Review: WrestleZone ‘Regal Rumble 2015’

WrestleZone Regal Rumble
Northern Hotel, Aberdeen

Good evening! This was my second Regal Rumble event and it was packed. The number WrestleZone has said was 320 people in the Northern Hotel and I could believe that. Busy and loud, it’s what you expect when you come to one of WrestleZone’s big four shows.

Mr P def. Lord Alan Sterling w/ Jeeves Winchester and Mr Malice

The first match was the first ever Kiss My Foot match in WrestleZone history. The match started quick with Mr P interrupting Sterling making his entrance by throwing out Winchester and Malice. Very much a comedy match but the deeper the match got the more resilient Mr P became after numerous shortcuts by Lord Alan. The crowd were hot for this one, Alan unleashed his dirty, disgusting, mankey sock in the aim to shove it in Mr P’s face but was rolled up for the three count. Such a fun match to kick off the event. Before Alan could pucker up to Mr P’s foot he escaped thanks to Winchester and Malice. This wouldn’t be the last we see of this…

Aspen Faith w/ KT Kane def. Bryan Tucker

An unannounced match between Faith and Tucker. This was the wrestling portion of the event with Faith punishing Tuckers wrist and arm. There was a point that you heard Faith snapping Tucker’s fingers that made me cringe. I really enjoyed the story of this one as Faith is so great and getting that across as he works the body part in preparation for a submission hold. A good match that started slow but built up to a nice crescendo.

Post match Lord Alan Sterling hid in the crowd while Mr Paterson was back with Mr Malice in tow on the search for Sterling. They made their way back to the ring but Lord Alan escaped again. Paterson hit Malice with a scissor kick that sent us to the interval.

Jack Jester def. Cysto 2 w/ Cysto 1

This was a massacre. As predicted. Cysto 2 didn’t want to get into the ring and understandably so, Jester is one scary dude. When they finally made it into the ring Mad Jack made quick work of the masked man. It was short, brutal and made Jester look like an absolute beast.

After the match Jester cut a promo about winning the Regal Rumble again, took a while to get there as there was some smartarse fans interrupting constantly. He also mentioned chucking out Grado to a chorus of boos.

WrestleZone Undisputed Championship
Joe Coffey def. Crusher Craib (c)

Two big hosses battering each other…yep that about sums up the match. Lots of strength based moves and matching move for move with shoulder blocks and corner splashes. The turning point was a missed Big Boot by Crusher that missed Coffey and killed referee Mikey Innes. While officials were attending to Mikey Innes, Damien entered through the crowd and hit a big kick to Crushers throat. Coffey still couldn’t put Crusher away until he locked in a boston crab. Crusher passed out and we had a new champion. It was a shock while the crowd awaited the announcement of the title change. History made at the Regal Rumble. First title defense at the Regal Rumble event and the first title change.

Grado and Thunder Buddies (William Sterling and Blue Thunder) def. Chris Archer, Mikkey Vago and Johnny Lions

A lot of the crowd were here for this one and, more accurately, to see Grado live and in living colour. Every time Grado entered there was a big cheer. Johnny Lions and Grado had some fun interactions with each other that I wouldn’t say no to seeing them fight one on one. Comedy spots as predicted but when you see Grado in action you can’t help but smile, laugh and clap along. Fairly quick match, it certainly felt quick.

Scotty Swift Wins The Regal Rumble

My predictions took a wee bit of a hit when Joe Coffey defeated Crusher Craib so my new pick was Grado. The match started with the conclusion of Mr P getting his hands on Alan Sterling. After swiftly throwing out Jeeves and Mr Malice, Mr P took his boot off and shoved it in Lord Alan’s face to the delight of the crowd. To add insult to injury, he took off Sterling’s disgusting sock to reveal a black foot that he proceeded to shove Mr Malice’s face into. The crowd loved this. There were a few spots that were talking points. Jack Jester eliminated Grado as promised before being eliminated by Bryan Tucker of all people. The Northern Hotel went insane when Tucker clotheslined Jester out. Damien entered closely followed by former champion Crusher Craib who wasn’t an entrant, Damien dived through the second rope to escape the Creator of Carnage. Aspen Faith entered and broke his previous record of length of time in the Regal Rumble. Once he was eliminated the next entrant was old foe Len Ironside. Faith blindsided Ironside and stole his British Empire and Commonwealth Middleweight Championship to the hatred of the crowd. It was down to Scotty Swift and Andy Wild. The crowd was supporting their hometown boy 100%. As Swift ducked and saw Wild fly over the top rope the place went unglued again. Everyone was standing, until Damien returned. The final section had people on the edge of their seats wanting Scotty to win and when he did. Wow. The crowd reaction was fantastic and rightly so. A popular winner. A confrontation post match with Joe Coffey all but confirms the main event for Aberdeen Anarchy.

Overall: I loved this event, it had twists, turns, a title change and a great main event with a well deserved winner. There was one downer that wasn’t the fault of WrestleZone so I will talk about that in another post later in the week. The next WrestleZone event I have planned in May 9th at Union Square on the lead up to Aberdeen Anarchy. From the events of the Regal Rumble the wheels are turning for the following at the event;

Aspen Faith vs Len Ironside II
Jack Jester vs Grado
Crusher Craib vs Damien
WrestleZone Undisputed Championship
Joe Coffey (c) vs Scotty Swift

Which would shape up for a great event plus there’s the guests Chris Masters, D-Von Dudley and Hardcore Holly!

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