Out The Corner – New Upcoming Stars

Photo credit David J Wilson

Taylor Bellando

Fresh out the PBW Academy, Taylor Bellando has been under the radar for over a year now and this boy has talent. First off he has the look, it’s like Justin Beiber and One Direction made an ungodly spawn and he decided to wrestle. Girls love him and guys are slightly jealous of him. For a young guy who is only 17, that’s right 17, unless he finds the joy of a late night pint and Ben and Jerry’s he will be sorted. His in ring work looks so natural he reminds me of a young Chris Rampage, remember him, he uses the RKO that is a fan favourite and a nice Pele Kick that will be a devastating move once his confidence grows. The only thing holding this guy back is his confidence. In the few matches I’ve seen him in he looked out of sorts and nervous, must be nerve racking being in your pants in front of loads of people. He can interact with fans and has good energy, but with people like Kenny Williams, Stevie Xavier and BT Gunn being the level of talent that is ahead of you, he needs to just let go and have fun.

Taylor has worked for some of Scotland’s biggest family companies PBW, BCW and RNW. He has worked with former ICW Tag Champion Davey Blaze, current PWE Tag Champion Lou King Sharp, Saqib Ali, Switch and Aaron Echo.

Taylor Bellando is one to watch for the future he has all the potential in the world, a great look, naturally talented, youth on his side and an expanding move set he will be a family show name in the future.

But that’s just my opinion.

Mr M

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