Review: WrestleZone ‘Aberdeen Anarchy 2015’

WrestleZone Aberdeen Anarchy 2015 Review
Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen

Good morrow ladies and gentleman. I had the treat of attending WrestleZone’s Aberdeen Anarchy event at the Beach Ballroom for the third year in a row. A night I always look forward to, it’s when WrestleZone really pull out all the stops to make it a WrestleMania-like experience with meet and greets, radio interviews and a fan friendly experience that is rivalled by no other company. Treating it like a big deal comes with its rewards with another sell out, 1,312 people in the Beach Ballroom. We were lucky to be up in the balcony so got a fantastic view of everything.

 The preamble is over, let’s check out the show!

Kenny Williams def. Bingo Ballance and Shawn Johnson by Pinfall

For the third straight year, Bingo Ballance opens the show and once again is in a show stealer. A beautiful sequence involving monkey flip counters from Shawn Johnson and Ballance was the highlight, Kenny Williams was popular here but did get the crowd to boo him with his underhanded tactics, good stuff. Williams stole the win after Bingo hit the frogsplash on Johnson. Fantastic start to the show.

Len Ironside and Hardcore Holly def. Aspen Faith (w/ Sammii Jayne) and Johnny Lions by Pinfall

The first of the imports but even Hardcore Holly was out-popped by Len Ironside. The crowd went ballistic. Lions and Faith milked the crowd for all it’s worth by avoiding contact with Holly. When Holly did get his hands on them “ratbastards”, Chop City was visited. Lions chest was as red as Scotty Swifts hair. When Len got in it was a scrap but the crowd loved him throwing around the cocky “King of Catch”. Len even busted out a second rope cross body. Ironside pinned Faith to avenge last years loss and to end his career with one final win. A fun match and kept everyone entertained.

Jack Jester def. Bryan Tucker by Pinfall

Tucker took an absolute beating in this one but kept coming back. Jester suffered the wrath of children’s chants of “Get A Haircut” throughout the match. Jester finally finished Tucker with a brutal jumping tombstone. After the match Jester gestured to tip his hat to Tucker. A fine match with plenty of action.

Chris Archer, Mikkey Vago and Lou King Sharp def. Blue Thunder, William Sterling and D-Von Dudley by Pinfall

The first half main event saw our second import in action. It was a generally quick match, I think because everyone came to see someone go through a table. Lou King Sharp was on fine form once again, throwing a tantrum when he couldn’t knock down D-Von. Dudley was great in this one, certainly had his working boots on. A shmozz later saw Archer sneak a roll up and a win. Archer’s luck didn’t last long as D-Von put him through a table post match to a big reaction.

D-Von got on the mic afterwards and delivered a heart felt speech about chapter two of The Dudleyz just beginning.

Crusher Craib def. Damien by Pinfall

Back from the break we got a long video package building up to the next bout, then another package before Damien entered. Accompanied by two guys with bandanas covering their faces who entering with weapons. Then another long entrance for Crusher. This felt like it all took forever. Crusher took off his mask to reveal a new look, unfortunately it was only revealed to one side of the Ballroom. Lost its shock factor somewhat when I could finally see the new look after the match started.

Personally I think this match was put in the wrong place. Armchair booking I would’ve swapped this with Jester-Tucker. The crowd didn’t get into it, the odd wow moment with loud chops and a horrible unprotected chair shot (from my viewpoint anyway, the referee was obstructing somewhat). It was a bit sloppy also and the crowd was having none of it.

I think that it didn’t help that the majority of the crowd knew it was Grado out next and just wanted this to end. It was an unfortunate victim of taking place before a Grado match. A rare miss.

Grado, Chris Masters and Mr P def. Lord Alan Sterling, Sir Andrew Wilde, Mr Malice and Jeeves Winchester by Submission

The crowd perked up for this one. The biggest pop of the night was for the “Chubby Wee Chancer Fae The Tap End of Stevenston”.  Before the match Lord Alan announced that he found an additional partner in Sir Andrew Wilde. Great addition as Jeeves is just a comedy act. Malice is still a favourite in the Beach Ballroom.

Grado was in usual form but certainly threw in some actual wrestling which is a novelty in itself. It wasn’t a technical classic by any stretch but it woke the crowd up and a triple Masterlock saw the good guys win to the delight of the crowd.

All fun and dancing post match, Masters showed that dancing is not his fortay…

The announcing beast in the North East, Martin Clunes announced that the Ballroom sold out to 1,312 people…just as folk were leaving after Grado was done. Which I find so disrespectful to everyone else. Especially Swift and Coffey who were up next in the main event. He also told us that Crusher Craib was taken to the hospital with a possible concussion.

Scotty Swift def. Joe Coffey (c)

A great video package for Scotty Swift, the hometown boy was in the main event at the Beach Ballroom. The match seemingly was cut short when Joe missed a cross body and grabbed his knee. Confusion followed, it sounded like the match was done before Coffey attacked Swift on the stage. It was a ruse! Coffey then took control by punishing Swift and working his legs down.

The crowd were behind Swift, he finally got an upper hand with trading finishers and close two counts that had everyone on the edge of their seats.

Swift finally got a three count to the eruption of the crowd. His celebration was short lived as Damien and Alan Sterling attacked the new champion. Thunder Buddies entered but William Sterling attacked Blue Thunder. Revealing their shirts to say STERLING OIL. A gang of WrestleZone stars entered to chase off the reunited faction. A big surprise to end Aberdeen Anarchy.

OVERALL: I had another fantastic experience at WrestleZone. A real unsung hero in Scottish wrestling. Some of the matches lulled a little in the middle but overall a great night of wrestling. I’m already looking forward to next year. It’s going to be one to watch for sure. There were some audio issues that did annoy but they powered through in a professional manner. I’m looking forward to where WrestleZone are going to go now, a former power faction in Sterling Oil will add a lot of interest plus they have a champion that will be at every show and a popular champion at that in Scotty Swift. It’s going to be a fun time to those who attend any WrestleZone event as they are fast becoming recognised. I believe that they are one of the top companies in Scotland from its professional running and fan friendly atmosphere. It also has a strong fanbase that are loyal which they make sure to reward by bringing over the best in the US and around Scotland for the fans.

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