Preview: WrestleZone ‘Regal Rumble 2015’

WrestleZone Regal Rumble 21/03/15

Northern Hotel, Aberdeen

WrestleZone returns to the Northern Hotel for its annual Regal Rumble on the road to Aberdeen Anarchy. This is one of WrestleZone’s big four along with Aberdeen Anarchy, Battle of the Nations and Halloween Hijinks. As past years have taught us, anything can happen at the Regal Rumble. Shocks, brawls and chaosโ€ฆand that was only last years event! This will be my second Regal Rumble after going to my first last year and seeing Jack Jester win the main event, setting his sights on Crusher Craib. Mad Jack is back to try and go for back to back wins while Crusher has a new test in the form of “Iron Man” Joe Coffey. Let’s take a look at the card.

I apologise for the layout, I’m currently typing this on iPhone and html is just a group of letters to me, unless there’s a toolbar with B I U and some paragraph things I’m lost. Once I get to a laptop that doesn’t die as soon as I type something I’ll make it all pretty just for you, ignore the othersโ€ฆthis is just between me and you.

Cysto 2 vs Jack Jester

Does anyone have bets on Cysto 2 winning? Would you also like to invest in volcano insurance? Jester has returned after losing his Undisputed Championship back in August to Crusher Craib. Last year’s Regal Rumble winner will be looking to make short work of Cysto 2, I don’t think Jester will even break a sweat in this. Last year he beat Sonjay Dutt before dominating the Regal Rumble, can lightning strike twice?ย 

First Ever Kiss My Foot Match

Lord Alan Sterling vs Mr P

ย This long feud continues with the first ever “Kiss My Foot” match in WrestleZone history. For those unaware how this works, the loser kisses the winners foot in a mark of humiliation. Sterling has been preparing by making his foot as disgusting as possible thanks to his Butler, Jeeves Winchester, and, Director of Butler Operations, Mr Malice. Mr P won his contract to be a WrestleZone wrestler at this event last year by beating former Undisputed Champion Johnny Lions so has a history of winning in this venue. Lord Alan Sterling, the deluded, pompous, arrogant, royal pain in the backside, will need all the momentum he can conjure before the Regal Rumble and a big win here will do it.

Grado and Thunder Buddies (Blue Thunder and William Sterling) vs Chris Archer, Mikkey Vago and Johnny Lions

Here’s a fun one, Grado and Thunder Buddies sounds like a entertaining trio so really looking forward to their shenanigans. I haven’t seen Vago in action yet but he looks like an aggressive individual so will fit in with Lions and Archer. Lions and Archer, of course, were part of Revolution before Archer was removed by the third member Damien. I suspect an all out brawl that will go all over the venue.

WrestleZone Undisputed Championship

“The Creator of Carnage” Crusher Craib ยฉ vs “Iron Man” Joe Coffey

Two big dudes that will be battering each other over the richest prize in WrestleZone. Coffey has incredible power and especially his deadlift. He will be out to manhandle Crusher before using his technical prowess over the brawler Craib. If that doesn’t shake the Beast from the North East, the Iron Man may just have to simply outlast Craib. I expect a fantastic story in this one with plenty of twists and turns to keep the fans in the Northern Hotel guessing.ย 

20 Man Regal Rumble

The big one, the main event, 20 men with the prize of main eventing the Beach Ballroom in front of 1300 people at Aberdeen Anarchy. Let’s take a look at the top 5 contenders in my opinion;

Aspen Faith – If you look at Faith’s previous record in the Regal Rumble this would look like a laughable suggestion. His last two attempts lasted a total of 35 seconds. With a rejuvenated attitude and a sole focus on the WrestleZone Undisputed Championship, this could be Aspen Faiths time. With recent debuts in Discovery Wrestling and Insane Championship Wrestling, the world will soon see what The King of Catch is all about. A Regal Rumble win and main event in the Beach Ballroom would be a perfect start to an important year. #WINNER

Jack Jester – Last years winner will be out to get back to back wins. A dangerous individual that will take any shortcuts he needs to. Another Jester – Crusher showdown wouldn’t be a bad thing. Jester has been one of a short list that has made the champion show weakness and one of a very short list to pin Crusher Craib.

Len Ironside – A surprise entry, after making his return at Aberdeen Anarchy last year against Aspen Faith, the Councillor of Chaos can make it a fairy-tale by outlasting 19 other men, former champions and young lions then make his way to the main event of the biggest show in the North East.ย 

Scotty Swift – The franchise of WrestleZone but hasn’t held a championship in a long time. With the exception to his tag team title win with Jay Lethal in 2013, that ended when the titles could not be defended within the 30 day limit, the last time Swift held gold in WrestleZone was his No Limits title reign in 2011. Swift is a big fan favourite and the WrestleZone fans have long been waiting for Swift to lift the biggest prize in WrestleZone. A win here would be a popular one but if he faces Crusher Craib it would divide the fans down the middle. An interesting one for sure.

Grado – Grado vs Crusher Craib? Grado vs Joe Coffey? Both interesting match ups. Another firm favourite with the WrestleZone faithful with a good showing last year and experience winning Rumbles with a win in the PWE Elite Rumble since then, it could be Grado’s time.ย 

Meet Len Ironside with the British and Commonwealth Middleweight Championship

A fantastic chance to meet WrestleZone Ambassador Len Ironside and hold a piece of British wrestling history.

This begins the road to Anarchy where it will culminate at the Beach Ballroom in Aberdeen. 1300 rabid fans in attendance plus special guests Hardcore Holly, Chris Masters and D-Von Dudley. One man will book himself into the main event with a win here and with no clear favourite, it could be anyone.

Tickets ยฃ12 adults and ยฃ8 under 14s on the door. Doors Open 6.15pm First Bell 7pm

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