Review: Reckless Intent ‘Cruel Summer 2015’


Reckless Intent returned to Murieston Scout Hall on August 1st for Cruel Summer. All the titles were on the line in front of a loud crowd in Livingston.

Davey Blaze w/ Charles Boddington def. “The Butcher” Scott Renwick by Pinfall WATCH NOW

Blaze was on the offensive from the get go as he blind sided “The Butcher” before the match even began. Blaze proceeded to punish Renwick, along with Charles Boddington getting in a few sly digs to the former Reckless Intent Champion. Blaze finally rolled Renwick into the ring for the match to begin where he proceeded to cut off any comeback that Renwick could muster. The crowd willed their favourite on, much to the chagrin of “The Manager of Champions” Boddington. Renwick made one last ditch attempt to snag victory, hitting a double underhook facebuster which would have secured the win, until Charles Boddington hooked the referees leg causing the official to break the count. A distraction and a briefcase shot to the head lead to Davey Blaze striking a huge spear and collecting the win. Much to the anger of those in the RI Unit.

Post match, Davey Blaze grabbed the microphone to further belittle his fallen opponent. Boddington declared that his stead would become Reckless Intent Champion.

Blaze was on top form, relishing in the crowd hurling abuse. Renwick had the crowd in the palm of his hands. Fun opener.

Martyn Stallyon def. “Futureshock” Tom Fulton, Venym and Theo Doros

Fast and furious action in this four way elimination match with Doros and Stallyon going to the outside early. Venym and Fulton had a back and forth battle in the ring with neither getting a dominate upper hand. Stallyon entered the ring and took control, teaming with Fulton to beat down Venym. While Venym was trying to hold on, Theo Doros was kept from entering the squared circle. Just as Venym was gaining some kind of momentum, Tom Fulton hit a Wave of the Future to send him out of the ring, for Theo Doros to come in with the blistering spinebuster, a big frogsplash and Venym with a spingboard moonsault saw “Futureshock” Tom Fulton sent back to the future.

Venym Eliminates Tom Fulton by Pinfall

Before Venym could even breathe, Martyn Stallyon beat him down and with a little help from the eliminated Fulton, hit a fishermans brainbuster for the three count.

Martyn Stallyon Eliminates Venym by Pinfall

After the departure of Venym, the crowd were adamantly behind young Theo Doros as Stallyon beat him down, not letting him getting an ounce of offense. Doros built up a head of steam but his inexperience cost him, a shoulder charge that left him hitting the ring post saw Stallyon roll up Doros and score the win plus a handful of tights.

Martyn Stallyon Eliminates Theo Doros by Pinfall

Stallyon looked great in this one but the last fall was all about Theo Doros, he looked like he was hanging with the more experienced Stallyon very well. Venym looked very comfortable working with Tom Fulton. Great stuff all round.

Rawlins def. “The Lowland Superstar” Glen Dunbar by Pinfall

Rawlins entered the contest in a black kilt, a tribute to the late “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. He faced Glen Dunbar, who was in no mood to play games. The match began with a feeling out process with headlocks and quick pins traded. A back and forth contest as both were so evenly matched. Both tried to lock in submissions with Rawlins trying to take out the arm and lock in an armbar, Dunbar tied Rawlins up into a Texas Cloverleaf in the middle of the ring which saw him just manage to crawl to the ropes to break it up. After countering a Crossface, Dunbar locked in a cobra clutch. Just when it looked to the lights out, Rawlins stepped up the ropes to roll on top of Dunbar for the three count.

Post match, the defeated Lowland Superstar shook hands with the victor and raised Rawlins’ hand as a mark of respect. All of which turned out to be a ruse, as soon as Rawlins turned his back Dunbar attacked, declaring that Rawlins will never be better than him.

This was brilliant. Both work well together. Dunbar is fantastic and Rawlins was no slouch either. They maybe worked a slow pace but they kept the crowd throughout.

UK Title
Chris Renfrew def. “The Superstar” Darren Lewis (c) by Pinfall WATCH NOW

This match almost ended quickly with Renfrew attempting a Stoner right off the bat. The Superstar narrowly avoided the move before using every short cut and five count he could. Renfrew wasn’t down for long, using blistering chops and a tornado snap suplex to wear down Lewis. Both men traded finishers but couldn’t be held down for three. The Superstar got frustrated, blind siding the referee and using the UK title to level Renfrew. “The Butcher” Scott Renwick broke the pinfall out of the vision of the referee causing Darren Lewis to be distracted long enough for Chris Renfrew to recover, hit the Stoner and lift the Reckless Intent UK Title to the delight of the crowd. The longest reigning UK Champion’s clutch on the title was over thanks, in no small part, to his former Sons of Silence comrades influence.

Renfrew looked to be having a great time playing the good guy, Lewis comes across so arrogant that it was delightful to see him get beaten.

Big Damo O’Connor def. Michael Chase by Pinfall WATCH NOW

Chase and O’Connor started with smooth chain wrestling, showing respect with handshakes. It didn’t last forever as the Beast from Belfast hit a cheap shot to Chase, taking control but punishing the redebuting Micheal with stretches. Chase avoided the majority of Damo’s power manoeuvres using his speed. Damo eventually won the “Chase” with a Bann River Boot and an Ulster Plantation, leaving The Chase over for the time being.

Damo is just so bloody great, so agile for a big fella. I’d like to see another between these two in the future.

Hardcore Title
David Devlin def. Jam O’Malley (c)

Jam O’Malley was hoping for an easy title defense against Wee Jimmy, but Jason McKinley had other ideas [note: this is incorrect. Wee Jimmy was sent back for interfering in Jam’s matches] by introducing Jam’s opponent as David Devlin. Devlin used stiff kicks to wear down the champion, Jam tried to use some of his unique offense but eventually surcummed to a Superkick from Devlin which saw another new champion crowned.

Jam O’Malley Regains the Hardcore Title

Post match, Wee Jimmy tried his luck but was chopped down by Devlin, this allowed Jam to low blow and roll up the champion to regain the Hardcore Title.

This was all a bit of fun, I wouldn’t call this a classic by any stretch but it allowed the crowd to breathe before the main event.

Reckless Intent Title
Joe Hendry (c) def. Lewis Girvan by Pinfall WATCH NOW

The Global Hero faced his toughest challenge to date when he faced The Best Young Wrestler in the World. A quick feeling out process begun the match with holds traded with neither getting an advantage. Girvan started to get cocky by using his quickness to take control. Hendry fought back and wasn’t to be kept down, the ever resilient Champion dodged a kick that saw Girvan knock the referees head off. Seeing an opening for mischief, Lewis grabbed a chair but his confidence was short lived as Joe dodged the oncoming attack again, leaving Girvan bouncing the chair off the top rope and into his own face. Hendry hit a fallaway slam for a long two count. Girvan fought off a superplex but dived into another fallaway slam followed by an arm wrenched drive by kick to the head, keeping him down for the three count.

This was my match of the night. Both of the guys are so polished at such a young age, seeing this made me very excited for the future of pro wrestling in Scotland. This one is worth another watch.

Joe Hendry paid tribute to Roddy Piper post match WATCH NOW

Overall: Title changes, surprises and a Global Hero retaining the Reckless Intent Title. Another wild event in the books.

It was a fun show with Hendry vs Girvan being the absolute highlight. Blaze is now gunning for gold so I look forward to an impending showdown between him and Hendry.

You can find out more about Reckless Intent on Facebook. Check them out! 

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