for those that live in the area. There were five matches on the show and each offered something a little different to get a small taste of what Rock N Wrestle will provide.

Kenny Williams def. Kid Fite

Kenny Williams and Kid Fite kicked off Rock N Wrestle with an absolute cracker of a match. Fite antagonised the crowd and they fell in love with Kenny Williams as soon as he entered. Fun back and forths with Williams outsmarting Fite on multiple occasions. Kenny got the better of the veteran and grabbed the win. A quick opener to start the first Rock N Wrestle event.

Sergeant Bobby Roberts & Switch (w/ Flick) def. Lou King Sharp & Donnie T

Lou King Sharp is one of my favourite characters. Small man syndrome, the cockiest son of a gun and he just embraces his character. Coming out to Fix Up, Look Sharp he leaped the barrier and posed for one of the…more mature…ladies in the crowd. Donnie T was his muscle and these two were hysterical together. Bobby Roberts entered waving the saltire and he was followed by Switch. Now, with Switch I had only ever seen the crazy, nuts and basically downright scary Switch but tonight he was a happy-go-lucky persona (which I still found creepy but in a less, I’m going to crap my pants, way). Sharp was bumping like a boss in this when he was in the ring with the much bigger Bobby Roberts. There was a great sequence between Switch and Donnie T when Switch ducked two swinging fists and jumped over a low kick and landing with his legs crossed, it was beautiful and so well timed. At one point Sharp scuttled over to Donnie, only to realise that he was hugging Donnie’s crotch. These four gelled so well together. Bobby landed a big clothesline which looked bloody sore. Switch and Bobby got the win in a great match.

Jack Jester def. Timm Wylie

I haven’t seen much of Timm Wylie before this event but after this match I will be looking out for more of his work. Jester was the bad guy in this which he looks to revel in, scowling at the crowd and wielding his large corkscrew. He’s one scary individual. The action spilled to the bar area, Jester placed Wylie on a chair and booted him off it. I got a little closer to the action than I hoped when I tried to put the barrier back together as Jester threw Wylie back to the barrier I was moving. I had laughed about Jester twatting me, didn’t want it to come true! They got back into the ring and Wylie hit an absolute stunning top rope hurricurana. It was stunning, especially for a guy his size. He’s about my height but is built like a tank. Wylie also picked up Jester in a dominator position before ramming Jester into the corner. Both guys were very impressive in this one. Wylie went to the top rope one too many times and Jester grabbed him for a tombstone and the three. One of the best matches of the night. Post match, Jester demanded a member of the audience to come out and raise his hand.

Triple Threat: Liam Thomson (w/ Carmel) def. BT Gunn & Noam Dar

Oh yes. Three of the best wrestlers in Europe, let me correct that, three of the best wrestlers in the WORLD faced off in a triple threat. All three showcased a little of what they could do. It was a very fast match and it was blink and you’d miss it. Liam Thomson demanded that the ring announcer told the crowd to shut up and also to chant his name very funny. Noam Dar was on top form and, in a moment that I’ll forever remember, he offered me a high five from the ring. I jumped up…and missed. Back to my corner I went. BT Gunn showed off some of his quick offense. Carmel got involved and bodyslammed Noam Dar, which was impressive to watch. She tapped Thomson on the shoulder from behind and out of instinct he bodyslammed Carmel before dropping to his knees like he’d shot her by accident. Liam got the schoolboy roll up for the win. I may’ve liked maybe 5 more minutes but they fitted in a lot of content and I would love to see all three go again.

After the match Noam thanked the crowd and laid down the challenge saying that the next time they come to Strathpeffer he and BT Gunn will face Liam Thomson and a partner of his choosing.

Joe E Legend def. TJ Rage

The main event of the evening was former WWF and TNA star, former NWA Tag Team Champion, Joe E Legend against TJ Rage. A big man bout with high impact slams and big moves. I enjoyed the match, my only qualm was having a slower match in the main event but that is just a tiny point as the good guy won and the fans went home happy. TJ Rage was impressive in his strength, muscling Legend up several times. Legend busted out a curb stomp and Rage wouldn’t stay down. He threw everything but the kitchen sink to take down Rage. Finally hitting a flatliner for the win.

Post match Legend thanked the crowd and went into the crowd to meet people and signed autographs.

Overall: Being on the other side of the barrier and being so close it was a great experience to be there. The crowd were loud and were into everything, the kids were an absolute riot with some of the things they were shouting to the wrestlers. Personal favourite was during the opening match towards Kenny Williams β€œbelieve in yourself!” wonderful. There were no bad matches, the matches were quick but told a story and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A great start for the new promotion.

After dropping off Bobby Roberts and Steve in Inverness I headed back to Elgin. Rocking in just after midnight with a McDonalds. Tired but buzzing at the same time. The next day I wasn’t required until later in the day so got the chance to have a lie in. My girlfriend offered to drive to pick up the MC in Inverness as she was attending the Forres event that night. We arrived in Forres around 4pm and hung around awaiting our orders, I watched the ring being built and during that time, got shot by Kid Fite with a Nerf gun. Once again that is enough preamble, let’s review the event!

Rock N Wrestle Presents the Highland Slam Tour
Night Two 18/10/14
Victoria Hotel, Forres


BT Gunn & Noam Dar def. Lou King Sharp & Donnie T

A dream team to kick off the second Rock N Wrestle event Noam Dar and BT Gunn faced GTA. Lou King Sharp cut a short promo after he entered putting over his cockiness and bigged himself up and pointed out the 50% of the people from Forres are farmers and the other 50% are inbred (I’m sure there must be a crossover, fetch me a Venn diagram!). As I said previously, this guy has a huge personality. Plus he can back it up in the ring. For the first time ever I got to hear the full force of a BT Gunn chop, when I close my eyes at night I can still hear it. I was surprised that Sharp was still alive after that. Noam was great and he had the crowd firmly behind him. Donnie T hit a big spear that looked great. The dream team took the win but Sharp and Donnie were no pushovers.

Carmel def. Lucy Cole

Before the match Carmel got the mic and cut a scathing promo. Taunting the crowd, let slip the F word but she was fantastic. Really got the crowd to hate her, she ripped Forres apart and bigged up Edinburgh being the only important place in Scotland. Carmel is great on the mic, such a commanding presence on the microphone. Lucy Cole was a new name to me, I have read a bit about her but have yet to see her in the ring. She is very good and was able to hang with Carmel and didn’t look out of place, which is a great quality. They brawled all over the hall before taking it back to the ring. Carmel got the win but I was left impressed by Lucy Cole.

Triple Threat: Kenny Williams def. Liam Thomson and Kid Fite

β€œWe’ve got to come together… hang on” – Kid Fite to Liam Thomson

Another great match. Liam Thomson and Kid Fite bantered back and forth in the ring and Kenny was piggy in the middle. All three of these guys put a lot in this match and clearly were enjoying what they were doing. Kenny was once again a big crowd favourite, the boy is the future. There was a lovely spot when Kenny threw Fite into Liam so Liam was holding Fite in a front face lock. Kenny then hit Thomson who hit Fite with a DDT in turn. Lovely. Kenny grabbed the win, much to the delight of the crowd.

Switch def. TJ Rage

A bit of a role reversal, Switch entered as his creepy, unhinged, scary character of Switch. Black face paint, just straight up creepy. Making kids cry brah. TJ Rage entered as a good guy and personally I much preferred that character it seemed more natural. Switch worked TJ’s leg and locked in figure four leglocks in order to get Rage to tap. Rage tried to get back into the match but Switch kept on working the leg. Switch grabbed a chair from under the ring, Rage stepped on it as he slid in and took away the chair. The referee removed the chair while Switch hit a low blow and rolled up Rage for the win. Very good match. Both of these guys worked two completely different characters in two nights and showed how versatile they are.

Timm Wylie def. Jack Jester

The main event of the second night of the Highland Slam Tour was a rematch from the previous night. A lot of the same stuff from the previous night including the impressive hurricurana and the chair spot. Before the match Jester got into a guys face in the crowd and dared him to hit him. This really was the tip of the iceberg. Post match Jester started pulling apart barriers and getting right into kids faces and making them cry, daring people to take a swing. The post match really overshadowed the match itself and it was out of control. He followed one woman to the point where she left the venue. It went on too long and it was too much for a family show. It was actually quite scary to watch a grown adult shouting into a wee boys face and this child crying. I had no idea what to do so I just had to put the barriers back and just hope that nobody takes a crack at Jester. He eventually left and Steve went to apologise to the respective people who got intimidated. It didn’t look planned and as I said, it was too much for a family show. But it was certainly a memorable end to the event.

Overall: Once again there were no bad matches and it was a very good show. Outside of the end of the event and Jack Jester getting into every man, woman and childs face it was a highly enjoyable show. Both events put on a diverse range of matches and gives a taster of what is to come from Rock N Wrestle. It’s a very exciting future for the Highlands and I look forward to attending future events.

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