Review: Discovery Wrestling ‘Live!’ July 2015

I’m watching the full show that was put up on YouTube. It kicks off with Randy Valentine and Darren T Goss run down the card. It gets straight into the action from there.

Lewis Girvan def. Michael Chase by Pinfall

The match kicked off with a technical display from The Best Young Wrestler in the World. Chase kept up with Girvan up to a stand off to the applause of the crowd. Girvan missed a dive through the ropes which Chase took advantage of with some aggressive strikes. Girvan got back into it with a stiff kick but missed from the top rope. Chase took control but Girvan countered with a half nelson suplex and a big foot stomp from the top rope. Chase almost stole one with a roll up but Girvan wasn’t to be denied. After countering Chase’s dive from the top rope into a gutbuster, Girvan lifted Chase up and planted him with The Peacemaker.

Great kick off, started slow but as they picked up so did the crowd. Chase loses his debut but Girvan gets his win back after the heartbreaking loss to Chris Sabin at the last event.

Wild Lions def. Kid Fite and Davey Blaze by Pinfall

Blaze and Fite attacked Wild Lions before they could even enter the ring. The action was all over the Portobello Hall. Wild whipped Blaze through a fire escape door as the bell rung to officially start the match. Tag team shenanigans with the makeshift team of Blaze and Fite cutting off the ring and wearing down Andy Wild. Taking turns beating down the Englishman and antagonising the crowd. Wild countered a rush into the corner, threw Blaze like he was a child and tagged in Lions, who ran wild to the cheers of the crowd. Fite regained control but Lions rolled up Fite after a missed kick for the three.

Another great match. Quick paced, would like to see them face off again or at least see more of the Blaze/Fite team, it could be something special.

Alan Smith and Dave Conrad Segment

Co-owner Alan Smith to thank the crowd for coming to the show. He then talked about the current Y Division Champion, Chris Sabin, being injured. He declared that the four way elimination match was now a number one contender match.

Dave Conrad interrupted complaining that he wasn’t booked tonight. He wanted a match there and then but Alan denied the request. Conrad challenged the co-owners to a fight, again Smith denied his request. Conrad attacked Smith in response.

Great segment, Conrad looked like a beast with only one clothesline. The commentary was a particular highlight, Goss and Valentine were on top form, cracking a couple jokes but kept the focus on the matter in hand.

Christopher Saynt def. Lionheart, BT Gunn and Danny Boy Rodgers

A mouth watering match up. All could have blistering matches with Chris Sabin in the future. Danny Boy was the hometown boy and the favourite, Saynt immediately picked a fight with Rodgers. While Lionheart dived over the top rope onto his three opponents. So much action in this one. It was hard to keep up. A tower of doom with BT Gunn getting the worst of it. More action…I got lost as so much is happening. Gunn and Rodgers had a great exchange, Rodgers jumped from the top rope and ate a BT Gunn Superkick to be eliminated.

BT Gunn Eliminates Danny Boy Rodgers by Pinfall

Lionheart and Gunn had a fantastic back and forth. Lionheart missed a frogsplash but still managed to counter a small package for three.

Lionheart Eliminates BT Gunn by Pinfall

As the crowd recovered from Gunns elimination, Saynt slid in and rolled up Lionheart with a hand full of tights for the win.

The surprise winner, Saynt was brilliant. He did very little but his arrogance makes up for it, the crowd ate it up. Celebrating like he’d beaten all three by himself. Saynt vs Sabin in the future will be a good one.

Damo O’Connor def. Rampage Brown by Pinfall 

The rematch from the first Discovery Wrestling event. Tense to start off with, big match feel. The commentary built this up in the get go. Slow start with Damo working Rampage Brown’s arm and hand. Weakening Browns power for that piledriver that beat Damo last time. A wild brawl into the crowd followed with Rampage taking a short cut by hanging Damo on the top rope as he was re-entering the ring. Brown took control by pinning Damo into the corner with stomps and chokes, using the five count to full effect. Damo fought back but was knocked back down with a neckbreaker. Brown focusing the attack on the upper body and neck area throughout.

Damo worked up to his feet and landed big forearms but Rampage lifted him for a huge Samoan Drop to knock down the Irishman. Setting up for a piledriver. Damo countered with a front dropkick for some breathing space. They brawled, trading forearms and headbutts. Rampage just kicked out of a Bann River Boot. So close. More back and forth action until Rampage lifted the Beast for a piledriver for a long two count. Damo recovered to hit Brown with the Ulster Plantation to win.

An absolute epic, with one win apiece we need to see a third. Damo and Rampage put everything into this one, outstanding. Go watch it!

Lou King Sharp def. Grado by Count Out

Joe Hendry’s Hometown Challenge was back with Hendry coming out with his adopted son Sharp. Hendry is absolute gold on the mic, allowing Sharp to wrestle on his behalf. Taking shots at Grado and “River Village”.

Like A Prayer hit and Grado finally made his Discovery Wrestling debut and accepts the hometown challenge to the delight of the crowd.

This. Was. Amazing. Three showmen who know how to entertain a crowd. Shenanigans aplenty, comedy from all involved. Trading headlocks to kick off, until Lou got a head of steam colliding with Grado’s belly several times, trying to knock down the Chubby Wee Chancer. Grado constantly outsmarted Lou, much to the chagrin of Daddy Hendry. Sharp utilised his thumb to blind Grado and take control beating down the crowd favourite. Hendry got a couple digs in to help his son.

It all looked to go Lou’s way till a frogsplash ate nothing but canvas. Grado ran wild with a roll and slice. Hendry stole Grado’s bumbag, distracting Grado long enough to cause the count out loss. Grado had the last laugh, getting his bumbag and hitting the Wee Boot onto Sharp after the match.

This was incredible. A pure show of the greatest proportions. A fabulous array of comedy throughout.

Team BAE (Debbie Sharpe and Sammii Jayne) def. Viper by Pinfall

Viper is a huge fan favourite, big reaction from the crowd. Team BAE start off by riling up the crowd. Team BAE want none of Viper as they avoid getting into any physical altercation. Viper finally gets her hands on them, with an early upper hand until the numbers catch up on her. Sharpe and Jayne put the boots to Viper. Viper finally got some momentum with a hard clothesline on Sammii. Viper tried scaling the top rope but was cut off and driven to the ground with a double team back suplex. Team BAE used a little “twin magic” allowing Sammii to hit Viper with a neckbreaker for three, with a little help from Debbie holding Viper’s legs down.

A bit of a come down from Damo vs Rampage. It was a fine outing, but all three have had better matches together.

Joe Coffey def. Chris Hero by Pinfall

Two evenly matched combatants, trading holds and jockeying for position. Counters aplenty with neither getting the upper hand until Joe hits a big dropkick and runs wild, Hero narrowly avoids a big swing as they take it to the outside trading chops and punches. Hero hits three big boots while Coffey was on the apron and Joe wouldn’t go down. Incredible. The match picked up here with Hero taking control with the crowd getting behind Coffey. Hero leathers Joe with forearms, kicks and fists but Joe kicks into another gear countering Hero and hitting a beautiful cross body from the top rope.

I wish I could explain the next few minutes as both men just threw everything at each other. It took two lariats for Coffey to secure the win.

This was a hoss fight, two big dudes battering each other until one couldn’t go any longer. It was cracking match.

Post match, Hero shakes Joe’s hand.

Overall: I really enjoyed this show. Discovery like to have a little bit of everything. It wasn’t perfect but it was a fun show with their two main  events delivering in spades.

Watch the full event yourself!

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